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(522.13 KB Original.mp4)
Anonymous 10/05/2021 (Tue) 03:19:25 No. 24
Anyone know what her name is or have her socials?
Is it bad I laughed so fucking hard at this 😂😂
Actual gold haha
This would actually be trending on Reddit r/funny if it didn't show her tits lol
(245.88 KB Slow-Mo.mp4)
Decided to put it in slow mo
>>41 Scammer. Different name same dude.
https://www.reddit.com/r/Unexpected/comments/8w10k5/f_you_dj/e1soqqs may be some information here
>>81 I checked out the Reddit and Reddit actually got in touch with this girl and she asked them to take the video down. She didn't give permission to that DJ to do what he did and I guess she's taking legal action against him.
(360.87 KB 461x756 Screenshot 2022-02-05 230929.png)
Haha well she did flip him off 🤣
looks setup, no one when hit with a water or air like that would throw their head and arms back like that. The normal defensive instinct in most people is to duck your head and put your arms in front of your head or body for protection. Most women also would be angry as fuck if that was done to them without any kind of prior knowledge or warning. Also she was in no hurry to cover herself again most women would of pulled the shirt up rather quickly or even catch it as it went down, not just throw their head and arms back for a second or two then cover her boobs with her hands.
>>96 she was expecting to get sprayed just not that hard, which is why her eyes are closed as she approaches and presents herself for the spray. Its easy to imagine the shock combined with the fact she might not have felt her top go down initially and only realised after because her boobs were getting cold lols meant she gave us a precious couple seconds to enjoy her little titties.
>>96 Alright, if you say so. Personally I find that it actually works better to research and learn to sound clever, rather than the easy let me explain to you why you're mistaken approach. But that's just me.
>>2what I've heard as this has been being passed around for a few years now is... She was shit faced and wouldn't leave the DJ alone requesting a song or hitting on him depending on the version you find. He got agrivated and hosed her a few times, she took it lke this the final time and we got a vid.