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travelchelle Anonymous 10/13/2022 (Thu) 00:08:16 No. 14310
anyone have her new boobs?
Post new boobs!
(285.67 KB 1047x908 lolmichelle.jpg)
Goddamn she looks ridiculous with those retarded lips. She was never a stunner to begin with, but it was fun to see her eating ass and sucking cock on Charurbate, thinking no one was respaming it. LMAO she's such an idiot.
Post the videos!
(221.88 KB 1125x2436 0d38c9d34d630c4d1ab00389ff73f785.jpg)
(647.45 KB 1124x1499 20210812_164100.jpg)
(345.21 KB 1536x2048 E0GSATyWUAE8COj.jpg)
https: //cam-p orn-video. com/video /1 941-barbieken2020-cha turbate-04012020 Remove spaces
https: //rec- tube. co m /watch/ 2020010407061645/ Yup its her
>>14399 Up the entire set of this instaslut. She thinks she’s so famous. Sucking cocks overseas will do that to a girl.
>>14458 GFY scammer.
>>14472 Not available
>>14472 Please fix
>>14472 This working for anyone?
>>14491 >>14482 >>14473 The link works fine. I literally just tired it myself. You check to make sure you entered it in correctly, with no punctuation mistakes. Well all know The Retards can’t even fucking do simple calculations in something like astrophysics……
>>14495 When I put the link in, it resolves to https://mega.nz /vArGW0NHBw15FjKU64wFAA and doesn’t have the 941QXArS part. I’m normally not retarded on here. would appreciate a hand
Nothing new in it just same stuff that can be found online and stuff posted here
Thank you! super convenient mega download. Hoping someone has some new stuff!
bump for the full st@tewinz drop
Hey Bro who got some original sets. I'd appreciate it immensely if you would drop a m1r zip set. Include a .txt file with your btc or eth addy. Many thanks
>>14543 Yeah because it's spam if you have something to share use meg@ or go file
Hey ANON who purchased her private shit, can you please share the love on M1R or go fil3.i0 - I would very much appreciate it. If you are looking for someone, let me know.
>>14585 I appreciate it man. I’ve done the same thing with several ‘unknowns“ that are super hot. And I am a picky bastard
>>14591 You got a file of all her stuff?
>>14592 Yes. About 60 pics. Maybe some vids
(569.73 KB 3088x2320 GCKD7808.JPEG)
(385.21 KB 1839x2448 GIFR7201.JPEG)
(384.82 KB 1242x2208 NHNT4123.JPEG)
(4.75 MB 2048x2732 OZZM6737.PNG)
(618.65 KB 3088x2320 XOCO4917.JPEG)
(312.09 KB 2106x1434 QXDP3057.JPEG)
>>14592 >>14599 Actually 240 pics Will post them all (and other girls) for the paid Michelle Vids.
>>14601 Oh come on man. Be a kind anon.
Can you send a screenshot of the vids you do have? Kind of sounds cap
>>14606 He posted one the other day. It’s good shit. I’m jealous.
>>14613 Is Michelle still selling? I don’t think she is other than that shitty OnlyFans
>>14396 Ok i need the last vid 0.0
(78.52 KB 500x417 feedmesluts.jpg)
ANON nigger, post those Michelle vids you purchased. This is fucking 4chan bro. We are supposed to share the wealth. The Karma. The Good Stuff.
(18.36 MB IMG_6770.mp4)
>>14587 post the bj one...I have more I'm willing to share, incl. g/g if you post more of yours
>>14683 >>14684 come on post the bj vid, i wanna see her with cum on her face...I made the initial offer, now it's on you to follow through since I don't really care about her takig a piss lol
>>14686 Gof1le is being fucky. M1r upload perhaps?
>>14689 Nevermind. I got it. Huge waste of time. No tits, no snatch, no ass. However, I appreciate the upload. Just further proves what a full blown narcissistic piece of shit she is. She's like every single thing that makes a man want to kill a woman. Not saying I'd do it, nor am I condoning it. She's just a giant sack of worthless shit. No better than the dead hookers that turn up on Dateline.
>>14749 Thanks man. Would love to see those in action.
(149.41 KB 1472x748 mc.jpg)
>>14684 post these and I'll post more of thi
Hey guys, here is her first video on chaturbate. I remember she used the name "collagecheerleader" on "Exhibitionist Cams". And at the end of the show she showed her Not allowed username https://camg irlfap . com/collegecheerleader- chaturbate-di ldo-teen-pussy-cum/
>>14804 Not new I even have that pNot allowedn my collection
>>14814 No matter what I post you’ll just say you already have it?
>>14824 Here’s an idea. Go fuck yourself. So you paid this slutty whore for some shit-tier vids, and you want us all to stroke you? Eat my shit, nigger.
>>14834 I second this notion. Either post videos or fuck off faggot.
I third this notion
>>14882 How could you even keep your dick hard for this dopey looking cunt?
(431.28 KB mcgg.mp4)
alright one last clip for you fuckers to get the rest of the content flowing
>>14946 Awesome stuff man thanks but wish you guys would just post what you have of the slut at the very least some screenshots of what you have but still appreciate the post cheers
so incredible! damn
Wow please this is amazing!
(2.51 MB thisdumbcunt.mp4)
Where is the rest of this dumb cunts sex tapes? Preferably high school, before she got sloppy and foul.
(939.99 KB 2558x1440 NoInternetsPlease.jpg)
Dumb as a box of smoothed down river rocks.
(1.08 MB 2561x1440 retards.jpg)
>>14954 Fuck off Michelle. Your vagina is worn out like a Yankee's catcher's mitt.
WHO IS HER DADDY AND WHAT DOES HE DO? I'm sure her dad's friends would like to see these videos. You know they've been jerking off over this whore for years.
>>15014 The poor bastard probably wants to kill himself. Tried to give his girl everything, working at a goddamn FENCE company, and then she goes out and fucks half of North America (and that includes Mexico) for money. I hope he cuts her out of his will.
>>15014 You're a POS brother
>>15018 That anon is not a piece of shit. Michelle Ciborowski is the piece of shit. Get your head straight, faggot.
>>15019 We get it you're both sad pathetNot allowedncels who are mad at women because they are ugly trash inside and out. I hope you get doxed too little bitch
>>15020 You're so upset, that you're not seeing clearly. This uppity whore, ruined her family, became a laughing stock of Georgia, has literally fucked just about anything that walked between Georgia and California, and is a slobbering drunk, living off the money she gets by sucking cocks on camera and then acting like she's a Kennedy or Rockefeller. A real JET SETTER! Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. She's a cunt and getting her comeuppance.
>>15021 Yeah I'm missing the part where she did anything to any of you? Your answer to all of that is to harrass her family more? You're so far up your own ass you really think you're doing something good? Gain some critical thinking skills and grow up little boy. If you think this is her getting what she deserves you're delusional
>>15024 I know that she's ripped guys off. Took their money, never delivered. Then blocked them on Sn4pch4t. She's just getting *KARMA'D*
>>15025 At this point you're just trying to make yourself feel better for being a garbage human. It's whatever bro just remember you're trash, your whole life is trash, and all you will ever be is trash. You can play pretend all you want and act like you are doing anything good for the world but you aren't. Because you're trash. I'm sorry your mom didn't love you more
Stop simping faggot she's never going to fuck you.
>>15028 Don't know her, never will, and please don't read this as my being butthurt. I just want yall to remember you're all shit for doxing. But go off edge lord
>>15027 >>15028 >>15029 Listen you fucking morons. She's already been outed in 2020 when she went on Chaturbate did shit for 9 hours over 2 days. Those videos were sent around the world. The family hired lawyers, it was a whole thing. Take down copyright orders, none of which permanently worked. It was gold. And remains gold. And regarding fucking her? No man in his right mind would stick his dick in that festering hot sauce she calls a vagina.
>>15029 Cool. Now go cry somewhere else while you finger fuck yourself to Michelle’s bikini pics. Also, I’m not your brother. And don’t call me Shirley.
>>14988 Here’s his IG too - Send her nudes to him and his friends
>>15045 This guy is more boring and dumb than Michelle. He doesn't even have any comments on his posts. They're all fucking idiots.
was anyone able to get the collegecheerleader vid?
>>15045 what's wrong with you? you should literally kill yourself, you're garbage.
>>15164 Shut up Michelle, you dopey cunt. Post some more nudes. Suck some more cocks!
Shut up Michelle. Go post some more nudes and suck some more cocks for money.
>>15167 Do you know how to use this site? I don't even think you same fagged on purpose you fucking loser
>>15164 I don’t suck cock and lick guys assholes for money though.
>>15171 Bump for more Michelle.
This cum dumpster will be in actual porn soon. Trust me. Michelle Ciborowski is a terrible stage name though
>>15261 You know all of her dad’s friends are Not allowed their fucking meats to his slutty little “angel”
>>15261 World's Goofiest Looking Escort.
Who has Michelle taking a shit. Not that worthless piss video. But a shit?
>>15377 Does that even exist? Where did you see that?
anyone have those "collagecheerleader" videos? the link is dead
bump for more winz
>>15692 kill yourself scammer
>>15692 "Complete the offer" scammy bullshit.
>>15777 File doesnt exist?
>>15777 Can we get a cheeky reup
reup please! or maybe post on AF, might last a little longer?
>>15817 It was never a valid link lol he tryna get stuff out without sharing
Fuck it, sending ALL I have too. Some sextapes in her cheerleader uniform and masturbation w full face. Enjoy! ht tps:/ /gof ile.i o/d/ VUl HoM
dead links
>>15918 is anyone getting these before they die, or are they just linking dead links? or is people really just reporting this over and over?
>>15921 As fast as all the "links" went dead, I'm guessing this is a troll posting links that are already gone.
Aw shucks! I'll repost mine if we get that other one reposted and actually have then downloaded 😆😉
>>15921 >>15924 Michelle that dopey International Whore For Hire, actually monitors this page. So post all p4ssworded z-ps to m - R dot C R
Bump for this money grubbing whore and her new fake tits.
Uploading all my content on this bitch too. Please re-upload the sextapes ht tps.://go file - /d/J oSG sQ
>>16015 same scamming retard
So thar first go-file never existed huh?
>>16034 Correct. It's just that Polock Michelle and that Jew Cunt lawyer, being a niggers.
>>16081 Antisemitism is defamation, I implore you to cease & desist this action with immediate effect or I shall have little recourse other than to pursue legal proceedings against you. - A. Berenstein Attorney at law
>>16085 Hey Alan, lick my dickhole Jew faggot
bump bump bump
>>15045 Did everyone message her dad and his buddies yet to show them what a slut she is?
bump anyone got her new boobs
Still want those sextapes!
Someone post this sloppy slut.
Sextapes! Now!!!
>>17070 Second
any old stuff if there's no new stuff?
bump please! any new content?
any new content? or even old at this point