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Anonymous 08/21/2021 (Sat) 16:55:53 No. 286
Continue the Jen-ya posts?
(298.46 KB 2868x1612 1566582529724.jpg)
>>287 whoever has these videos or other j vids. Find me on gmai|, will arrange an exchange for some of my content for more jenya vids. voyerman001 (alias) gmai|.c0m
there is one vid floating around that is pretty good and just about everyone has, not may can post screen shots from the other ones If they can't they are lying about having the vids
>>297 Agreed, that’s why I left a comment here to arrange a private conversation. You have stuff?>>297
bump for jenya pls
Anything anyone plz?
(197.29 KB 892x1999 1612246518806 - Copy.jpg)
(81.79 KB 562x1024 imgsrc.ru_63078139LzB.jpg)
(186.11 KB 1280x2332 1579491423958.jpg)
thats new to me
(284.55 KB 1920x1080 1620513064861-0.jpg)
(48.24 KB 562x1024 1600436484082.jpg)
wonder what else is out there...
(966.88 KB 3000x2000 1528357763496.jpg)
(261.97 KB 1920x1080 1573578432459.jpg)
(185.06 KB 1920x1088 1579492843978.jpg)
(295.35 KB 1920x1080 15336736846542.jpg)
>>973 that first one wowwww...more??
she is holy grail material. bless us with more content!
>>973 If someone’s willing to post the vid from the first pic, I’ll share the BeachDay6 video from the more yellow looking bathroom
give a example of beachday6 you speak of?
>>1065 The pics that look like a yellow tinted bathroom, that’s called BeachDay6. Only one I ever got, it’s over a gig
I have a zip of it that’s needs password. I’ll share it if y’all help me list all potential passwords
(164.35 KB 1920x1088 1580398978978 - Copy.jpg)
(174.15 KB 1920x1088 1579490270176 - Copy.jpg)
(256.77 KB 2868x1606 1569456224431 - Copy.jpg)
knew that bathroom looked familiar ._. any wins?
Post the zip I have a potential pass
There is at least one other girl in this series. She changes out of her bathing suit into clothes. Didn't save the video because she was... uh.. young, and that's not my thing. Something to look for if you're a collector. It's definitely the same bathroom. Saw it many years ago on the old anonib, its was named _1.mp4 or something like that.
I'm surprised no one talks about Jenya's "cousin". Everyone has beach day 6 so I wouldn't recommend giving anything for it. People will hoard this for a while then the dam will break. As usual
>>1084 didn't even realize there was a 'cousin'
>>1084 “Everyone has beach day 6” while commenting in a thread full of people asking for it lol yes encouraging people not to share is brilliant. Another person not providing content while watching everyone ask for a video. You sir are a massive douche
pls post video, please please
Can someone post a screenshot of beach day 6? Just wanna know if it’s the one I’m thinking of
>>1094 haha good try officer. If you have seen it, you would never forget it. Especially the post shower view of her from the side. ;)
(269.29 KB 2000x901 jenyajpg_4199564_30589781.jpg)
If someone posts beach or something else good, I'll post this vid
what's the story behind this one?
>>1098 Why do lot always need a damn story? Someone close to her decided to respam her and that's basically it. Can you not beat your meat without knowing everything there is to know about her?
huh... 2mo ago on mless 186B4B6
Hey heroes plz post the jenya videos, I have a pic of the sister i believe, but it is - so I'm not going risk posting it here
Literally spent the day(I have goals) searching forum after forum and thread after thread. I don't think it exists.
>>1342 Don't think what exists?
>>1347 Full vids
Only content I have close to a video a f /7cId88yewa/1522297066697_webm
>>1355 Thanks! That's something. Hopefully someone finds the grail
>>1356 Thanks this is a great start, hoping more people become generous and share this holiday season
Thanks!! we need moreee
(1.78 MB 1579493680365.webm)
You are god thanks!! do you have the full vid tho?
How is that shit so hard to find...
i think it's funny that people keep finding random clips from this series and theyre always edited to miss the best parts. Someone is doing it for fun lol
please hoarders please post the videos. please
(295.35 KB 1920x1080 fdfs.jpg)
If someone shares the full video from the where she's wearing the white sweatshirt. I'll post the full video from the pic with the black sweatshirt on the counter. It's a pretty big file.
mhmm, of course you will. We all believe you have it. Of course we do. lol Or you could just, you know, post it and hope someone grateful reciprocates.
why some guys are such big arseholes always wanting something. if i had the video I would have uploaded by now. please upload someone and be a hero. please
Why? Because the video with the white sweat shirt is harder to come by and they posted only part of it. Someone has something rare you want and I have something rare they might want. That way everyone wins but its not something I'll just hand over without attempting to get some other hoarded vids. That's why.
brotha with this logic no one will ever get anything. you start by posting the video, maybe set a auto delete timer of 1 hour or something. U first start and someone will follow soon
That makes no sense. If it was auto deleted the person who posted the vid I want might not catch it in time. I know how to go about this. Be patient.
I will upload the black sweater on counter top video(1GB), if someone can upload the full video of her in the black flower bikini bottoms. I can show proof I have it if you'd like. Yours Truly - The Dude
yes, sure you will, fuckwit
(118.33 KB 1808x758 Doubt me now.jpg)
>>1406 Sure I fuckwitcha, but only if you fuckwit me :)
>>1409 Are you literally getting reverse psychology'd by these coomers? no on gonna post shit.
>>1410 Just teasing a little. But mainly showing that I have it & I'm willing to post the full video if whoever posted the snippet of her in the white sweatshirt post the rest.
Or if someone post some other videos such as these.
>>1411 my friend, the short videos that were posted above were posted on ch8tp!c website few weeks ago. The guy just reposted the edited video. He too don't have full video. Only you have full video so please be a hero and post for everyone. Else all of us will keep on waiting forever. Thanks
a white man would give everyone a xmas present
Here's a fun fact. OP used to share lots of pics *YEARS* ago on old anonib. If he isn't in prison he still lurks these boards, my assumption praying no one shares his works. No one is going to willingly give these away because they're 'grail' and super 'rare'. the day 6 has been posted on clear and dark, but nothing else (at full capacity) is making the rounds. You can't get what isn't being shared. Keep searching
A late christmas present from Germany, have fun :) a f / p4r1tcdax8/JENYA_Day_6_Shower_after_beach_mov
>>1434 Thanks Anon!!
00.0% chance no one delivers on another clip. thanks for posting the day6_shower vid, still hot
>>1434 re-up
>>1434 thanks
>>1439 Are you retarded?
>>1459 Where's the better quality videos of her when she's older? For example the the snapshots of her in the jean shorts, black tights, and pink shorts or sweat pants.
>>1459 already down? or fake?
>>1459 I know the site, but the link isn't working bud
Does this link even work? m3g4 isn't working for it.
>>1463 Down, M3ga sucks balls
IT was a working MEGA link... But honestly, it was the type of content that wasn't going to work for long.
Yes, the MEGA link was legit. It went down when I was exactly at 50% download... kinda pissed me off but, oh well, shit happens.
>>1482 what was the content? all jen ya videos?
sucks cuz M3ga barely lasts an hour with reports-anwhile that an0n Day 6 link is still up after like a week
>>1483 There were about 700 MB of vids and pics. I hadn't the time to check 'em, just tried to download the ZIP but the folder was deleted halfway. Damn.
please reupload mega on AF pls
>>1483 the same folder shared before, with nothing new so not a big deal
i dont have the previous folder as well. can u please share. thanks
Please sir can I have some moar?
pretty sure he used a cam like this can't seem to find any on the market anymore could be a reason... AC Adapter spam Hidden Camera - BrickHouse Security
please post the mega folder that was shared. please
please post video
please dont do this hoarding thing brothers. if u have video then please share. be a hero
Bump this video
>>1839 thanks brother u r a hero. i really wanna see her bathroom videos
>>1839 Wow! That one is new to me!! Amazing! Have more please?
please upload more videos. please
>>1839 site?
>>1887 >>1839 I think its down. Can someone please reup
Mods suck cucks! There was just a new link and now it's gone
>>1933 anyone have the new link? dear mods why deleting links?
Please re-up the video that got deleted! I've been looking for these forever. Luckily the beachday6 vid was still up, but the jenya.FIXED one got nuked. Thanks!
>>1991 Do you have another vid besides beach day? I’ll repost the deleted if you post another vid.
for each Jenya vid that gets posted, I will post a 10Gb folder with other voyeur stuff. I have 100+Gb.
As promised: AF /5a55C6I3x2 / JENYA_Day_6_ Shower_after_beach . mov-h264_ 720p_ mp4
What goes after the af?
lol. i love the amount of inept idiots that come onto this website. probably using their mobile too.
total is 700mb right? all video and picture? at least that's all i have, idk if there's more
>>2351 Post the 700mb
>>2351 yes total 700 mb please post 700 mb link thanks.
>>2351 be a hero brother. post it. damn. me excited as hell. can't wait
>>2355 pls post videos. thanks
>>2357 thanks but these are short videos that everyone has seen. please post the real videos with original duration. thanks
Don't get your hopes up, there has been nothing new posted after theDay_6_ Shower_after_beach . mov came out last year
Don't get your hopes up, there has been nothing new posted after theDay_6_ Shower_after_beach . mov came out last year
(47.46 MB jenya.FIXED.mp4)
>>2361 thanks u r a hero brother. please post her bathroom videos if u have. hell yeah. u r a hero
well that was exciting for a minute. Hopefully this dude that says he has 700mb uploads
>>2361 As hot as it was watching her body develop over 6 years can we stop posting the younger stuff already
>>2370 yes we need to see her grown up videos
It's pretty certain that neither the guy from the bad parents thread and the 700mb guy have anything more than Day 6. Just a tease to keep thread going
>>2370 nah fuck off dude that's the best part. Post more of the younger stuff
go away scammer with paywall link promote
Edited last time by mod1 on 02/27/2022 (Sun) 09:10:46.
>>2383 Are you gonna post? What would you want for it?
>>2384 i can post but i need to upload to af or other cloud services, and it's not like you guys have anything that i want, so i just sharing
>>2386 i think most of the guy here wants the videos in which you have written WANTED on screencaps
>>2387 it's images
>>2386 Name your price...Don't under estimate what people have available to offer.
>>2393 i can share it when im not busy, but if you have mom son incest from ip cam would be nice, i only got a few
(25.92 KB 540x360 skeleton.jpeg)
Don't worry, anon will deliver
Can we get upload before WWIII starts? I don’t want to die without seeing
Is Jen-ya from russia of ukrain?
As expected, anon provided a dick tease and nothing more
Here's day 6 again //anon files .com // 5a55C6I3x2/ Looking for more on Jen ya myself and I've got heaps of these kind of vids i can - through T gram
>>2486 Thank you! Does anyone else have the rest?
>>2486 Never seen this one. Cheers. a
What happened to the dude that was going to post when he wasn't busy?
>>2530 He's busy.
I wonder when the dude isn't going to be busy? I'm sure he found that pic somewhere and doesn't have crap
>>2486 Sorry brother but all the links are down b4 I can get to them, pls help and re-up.you are awesome!
/G3B08824/F87326C A place with no mothers
anyplace where you can find more
>>3144 Yea, sadly this is the only one on the site as far as I could find
whos actually got something...
>>1074 Need .zip and can help you
Re-up of day six please
>>3516 Yes, day six again please
Seems like the guy is still busy
d/Fha4I9 from >>3005 stil works XD
(206.74 KB 326x329 xxx.PNG)
ill post her ig if someone post more contents of her
>>3930 1. You’re about 10 years late. 2. How about we don’t doxx anyone and further fuck up the hobby?
yeah plz don't, this place is full of white knight fags that'd just ruin the fun
>>3944 You mean like you? Yeah how about you just shut the fuck up, pluck your old white pubes, and let us adults talk here instead of barging into a situation.
nah but now i would, just to spite you
forget the doxx faggotry and post more Jen-ya