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(38.56 KB 411x600 IMG_0227.jpeg)
(84.64 KB 255x191 IMG_0228.png)
@shley c@mpos 05/10/2023 (Wed) 15:28:47 No. 22305
Anybody got more of her? Amazing tits.
Super bump!
(21.91 KB 200x457 IMG_6769.jpeg)
Bump for @shlee
Know her?
Lord have mercy
(366.24 KB 866x965 IMG_6778.jpeg)
Used to model on DA
(20.12 KB 267x200 IMG_6775.jpeg)
>>22305 She likes them big
Who has the rest of her nudes? I’ve seen more out there on previous boards.
>>23322 There used to be like 8-10 videos too… haven’t seen those in a while
(212.24 KB 828x1456 IMG_6819.jpeg)
>>23433 Nice volleyballs
>>22305 Bump!! Someone plz come through!
(10.58 KB 192x144 IMG_6824.jpeg)
Where is she now? I saw her posted in the CA thread years ago. Only video out there is Soft titty play shy grl sorry on X hamster This is a screen cap
>>23554 Bruh post the video!
>>23560 Nothing is showing up lol
(169.83 KB 550x825 IMG_6829.jpeg)
>>22305 If you have the videos, please be a god send and post them here!!!
>>23571 Please take this down. I did not give permission for this to be posted
>>23573 Don’t gaf. Shouldn’t have taken them then.
>>23575 Nice titties baby. I heard you like it when people call you cupcakes
Those are pretty much all old photoshopped images you’re fapping to.. this chick isn’t even real. Someone posted as her on DA years ago. And then she was in the CA thread, then the MS thread
>>23579 Wrong.. she’s real. Just moved around. OP do you know her or need help?
>>23580 I know her. She lives in Indiana now. The only way you can “help” is if you post her nude videos lol.
>>23581 There were 10 Most of them are old webcam teases. They’re posted on the pay site. They came from the 805 oxnard thread years ago. She was a mgr at BWW there and her exhusband cucked them to show off, that’s why she’s back. You might want to try there. She’s also been posted under her maiden name J0hns0n
>>23586 Cap, 12 in the house
>>23597 Stfu bitch ass faggot
>>23583 Fuckin snake. Fuck this guy. Flake ass faggot.
>>22305 Bump
Any stories or info on her? Is she natty? OF?
If you got her wins please come in clutch!
Who is she and where did she go to HS?
(78.29 KB 527x639 IMG_7018.jpeg)
Bump for @shlee
Any stories?
>>22305 Bump
(186.17 KB 953x960 IMG_7415.jpeg)
Stillllll hot
(255.12 KB 600x450 vpmodel 09.png)
(215.11 KB 627x875 vpmodel 01.jpg)
(26.87 KB 453x600 6E22AF7.jpg)
All I could find that was different. She used to hold by VPmodel on DA, but there's not a lot to find. The orange pick has a photography company name, but couldn't track that down either. Don't say I never did nothing for you.
>>28598 Bro thanks a lot!!!
Big bump
Wow,isn’t that the mg at CB?
Bump, are there any more? Where is she from?
Where she from? How old? Anything?
These look fake
Bump How old are these?
(2.68 MB 2046x3069 IMG_8189.jpeg)
Bump. Does anyone have anything?