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Anonymous 11/25/2023 (Sat) 12:00:53 No. 18285
t@ylor l@v@lley lowell mass?
Bump for any umass lowell
Anyone know Alex? Dracut/Lowell area.. meets up via this n u m b e r.
Any wins of Alex? Some of the best head. I hit her up a few months ago
Any more?
Bump Alex. ^ if u text that number she’ll blow you lmaoo not expensive
Bump Alex. Has anyone texted her for pics or to meet??
Anymore Alex pics? Meet her through that number a few months ago. 🔥🔥
Here’s Alex…. Fire Pussy. I text her through that number too
>>18378 inb4 cops
Alex is a guy trying to scam you dumb fucks😭😭
Bump Alex.. she meets through this number this guys just a hater^^ here’s her and Jules
Bump Alex… met her last month… crazy head for low
Anyone have this perfect rack? Alex said she’s doing meets today and this weekend but I’m not around :/
Shut the fuck up and eat a shotgun tryna finesse dudes for $50 you’re so broke it’s embarrassing
>>18683 That's a screenshot from VSCO you bitch ass sand nigger. Go fuck yourself and cut the shit
>>18705 Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. It’s sand negro. Be respectful please. He may be a scammer but he has feelings too.
somebody has to have taylor she used to post nudes on snap