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(794.94 KB 794x2467 20210721_033150.jpg)
serena Anonymous 07/23/2021 (Fri) 23:14:31 No. 1
anyone got something hot to share? I know she had an of for a bit a did videos by request.
(695.17 KB 845x2451 20210725_145235.jpg)
(827.21 KB 891x2451 20210725_145257.jpg)
(635.43 KB 782x2487 20210811_025747.jpg)
I want to suck on her asshole
(830.70 KB 713x1859 20210407_175334.jpg)
(1.22 MB 1385x2262 20210403_215419.jpg)
(464.19 KB 377x880 Screenshot_20210829-175149.png)
her sister is pretty hot too
(255.08 KB 326x958 Screenshot_20210829-173747.png)
(300.81 KB 308x766 Screenshot_20210831-193054.png)
(663.64 KB 1140x720 Screenshot_20211011-153413.png)
(138.75 KB 235x452 Screenshot_20211012-165914.png)
(111.63 KB 200x415 Screenshot_20211018-163323.png)
(324.22 KB 332x854 Polish_20211111_103045866.png)
(215.65 KB 204x841 Screenshot_20211009-165437.png)
(406.46 KB 379x1040 Screenshot_20210910-204158.png)
(934.75 KB 720x1027 Screenshot_20211113-155339~2.png)
(362.54 KB 337x902 Screenshot_20211118-134108.png)
(751.47 KB 1564x1564 IMG_20211123_123400.jpg)
(413.75 KB 365x944 Screenshot_20211127-151854.png)
(305.73 KB 567x803 Screenshot_20211209-101622.png)
she has only made a couple of foot fetish videos.
(621.69 KB 584x871 Screenshot_20211212-161136.png)
(540.85 KB 509x1214 Screenshot_20220107-211107.png)
(767.48 KB 720x1097 Screenshot_20220124-160336.png)
(439.85 KB 500x828 Screenshot_20220318-183623.png)
(1.10 MB 676x1254 Screenshot_20220428-030427.png)
Any wins?
yeah she's hot too
(55.27 KB 319x805 Screenshot_20220506-191417.png)
(746.95 KB 705x875 Screenshot_20220511-212906.png)
(1.06 MB 589x1092 Screenshot_20220512-232830.png)
dude whaaat the older sis is hot too?!
(34.52 KB 720x370 Screenshot_20220623-034922.png)
amber started an of
(68.54 KB 498x641 Screenshot_20220624-174204.png)
(167.08 KB 654x858 Screenshot_20220624-173414.png)
(323.40 KB 344x770 Screenshot_20220625-152714.png)
(47.17 KB 392x663 Screenshot_20220624-204543.png)
i wish i could have them bent over in front me side by side as i take turns sucking on their ass holes.
(1.96 MB 1000x1440 Serena Abweh (3).PNG)
Imagine fucking her sweet innocent face
Anyone have her sisters of? Is it any good?
(78.60 KB 422x960 Screenshot_20220713-192254.png)
(493.33 KB 446x845 Screenshot_20220912-170110.png)
(986.43 KB 720x1021 Screenshot_20220916-205305.png)
i am running out of cum for these two.
(114.16 KB 569x1031 Screenshot_20221125-223539.png)
(58.88 KB 383x1022 Screenshot_20221125-223514.png)
i want to suck on her asshole so bad
(48.85 KB 435x594 Screenshot_20221130-185211.png)
anon you are a god! what's the context on these? that last one is definitely rena, is that one uncensored anywhere? huge if true, finally seeing the asshole i want to suck on. where should i look for more?
wow. getting nuked indeed. good thing i saved all of those!
>>287 >>288 For context and those that missed out. There were about 5-7 pics and a couple vids posted to SPAM forum from a guy who bought them from someone else. The vid was of her flashing her asshole/puss. Most pics were lingerie and a couple topless. I tried to post some here but they got nuked. I didnt save any but its the internet, they are here to stay. Might have to wait until they get bored of nuking.
>>290 Just keep posting it this is the grail of all grails we are talking about
Please reup
>>292 >>291 50c1Alm3d1ag1rl5
Where do we plug that in?
>>294 not a code, the forum where you can find the originals. its 3 words in leet speak
Got it but cant find them there
Bout ready to call bs on this whole claim
>>296 Theyve been nuked there too. Only ones left are the ones I posted here that got deleted.
>>298 >>298 Put up or shut up
Heres proof its her look at the tapestry
>>299 fucktard, theyve been posted here atleast twice. Unless someone wants to host them on some russian server that wont submit to take downs, look for them yourself.
Someone reup please
should i reup the spicy stuff? it's getting scrubbed pretty quickly. it's even from that original source. it's like she has a team looking for her stuff. wish myra had spicy leaks too!
Has anyone seen more than the recent leak or the uncensored forest pics?
get em while theyre hot /d/KvEcPs gogof
>>316 Good brother right here
>>316 It’s not working for me, did anyone else get it to work?
>>319 It works fine. Stop being retarded.
>>320 Where do you put it at then?
>>321 If you've been using this site for more than a day you should already know where /d goes. I'll help you once. Write it down. Two words. 1. The opposite of stop 2. File Good luck
You are a God, anon.
(83.24 KB 666x590 Screenshot_20230102-201820.png)
>>316 on behalf of a grateful nation and as the op, i humbly declare that you are a god among men. thank you.
Is the link dead?
Can we get a reup?
she launched a new of. serena_abweh I'm sure she'll never post hot stuff in the feed. maybe she'll go back to sneaky sales in her dm's again.
(63.07 KB 356x874 Screenshot_20230127-234555.png)
>>350 Is this from the new onlyfans?
>>366 Bump. More?
i think she's only gonna be a little cock teaser on her of
>>371 For sure. She's hinted at selling nudes or lingerie to her "VIPs"
Dont waste a penny on her OF shes such a joke. Wanting people to simp for her for not even nudes as “premium vips” or some shit, meanwhile we all know she isnt as innocent as we thought and is getting railed by mr gigichad fuckboy musclebot who barely claims her. Get real.
>>451 can anybody reup?
>>494 Works for me
Any new folders? The link isn't working
>>316 Link isn’t working :(
shut the fuck up. the two spicy vids from the l!nk are posted as videos in this thread. you don't need it. just view and dl them.
>>547 Is everything in the thread though? Pics too?
>>614 Niiiice
Where the nudes at??!!
>>686 Don't think there'll be any soon. Her bf died
(28.34 KB 319x404 Screenshot_20230801-105751.png)
(74.48 KB 461x1024 ocr.jpg)
(407.83 KB 1440x1793 ezgif-3-c500a011ce.jpg)
Anyone got the uncensored?
who do you think has the sweetest and most wet pussy? my bet is on sam. i bet serena loves it in the ass tho.
(31.24 KB 500x1031 IMG_20231012_145208_668.jpg)
>>1082 I have seen myself...Serena has the sweetest little tight pussy...and yes she is down for back door stuff...but fuck I Love how her pussy looks getting piped
>>1098 Yeah that’s some BS. Pics or it didn’t happen
>>1102 well it ain't bs...but if you think I am going to share it for nothing you are wrong...I have videos of her getting piped and multiple pics of her with a bp in...
>>1107 How about a pic or something we haven't seen before?
give us a pic that has cropped out the pipe or a lil video that obviously implies pipe that's not seen. her dead ex was obviously scum, anyone can tell just by looking at him; if you're legit tell us how you got this stuff.
>>1152 need to see her in missionary
She has uploaded new stuff. Anyone has it?
Anyone got these videos with better quality or the new stuff?
All that for nothing, huh? Cool. You guys are huge fags.
>>1178 need to see her in missionary
(3.55 MB 1472x2496 anonib.png)
the videos we have are of such low quality that I at least tried to enhance them, original quality videos would be appreciated tho
>>1107 Message me on K i k. dond177
day 99 need to see her in missionary
Christmas wins?
>>1195 Post or gtfo
I bet she’s got a clean brown asshole
(451.00 KB 588x616 golden.png)
partially ai based on the tits shes shown
(722.72 KB 752x1032 golden3.png)
another slightly ai'd image while we wait for the actual new stuff
>>1253 What site did you make these with
>>1255 I made these locally running stable diffusion. Used realisticvision and lazymixamateur models for inpainting together with controlnet softedge and depthmap to keep the size and pose as close to the original as possible. Takes quite a few runs to get these results but whatever it takes lol. Its actually not super hard once you get going.
Bruh someone post hee in missionary
(171.17 KB 858x1192 IMG_20240201_021727.jpg)
(197.20 KB 1280x1454 IMG_20240201_021711.jpg)
How can we get the vids
>>1253 Bruh somebody post her already