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Anonymous 11/21/2022 (Mon) 19:57:54 No. 8378
hey, i found these screenies, apparently they are in the free section at c c, anyone know the url?
Again?? Really?? Stop spamming this site with your c c scam. It's obvious that you are one of the scammers that (too) often comes here to advertise your scam. To all the others: remember that c c is a scam. Stay away from it.
>>8379 No proof it is a scam
>>8380 You are really in need of scamming more people, right?
>>8381 Ha, I'm just looking for the videos, if you don't have them, go fuck yourself.
>>8382 You are one of the scammers. You always do the same. You pretend to be a happy user of the site, or someone really interested, just to advertise it and get more victims. And your attitude insulting me doesn't help.
>>8383 did I hurt your wittle feelings? You obviously don't have the videos so go away.
>>8383 He trolls this board and /t/
A friendly reminder to everyone: c c is a scam, and the other guy writing in this reported thread is one of the scammers.
Don't have to take it from me, but I have an account and it works as is. Of course you need to pay for it and that sucks :(
>>8386 Not trolling. Just want the vids bruh. Why is that so hard?
A friendly reminder to everyone: c c is a scam, and the other guy writing in this reported thread is one of the scammers.
>>8382 >>8384 Yep, it's the exact same guy, you can tell by his angry speech, as a away of defending his frail ego.
Agree! C C is pure fucking SHIT!!!!! Fuck that site & those scammers !
>>8378 Screenies??? WTF you absolute fucking scum.
>>8404 woah dipshit.... how about writing a decent sentence others can understand.
these are all on mom
Does anyone have the full bathtub video? I saw on "mom" there was a tiny portion uploaded that lasted only seconds and advertised the full length vid was on CC. I had an active paid sub to CC that month and looked for it but did not find it. Assumed it was a bait and switch and not actually on CC. Could anyone identify the full vid location or upload it somewhere if the full vid has ever been released?
>>8415 with all due respect, I seriously doubt that you had a paid account with them for a moth because we all know that CC IS SCAM. Anyway, if that was true (which I doubt), please share some of the contents with us.
>>8419 Like what? Anything you want in particular? Url?
>>8415 I'll check on CC when I get back home in a few hours. Any more info to make my search a bit easier? Like the title/description or mom link? There's a lot of videos featuring bathtubs on there.
You guys are a bunch of fucking idiots. Yayaya CC is a scam until somebody wants somethin. Thing is though, these vids are free on cc. Theyre here, somewhere. I aint gonna go lookin for them for you, you leeches are fuckin babies that wanna be spoonfed the shit. creep club / MOUSOLEUM / videos
>>8610 Free to scam
>>8610 Wrong CC scammers are known here for pretending to be "happy" users of the site or pretending to be leechers who ask for cc content becaue they "know for sure" that there is a lot of content and "for free" Do NOT believe anything related to cc. The vast majority of messages are written by the scammers themselves
>>8614 Bro, i think theres really just one of you calling them scammers, content is literally free. I just tried it. Can check for yourself.
>>8618 That confirms what >>8614 said