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Girls stealing panties thread Anonymous 12/12/2022 (Mon) 15:59:54 No. 188
OK so my post got removed, guess I won't add awesome videos that you can't find elsewhere to the post and I'll just ask... Anyone have pics/vids of girlfriends on panty raids?
(5.62 MB 3603x2559 things (2).jpg)
(8.71 MB 4883x2985 things (3).jpg)
(5.74 MB 3918x2975 things (1).jpg)
my g/f has done this for me a couple times. would be more if she had the opportunity!! one time she was watching a coworker's dog for a few days, she had to check in and feed it. so one time she went into the bedroom, opened the panty drawer and filmed it but that was it, she got cold feet haha other time was another friend when we were at a party. used the second bathroom in the basement that just happened to have the laundry too. we found a pair, she rubbed em on her clit and then we promptly left the party to go fuck hahaha that second time are these pics :D
That's hot would love to see more
This is so hot. She should have taken them, and jerked you off with them
(2.11 MB 3264x2448 things.JPG)
>>337 she's done that before with a pair I borrowed from a hot friend. she even wore them! XD