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Columbia City / Busco Anonymous 10/28/2022 (Fri) 13:19:09 No. 12131
Let’s see if we can get this up and running again. Kristen G Miranda E Rebecca L
Started with previous wins for those that don’t have them yet. Hoping people build it up, lots of hoes round these parts. Shouldn’t be that hard
(126.75 KB 1280x795 thumbnail_IMG_8508.jpg)
Samantha W
Another Miranda E to FORBIDDEN it off
More Miranda E
(122.33 KB 738x1280 thumbnail_IMG_9246.jpg)
(114.25 KB 645x1280 thumbnail_IMG_9245.jpg)
Miranda E
Miranda E
(104.29 KB 828x1104 Katie Howell 1.jpg)
(52.46 KB 828x621 Katie Howell 2.jpg)
Katie H from Busco
Who else do you have??
Any Sarah R?
Tarra sw@in
K rockefeller?
Anybody got megan before or after the boob job?
Come on someone be a hero on Rockfeller.
Just post whatever you got new and old let's get this thread going
Does anyone have any Emm@ C0y? Or any of her friends?
Any wins?
Alexis @sfour
I heard someone got katlyn P and sophia h@tch€r. Someone please please post those wins
If you're talking P-ppl-, you aren't missing shit. Cone shaped pale nips
>>12722 Not sure who that is, im hoping katlyn p@tt0n
Who do you have to share first?
>>12726 Looking for k p@ton but prefer sophia h@tcher,, both would be great. I've got @l@na $tultz, and others but she's a good win
>>12199 bruh said "Katie H" like the last name wasn't in the filename
Who's got that sophia hatcher and katlyn patt0n, ive started posting new. Have plenty to share once others come through
>>12736 They aren’t wins until the titties or kitties are shown
Oh it'll be shown soon as proof of having Patton and or hatcher are made, then I start dropping the clothes
>>12757 Who is that?
I'm at work now, will drop bare @l@na this evening, as long as @ytln p@tton and $ophia h@tcher are dropped. I've got quite a handful of @lana that I've never shared with anyone. So this is a golden opportunity. Will drop around 7ish
Anyone have Molly W? Last name used to rhyme with Green
Anymore Tar@ S??!
(88.65 KB 857x536 20221110_192942.jpg)
Providing proof of @l@na, will drop bare and more with drops of Kaytln p@tton and soph!@ h@tcher, willing to go 1 for 1, or if a bunch of those two are dropped at once then I'll drop a bundle of @lana
Got lots of Hai.lee (S)teele
>>12785 H@!Lee cute but right now I'm focused on seeing k@tlyn p@tton and $Ophia hatch€r. I've got probably 30 or so of @alan@ ,also have k@ayla bogg$, c!Era holon, and more. Willing to drop, but need the 2 mentioned
>>12785 Was h@ilee one of the really short cheerleaders in cc?
You have claimed holl@n and b0ggs before but have never delivered
Aaaaand if no one has them??
>>12789 You right you right, I got banded for a little. Hold on, got you
Do you have any Busco girls?
I think we all have Klink at this point bro
So is that a no on Busco?
I'm not sure that I do, I might but will have to check for sure
Either of the O#ou twins or Emm@ Coy would be fuckin sweet
Sorry, don't have any of those although I wish I did
Should rename this MF columbia city and take the busco out
The only busco I have is the old stuff we all got
Have and Me@de or Webster from CC
Run em up
(41.30 KB 412x410 received_605433027721684.jpeg)
I got holins mom for meade or web
You can keep that, ill stick to the other hollan
It's easier to just say you don't have either one of those lol
The rest of us will take the mom though
This 1 for 1 shit is annoying, let's all be bros and throw up whatever we have
>>12813 Ain't nobody else been throwing shit, and I've been throwing more than just 1 out at a time, been sending a few, but im not gonna let off all my goofs and nobody post shit
Brit G. Come on busco guys
(58.83 KB 660x1290 received_719646905873730.jpeg)
Trying to post Klaire A but it won't let me
Have the old pics of her??
I dont, hoping someone else does
You got anyone else?
>>12757 Still like to know who this is, hard to tell with the bright camera flash. Drop the H@ilee $teele please
Anyone got Mega@n br0wer, use to live in cc but moved to I believe north Carolina years ago, but she always had a decent body
More Tarra Sw@ain, Miranda E & a Madison H ass tease.
Karlyn W, have a few more topless for Alana or Hailee. Including Miranda E’s ass too for this
>>12841 Have plenty of top lessons and bottomless of alana, but I've seen all this karlyn w stuff, and so far I just haven't seen anything worth sharing the nudes yet. It's been mentioned before that someone's got patton and hatcher before, so that's my need. I'm cool with hanging on to what I've got otherwise
Stop lying. If you had them you'd share. Keep "holding on" to pictures as if they're worth millions... LOL What a cuck
(6.37 MB 1242x2208 260(IN) Aubrey Wright.png)
(3.45 MB 1242x2688 260(IN) Madison H.png)
More Alexis @sfour
Keep the Tarra Sw@I’m coming!
🤣 I'm a liar?? love how easily you get mad and resort to name calling when you don't get what you want. But thats cool, don't hurt my feelings. But I've got them, already proved that, just havent released the unrated version, just the ones I put emojis over. All the shit I've got took a lot of work to get, not gonna just give it up that easily for you to just download and share everything else without something in return. Totally open to sharing, but, we both know, soon as it's out there and everyone has it, then it ain't worth shit. So I'm content knowing I've got stuff you ain't seen. So unless you gonna provide the requested 2, then move on. I'll drop once I see what I want. I've already shown proof and even a couple samples of a few of the chick's, and everyone just be sharing shit that's been shared already over and over and over, making those not worth shit to me. May be worth to others, but it's been a repeat on all the boards. And as a matter of fact, the two on this thread of Lindsey kr!eg actually are ones that I shared awhile back that I know nobody else had, I have more of her but I only shared just those specific 2 photos. So kindly piss off, move on and have a lovely weekend. 😉
(139.11 KB 828x1087 thumbnail_IMG_7596.jpg)
Sarah B
>>12855 That’s a long explanation. That’s typical with someone who’s trying to get something but doesn’t actually have anything in return. Poor guy, I feel sorry for you - you really are desperate.
Whyd we all get so butthurt so fast?
>>12867 Lol, got plenty in return, but your attempt to try and rile me so I prove it is futile. You can feel sorry for me all you want, you aren't worth my time pheasant to have have any feelings back, doesn't change what I have and you don't 😉 That is all, you may go back to your corner. But for anyone else, when you ready to lay the cards down I'll be standing by with the goods.
>>12871 We all good, I got nothing more to say. Business as normal gentlemen/ and any ladies lurking.Party on 😁🍺🍻
Man last night was so productive why we gotta be grumpy?
>>12877 We all good, hatchets buried, time to move forward.
(436.73 KB 1152x2048 IMG_02381.jpg)
(801.23 KB 1440x2560 Screenshot_20170504-103854.png)
I'll throw you a small bone,but it's the last one I'm throwing for now until the gentleman can have an actual discussion and negotiate. I'll give ya De$tin¥ GR££N
Who we got tonight boys
Here’s H@ilee $teele
Does anybody have Busco class of 14-18?
Rebumb for more h@ilee $teele
What we got boys?
Natalie Roberts
Please don't tell me this thread died
>>12937 Looks like it might have :(
What do we have to do to keep it alive boys?
Start putting up whatever you have, all my stuff is up there already
(2.68 MB 591x1280 thumbnail_IMG_7529.png)
Veronica G
Whos that^
>>13049 I too would like to know who this is. Very nice
Good luck everyone bounced for some reason
Aubree Bufkin?
The slutsregistry website is bumping a lot more than this for CC / Busco.
Which one? ^
>>13118 Yes, it's been bumping a little but there's still so much potential on here as well
Anyone got any $helby A--ison wins?? They used to be on here
>>13448 BUMP
Shelby A, who you got?
Anybody have L@cey Kõnger?
Those Shelby A pics are from her Not allowed story back in the day. Not really wins haha
Anyone got called ban... wins??
Callee banu€-o$
I have Callee but who you got to share first?
Kristen b@ker??
(218.54 KB 1080x1585 Kayleigh Cummings_1.jpg)
(114.02 KB 1070x1215 Shelby Allison_1.jpg)
How about the callee wins?
Who you got for Callee wins?
More of brandi I'd eat her ass for real
Anyone have Aly$$a $n00k?
I wanna see more brandi
>>14173 no fatzos
I think we all agree your thevonlyvonw who wants to see that
Greenwood for more brand. That's the deal
Aubree b?
Drop them callee wins, King
Drop something worth my while
Any class of 2020?
Looking for any of hope old or new would be great
Who you got to post?
T4ylor St4nsbury
Anything of her without clothes?
Subscribed to Taylor’s OF, majorly disappointed. Anyone have other CC / Busco girl OF’s? I’ll subscribe and share what’s there
There's got to be some of olivia (d)avis out there
Does anyone have @nn@ south or @mand@ south
I know their cousin Gina North
I went to go sign up for klaire n she’s down.. boys, I tried.
Not worth it
Any class of 2020 would be awesome
Where is the stuff of hope p b
Where are the old pics of hope p b
Any Megan D from CC?
Does anyone have Taylor t
Gotta be way more specific
Brittney G vid? Heard there was some of her giving head and other stuff
Who do you have to post?
Anyone have any wins of Whitney from Richard's? Has to be some
More of Reb3cca Lilly
any Angel Williams?
Any got those $hayla H!me$ wins from her fan page??
(105.01 KB 857x1157 Kennedy Krull_2.jpg)
(126.00 KB 862x1163 Kennedy Krull_1.jpg)
Here's Kennedy k.
Who else do you have??
H@ilee Stee1e still selling pics and vids. No fuck vids tho.
Do you have anything new from H@ilee?
>>19078 Would pay to get ahold of more H@ailee
Still looking for Bullard. I know there is 1 guy that could end this quest. Come on buddy
Who is that?
Any H.Oliver ?
Any hann4h h0ffm4n
>>19636 What’s she look like ?
Anyone have any Cortney R@y? (was S1mm0ns while married, but back to R@y now)
How about some kendra newton I got some if you guys wanna see
>>12883 I had a threesum with her and I ex wife back in the day
Word is Megan Deutsch is selling now.. any one have a - for her socials?
>>12845 Anymore @ubrey w
>>20137 Her inst is ml then last name
Bump Kendra Newt0n
>>20378 I got you
(124.30 KB 1080x1920 received_264444377751359.jpeg)
(183.28 KB 1122x2208 IMG_1039.JPG)
I have more if any wanna has more de$tiny gr33n
Any from CCHS? Any year
>>20407 Those are the only ones I got of destiny when we were talking, only ones that I know of out there
Can you confirm on Megan D selling?
(191.98 KB 1122x2208 IMG_0080.JPG)
K Newt0n
Any my@ 3ling
D0ry Stew@rt
I think this thread died
Bri W3lls
It better not die
@n@ h@rm@n
(601.89 KB 1656x2476 1681312488770.jpeg)
J Bullard M Greenwood H Oliver Anything
Anyone have p@!ge be@$ley? I know there used to be some floating around over the past few years.
Megan is getting drunk right now. Someone get em
>>20891 What's the story with Megan? Is she selling nudes now? Heard she had an OF somewhere but can't confirm. Anyone have pics or info?
Someone have N!kk! Bow$er
Anyone have Taylor R(Ice)
Ya bump the thread into non-existence. Fuckin post something lurkers
I'll post more K3ndr@ N3wton when other pole post
Sandy W
(10.36 KB 640x360 received_533380260178556.jpeg)
T1iff@ny P
Bump those are hot!
(15.68 KB 384x640 received_420450684956414.jpeg)
T@sha H.
@n@ H@rman
(8.80 MB 1290x2796 IMG_0096.png)
H@ilee St33le plenty more to come too
Where them CC girls at? Looking for class of 2016.
>>21416 Will buy more H@ilee St33le pics if you have them.
I think this thread died :'(
>>21490 Name on k app
>>21568 Me too nobodyyouknow89
>>12131 >>21568 HazyFikShun
D0ry St3w@rt
Wh1tn3y R or S@r@ b? From cc Etter / ird
Any of Riley Buny@n out there?
Anybody have more cchs class of ‘16?
Class of ‘15 I mean
Anymore Tarra, or Hope B?
Is there any of h4nna H0ffman
(111.05 KB 720x1280 Samantha Fulk.jpg)
S@m@nth@ Fu7k
(154.95 KB 750x1334 1648762437651-0.jpg)
(84.58 KB 750x1334 1648786800113-0.jpeg)
B0nn13 (N0vy) B@umg@rtn3r
any mariah ad(k)ins ?
Anyone have L1ly B0st0n
(201.80 KB 838x1370 Hsjso8a57a98a6a7ahj.jpg)
Somebody has to have some of these hoes
Have a video of k N3wton stuffing both holes
>>23738 post it
Will post M@k@ylee if someone posts C@llee
Bump for more of H@ilee $teele???
(77.95 KB 645x1398 IMG_0487.jpeg)
(5.17 MB 1290x2796 IMG_0485.png)
(5.53 MB 2796x1290 IMG_0486.png)
>>23835 H@olee & J3ssic@ W@dk1ns
>>12131 >>23837 Keep them coming Bump for more of H@ilee $teele???
(154.35 KB 1171x1561 IMG_0492.jpeg)
(109.96 KB 960x1792 IMG_0493.jpeg)
>>22525 This pic would be a lot better without the duck lips faggot in the background..
>>23773 Will drop 3 girls for Mack B nudes or would - vids even. lmk
I dont know who you're asking for but who you gonna drop if someone pulls through?
>>24054 Who you got for mak b?
>>24095 Amos big _ tippper
Would love to see more Brandi strgil
What do you have for more Brandi
>>23854 any new?
I have Hanna h for Brandi but the Brandi needs to be first not gonna argue about it.
I have already posted brandi and got nothing I return
The only Brandi pictures I see are tits but hey I understand man not trying to be an ass.
Anybody have j€nic@ j0hn$0n?
Heck out slut registry
Check out for who? Jenica? How do I get to the site? Trying to type it is and goes nowhere
Where is the hope pics
>>24461 I have some hope pics. What do you have?
(184.15 KB 1920x998 received_770049051271043.jpeg)
>>24649 Who is that?
Yeah I love it when shit gets posted with no context
(3.32 MB 480x268 20230623_232429.gif)
(10.17 MB 368x640 20230623_232936.gif)
(170.82 KB 1206x2208 Snapchat-1437346405.jpg)
(200.79 KB 1920x998 received_1029718441326551.jpeg)
(179.13 KB 1920x998 received_703238108226285.jpeg)
>>24679 Anyone got more of her?
(157.17 KB 943x1920 received_483285283963016.jpeg)
Anymore of anyone?
Can't help but feel like I missed a bunch
More Phoenix?
Anyone got any wins if this fat slut?
(129.75 KB 1920x943 received_1127747997906235.jpeg)
Who is this? Nice nipples
Seriously can we get some names?
Any Big G girls
Any one got ang julian
Last try; any $nook ?
Any more cc girls
So no aj
Any Amy krantz
Britt roar
There has to be a ton of ang j come on guys now she is married
Any jasmin Hendricks?
So hope never took ass or pusssy pics
So hope never took ass or pussy pics
Allison B? Last names a color
(136.76 KB 399x600 1514067799970-1.jpg)
Bump for Allison B
GC on 👻 drop them
bump for more shes hot >>24859
(143.97 KB 399x600 1514067799970-0.jpg)
If any one has others add on
we need more of her >>24899
(100.05 KB 1920x934 received_950208569367602.jpeg)
So nothing else
Yo guys how about some fucking names
Drop those Karlyn W for Kinsey V?
(37.24 KB 640x1342 received_727654058455299.jpeg)
(219.21 KB 1197x1994 received_442392034431893.jpeg)
(124.52 KB 1284x1712 received_930453017955148.jpeg)
(110.31 KB 826x1624 received_1745372449145614.jpeg)
(33.57 KB 828x1792 received_778593736638237.jpeg)
(83.65 KB 1652x1318 received_430174255949630.jpeg)
Now everyone can quit being stingy and post their wins.
>>25271 Who is she and is there more
(456.28 KB 1095x1936 IMG_2727.jpeg)
Slut brandi
Any one have tb!lls
(706.00 KB 771x1539 IMG_2854.jpeg)
Huge tit slut b3t4
I’d donate to see tb!lls
any kayla h€ndry?
Not down with this forum turning into a heifer forum. The sluts registry forum already got over ran with fatties and nasty bitches
Why not stop bitching and post something super star
I posted everything I had months ago when there was nothing in this thread bro, what you got then?
I posted some Brandi. But all I wanna see is t bills. So why not repost your shit so guys keep this alive instead of complaining. We all are here for the same reason looking a sluts in our area
You posted crack hoes bro, and why repost it when everyone can scroll through and see it all. Get outta here. The sluts forum is the one for you apparently
Aww key board warrior got his feelings hurt so he deleted my comment. Nobody cares what you say we are here to look at women.
What got deleted?
I dont think you understand how forums work but only moderators can take shit down s-oo maybe chill tf out
Does anyone have any R1hanna S@nds
@n@ h@rmen
Anymore Hope B?
(35.37 KB 720x720 FB_IMG_1691489457409.jpg)
Some one share these chicks
any brittnie h.endren ?
anyone got harley (z)orn
Any videos? >>13000
Any of T B from B G’s mod love to delete shit
How about any chicks from Wa ma4t
Any CC Class of 2014?
Yes please
Bump. CC ‘14 or ‘15
got a name? >>25271
trinity t(ii)mms?
(384.04 KB 1080x1920 IMG_0371.jpeg)
Kaitlyn B33ks from Busco
anything new on these 2?
>>29662 Bump for these two
>>29027 do you have anymore of Kaitlyn or any of amanda b?
>>29662 >>29664 A lot of Jessica W@dkins fucking. No fuck vids of H@ilee
(71.92 KB 600x800 IMG_1237.jpeg)
(4.95 MB 1290x2796 IMG_1236.png)
>>29662 Jess W@dkins is so dumb lol
lets see those vids >>29717 >>29724
>>29724 Does she do OF?
>>29755 @diamond129 that’s her stage name at Nightshifts. She’s on seeking too but won’t meet and just sell content of her and H@ilee
>>29778 what is nightshifts?
>>29782 Strip club in North Webster
>>29717 Bump them vids
(5.44 MB 1290x2796 IMG_1252.png)
(5.54 MB 1290x2796 IMG_1253.png)
>>29845 Vids aren’t uploading. Need reformatted or something
>>29850 damn how easy is she? would love to hit that she is so fine
Bumb for more H@ille St33le
H@ley Brrown 260
Anyone have jaelynn brown
>>30310 Bump
How about some Jacqueline Bullard? Class of '14
>>30310 bump
bump thread
Huntington or Marion any
Anyone got D3stiny H@!nes?
Does anyone have class of ‘16 for CCHS?
any madison loon(ey) ?
Any of kvrstyn gi1bert out there?
Dinah Mcdevitt?
Anyone have Savannah simmers? Goes to Indiana tech now I believe, sexy little slut
we're all here for one person
>>31555 whos that
Meg@n Duet$ch
>>31601 Is she selling?
>>31555 Damn she’s got a huge fuckin noggin
D0ry St3w@rt
S@v@nn@ Win3l@nd
emm@ fr3ricks?
Big bump for 3mma
>>32319 anymore?
Any J Brown ? Or any bob Evans chicks
Any J stroud
>>32975 name?
Is there any D3st1ny B3ckl3y out there?
Tr1n1ty Ob@cz
Any Tr!nity Tustason?
Any new hope
>>33575 Bump
@1ex!s p13tch3r?
lets get this poppin
(10.07 MB 1170x2532 IMG_8316.png)
Anybody have Aly$$a $n00k???
(234.81 KB 826x1332 IMG_8484.jpg)
(178.79 KB 827x1025 IMG_8485.jpg)
Any more hope p would love some vids
I can't help but feel like alot of stuff gets removed
I can't help bit feel like alot isn't being left up
Looking 4 to
She has some great tits and ass I wanna see more ass and then some
Yeah, she’s a banger we need her.
anyone wanna see r@ven ru$$el?
Bro please post R@ven Ru$$le
>>33869 Bump need deez
Post R@ven my king
Need more hope stat
You are an absolute godsend
Does anyone have A!exis Ru$$el?
Anyone have more H@liee stéelé?
>>12131 >>34867 Bump for more h@ilee
(79.70 KB 750x1334 IMG_8749.jpeg)
@ly$$@ $n00k ..
Anyone got holly Mc1nt02h would love to see her
Any one have any more Jordan
>>23394 Any More R@che@l Fru!tt ?
We need more of Jordan
Who's got holly cunning
Any Shana kolb
>>34902 More?!?
(66.57 KB 828x1035 FB_IMG_1592684841039.jpg)
Any Stephanie H@rney all I've got
I bet Stephanie is a freak can't stop looking at that camel toe where is a hero
Someone has to have more hope
Jacqueline Bullard is a hoe. Any wins
>>12759 Bad ju ju kemp?
Yes bump for Karm@
Wh1tn3y R3tt3r?
R@v3n has an only fans. It's uracxnt. Someone should be a hero and buy it
(643.21 KB 1242x663 IMG_5073.jpg)
(2.18 MB 1242x2313 IMG_5074.jpg)
(1.05 MB 1017x1430 IMG_7821.jpg)
Haley K Have more if someone posts Hanna H0ffm4n or Ava Und3rw00d
Big bump for H@nna Hoffm@n
We need some hope vids
Let’s see More Sn00k
I doubt anyone has h@nn@ she’s just a tease
Does anyone have any H@nn@ in her underwear or anything?
Release the Klinkian!!! Post em up
Does anyone have k@rm@ (k)emp
Glad people are optimistic about h@nn@ pics lol
Bump for sn00k
Will post makaylee for callee ban. or @udrey Br@dford
Will post $n0ok for M@cy Hill
>>36678 Bump for M@k@ylee
Apparently no new wins does anyone have any OF accounts that
>>36679 Nobody has Sn00k
Does anyone have any T Bills or any other Bg G girls
Bump for bills
Bump for t bills
No but I’d like too
Mackaylee gotta fat ass id love too see the wins, for the boys please
Anyone have serenity wirem@n? Or her sister Lexus?