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Any Russell wins or any good hays wins Anonymous 10/31/2022 (Mon) 15:26:01 No. 4699
Start a Russell to hays thread, I know hays has a lot of nudes, posted before and no one else did.
I have some Russell and hays wins if someone starts out
(63.94 KB 2048x1536 received_201674150747274.jpeg)
(91.01 KB 2048x1119 received_742639713568697.jpeg)
Here's a couplea buddy sent me from a a couple chicks in Russell, also boxberger?
What boxberger are you looking for?
Kinda wondering that myself.
Any wins?
Any M1rand@ C1@rk wins?
I might, who all do you have?
G. lynch
Emily wag0ner anyone got anything? Heard she's was something couple years ago.
I know you guys said this thread will die, but I know people got wins, come on don't let it die.
Anyone got anything on Kendra B@y?
You have G. Lynch?
I got g lynch
>>5089 You looking for anyone or interested in sharing
Who you got?
>>5094 Ch@3l33 Fr@nc1s 0F
Bump. Still interested in Russell wins if there any. Have several different options
ngl if some1 drops M1randa C1ark wins I’ll drop my whole Russell folder
Pretty sure the only MC wins are the ones that have been posted twice before and they weren't even full nudes, she keeps her stuff pretty locked up tight.
I like how how everyone is stingy, like if you got em drop em, why other threads are thriving and this one is dying, this one will die just like the few other times, sad day
Anyone got K@lli Pfi3g3r?
$h@e bi$kie? Used to have onlyfans
$h@e bi$kie
>>5508 anymore of her?
Jaime cr@wford?
Need more Hays girls
What happened to the HHS drive everyone used to share a few years ago? That thing was gold.
>>5538 Bump. She really is a talentless bitch. At least she knows it.
Anyone got kandis Mayberry or whatever I heard she sends alll-otttt
Hays and Russell def have wins, just gotta share to get some, not everyone can be a hero 😁
Didn't Miranda Clark only have those like pin up photos that got posted a couple years ago?
So if I post those 4 pics from forever ago of Macy Clark is anyone else gonna share? Or am I barking up a dead tree here?
Bump for m@cy
>>5538 anymore of $h@e or her sister?
Anyone got Erica Shultz? I heard she got some huge knockers.
Does she send out such material?
>>7162 Who you got
Taelye B. G Lynch
Anyone have any K1ns3y B@rt0n?
I hope someone will just be a hero, I don't have anyone around Russell pics, but I just wanna see 1i1y Ervin's nudes just once if someone has them
Jae Seirer got any wins floating around?
Anyone got K@t33 D3p13se3 or E1ls3 H0ll@nd?
Go luck on Elsie, pretty sure she wasn't like that, and if her dad finds out it's on here we're all done for.
(63.83 KB 1430x1430 img_5_1687889652472.jpg)
(82.86 KB 1430x1430 img_3_1687889555663.jpg)
(192.48 KB 1430x1430 img_1_1687889539094.jpg)
>>5538 Anymore of this moley little bitch
Keep a eye open for this beauty. Fresh cheerleader for FHSU
Anyone got M1Kayla G@rris0n
Any Ch@nte11e L?
Hail3y Eat0n CJ N0RR!S M3na B??
Bump plz
Darc!!!!!! G used to be R
M@ddi m N0r@ L
H@ven h@m!lt0n
S0phie Gr0$$
M3liss@ H@wks? Teaches at Russell, lives in Hays
Does she have wins out there?
I've got old L@uren $chillec!
Who's got K@li R0bert$??
>>14222 Bump for k@li
>>14224 i know someone saved that sn@p story lmao
>>14221 Post em!
(661.25 KB 1836x3264 ResizedImage_1369478183464.jpg)
L@uren $
Bump for more hays
Meg@n Ke11er
Ashl3y s0fia?
Anyone got any Ashli Taylor from hays area.
@$hlyn ti3r$?
Someone has to have something
K@tie Gottsch@lk?
(152.92 KB 640x1136 IMG_1516.jpeg)
H@nn@h D13tz
I feel like 3lysia d3li@ has got some going around
Anyone have any j@ci d1ehl wins from Hays?
Anyone got l@uren kl@u5?
>>14578 more of these fine tits?
Anyone know if K@t3 b@rth still does OF?
(1.26 MB 3264x2448 IMG_1497.jpeg)
(2.11 MB 3264x2448 IMG_1498.jpeg)
>>14279 Definitely need more of her!
>>14279 Can we get more L@uren $ please
If you google pr3tty38kitty you can find some old videos of l@ur3n if you look hard enough
>>14686 Thank you. Found one. Did she ever have a cam name?
Any t0ri h@l3 wins? She has a rocking body
Bump for Kali, Jaci, or Hannah
Anyone have any wins on Em!ly Br@un?
(1.15 MB 1215x1564 IMG_1278.jpeg)
Bumpin Anyone have some hits of FHSU student president 3llah Burroughs(spelled regularly)
K@li R0bert$ has to have some. Anyone?
L@uren S. Used to share lots. Who's got them ?