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Kloe Anonymous 11/21/2021 (Sun) 20:16:53 No. 716
Any more wins from yankton?
(259.53 KB 760x1013 avatar.jpg)
It's not like I know everyone in Yankton, but I don't think I've seen her around town before.
WOW she is hot! Here is what I do know is out there from yankton. pics of a hairstylst downtown, a video of an O'malleys bartender giving a blowjob, a local radio saleswoman pics, and a couple of Yankton soccer moms pics. All of these were on the previous site that were taken down. Anyone save any of these?
>>724 She played volleyball for Yankton HS
Also never seen her but would love to see some Yankton wins. There are some true hotties down there.
(154.58 KB 1644x1242 E9i06w4VkAAtFw_.jpeg)
(175.58 KB 2048x1152 FEdskohXEAIlAzQ.jpeg)
(18.75 KB 400x400 BiJeuw9Y_400x400.jpg)
>>783 NICE. Who is she? We need more Yankton MILFS posted
bumppy bump bump
Ivy. Ivy. Ivy. That girl is as naughty and bad as they come. I used to - nudes with her years ago but never saved them. Makes me think there might be some in someone's old archives somewhere. She was banging hot back then. She's still pretty but she had me going back then. Would love to see those angles of her again.
Anyone have anything on the Hiltenen sisters??? Would love to see any of them especially elle
>>911 Who is this? Name? Hot body!
What happened to all the Yankton pics from 2016-2017 cheerleaders, soccer, and hockey girls? ALL LEGAL AGE at the time. There were a ton of Abby K. blowjob pics, where did they go?
>>915 What happened to all the Holly Bouza wins that were on here? From Yankton
I got with holly. Honestly nice to look at but not good in bed. The girl I posted above is cedar B
Anyone of any of sarina k??? From Yankton.
Never saw Holly posts to begin with but wouldn't mind
>>919 Was Cedar the girl from the archery center? Tell some Holly stories!
>>919 Would love to hear some Holly stories as well
Yeah that’s the cedar. Iv got more but waiting to see if anyone else is going to contribute
Holly used to be turned on all the time. Getting with her wasnt hard, but I'm not sure if she is still like that now that she's married. Anyone know? If someone is hoarding Holly pics let em fly. Also I don't think Abby K had ever had pics on here. Is there another site you might have seen them on?
(56.92 KB 960x679 Yanktondental.jpg)
>>930 Here is a dental hygienist from here in Yankton and is downtown at the bars most weekends. She is married and this is the most I could get out of her, from about 2 years ago. MORE CEDAR?
>>932 Always thought Holly was hot. Any specific stories come to mind? I am almost positive Abby was on here; I don't know any other site other than Reddit that would have anyone local. There was a short blowjob clip and a coupld topless photos. Her tits were a lot smaller than I would have thought.
>>932 While your at it, how about some Cedar stories to go with those wins!
I don’t have any holly pics. I would pay for some Elle Megan or Steff hiltunen pics if anyone has any. Here’s some more cedar. Sorry the story’s with her are private.
(42.67 KB 640x966 omallyschick.jpg)
>>939 Even the Hiltunen mom has a hot body. Would love to see more Cedar pics if you have them. There are also some Winzlaff and Novak wins floating around that I have not seen. Keep this Yankton thread alive! This is a bartender from downtown that some may know. We had a short texting thing going on, but nothing beyond that.
>>783 WOW. More of her please
Who’s the bartender and the dental hygienist?
>>943 She was a bartender at Omalleys, don’t know if she still works there or not. Her mom worked there too. I used to have a video of her giving my buddy a blowjob, wish I would have saved it. The dental hygienist works here in Yankton, she is married so I am a little reluctant to give her name. She’s sexy and nice and would hate to cause problems in her marriage. I had another buddy that used to fool around with Cedar before she had a baby. Acspaming to him she was a master at giving head. I don’t know if they fucked, but she gave him plenty of head. Would love to hear more stories about her; as well as Holly and Abby who were friends and had reputations of being easy
>>945 There was a rumor that Abby was double teamed by two Yankton hockey players at an after game party. I know she went out with one of them
Yes, she was double teamed, sucked both of us off and took another load in her.
>>948 Are you being serious? I feel like you are not being serious
>>911 Dont let this thread die! There is plenty of Yankton wins out there, keep this at the number one spot!
Not that I disagree with the wins in this thread, but what are we winning by being in the #1 spot? Lol
>>973 Would love to see Holly pics too. She was on a Sugar daddy site, she used a different name, but it was def her. All clothed pics though.
>>974 Others that should be represented here are Kristina, the red head that works at a pizza place downtown, i thought there were several wins of her. Also the girl that pissed in the sink at her work and video taped it. The Yankton girl that used to have her own pornhub channel. The hot milf that hangs out at Bens several nights a week with her husband that apparently look for other couples to swap with, there used to be pics of her all over Reddit that were taken down? These exist, does anyone remember them or have them?
Does anyone remember their reddit name?
>>978 No idea on what their reddit name was; only they had quite a few photos of her in various subreddits looking for couples or singles to meet; someone recognized her in Yankton and their account was deleted. I see them at Bens quite a bit during happy hour and Black Orchid too. The husband is very average looking compared to how good looking she is. I never thought to save the pictures at the time, I just thought they would always be there since they were open enough to put them online? There were some videos too.
How about either of the Kozak sisters? I'd love to see Kendall.
>>1042 Don't know Kozak sisters. How about more Cedar?
Instead of asking for some shit, share some shit. Damn
>>1045 Ive shared two in this thread, now just asking for more people to share. Damn.
>>1042 My dick would explode for Kendal.
Any wins on this Yankton slut?
Would pay for nova (k) photos
>>1062 Which one? There is a redhead, the one that pissed in the sink at her work and filmed it, and a sister too
Still holding out for wins of Holly Bouza
>>1147 They are out there.
I'm sure. Just guessing that nobody here has them. All the Yankton wins must have been posted by now.
Holly was super hot in HS
(1.33 MB 1080x2160 Screenshot_20220107-161500.png)
Any of this whore?
>>1275 Anyone have any good stories about her? I know she gave one of my friends a blowjob in highschool in his car. She had a slutty friend named Abbie too.
>>1282 Who is this? Love her tits
>>1274 There should be plenty more Yankton wins. There were some on another Yankton thread with some girls hockey players that has been buried along with several others
There are a lot of Yankton MILFs that should be on here too
Any of Katie Nelson?? I think she's married now. Tight little slut!
>>1290 Anyone else have any stories to share if we can't get pics?
Dude Katelyn is so fucking hot. Wish there was any leaks but I doubt it
>>1316 Katelyn who?
Bump Any Laci N
>>911 If there is this picture of Cedar, there surely is more. My friend fooled around with her after Riverboat Days one night
>>1366 >>1282 Who is this girl? She looks so familiar!
Any wins on Vanessa N from Tyndall?
Anymore Yankton Wins?
I think I've seen some in the past on the old site. Shame that there isn't an archive of some sort. P@yt0n T3rc@ was one of them.
>>1487 I saved the terca but it’s on an old HDD. If someone posted something decent I would be motivated to find it.
Have anything more than p@yton
Yeah... just gonna go ahead and bump this again.
>>1563 How about more Cedar ?
(394.97 KB 1052x1828 20220307_132637.jpg)
Here's a win, now can we get back to posting wins instead of just asking. I bet most would find what they were looking for that way
(37.97 KB 562x1000 Caps (2).jpeg)
Never thought I'd see the day when I got to see Ivy's gorgeous tits. Would love to see more of her. Maybe a full frontal or her getting herself off, if it exists. Here is some C@ll1ie M as a motivator.
...or I'd also love to see some wins of H0llie B0uz@.
>>1709 They are out there somewhere. She used to suck my friends dick in his car, there is a video or pics somewhere.
>>1708 Who is she? Yankton? Not familiar with her.
>>1783 There are a few more of her out there that used to be on here. She was a hockey player and I think most of the girls team had pics and videos at one time if anyone saved them.
(3.19 MB 4032x3024 20201205_085102.jpg)
(4.23 MB 4032x3024 20201205_085105.jpg)
More cedar
>>1803 WOW! This is AMAZING Cedar has always been so fucking hot! Do you have any good stories? Any blowjob or fucking pics?
Instead of asking for some, share some . Damn
>>1810 I actually already have. No one else is posting
Let's keep the thread going
I got a whole bunch of Cedar to dump and more but I'm waiting to see who is holding out
Cedar is alright but I don’t know her. So it’s kind of like who cares? Who else do you have?
>>1863 >>1863 Cedar is fucking hot and more of a girl next door rather than trashy like a lot of Yankton chicks. Plus,Shes fun to hang around. Would LOVE to see what more there is!
(545.47 KB 3280x2460 YanktonHockeyMom.jpg)
>>1862 I've shared plenty. Here's one more; a hockey and soccer mom. If you spend time at the hockey rink, it wont take long to figure out who this it
I have also posted a bunch, just keep posting. And who’s the hockey mom?
H@rper, H0llie B, M3gan M1llage, 1vy fully naked, N@talie S3vers0n, the K0z@k sisters, Er1c@ Eich0ff, @shton or Ky1ie R0bins0n?? I think the problem we are all running into here is that a post of someone we don’t know really isn’t worth shit. The only way to solve that is to just dump what we have and share. But I get that thats kind of hard if you’re the first or not sure if anyone else will share. I have a dump of T1ff@ny Lem0n if anyone is interested and willing to post some of the above.
(104.92 KB 486x861 Caps (1).jpeg)
Another C@ll1ie M. Would love to see some that I listed just above.
>>1877 @shton or Ky1ie R0bins0n, H0llie B and more Cedar These are the 4 that everyone claims to have but doesnt post. I think just me and one other person, maybe 2 are doing all the posting.
No WAY anyone has any of the R0bins0n sisters. That would be some real win.
>>1882 H0llie B and more Cedar YES PLEASE.
>>1889 Wow! You delivered
See though? Again, I have no idea who Cedar is and she really isn’t that great. So it’s useless. So I’m glad this guy “came through” for some lurker but really it’s nothing.
>>1903 Not a lurker; I contribute and it looks like only 2 or 3 of us are doing so. I think Cedar is beautiful and she gave a friend of mine a blowjob years ago, so this is awesome seeing her body. If you have some, show them instead of complaining.
Oh. Fucking weird. The second I stopped posting, people stopped sharing. Hmmmm. Guess my complaining wasn’t all for nothing. ...again, if you have any of the girls listed above, or know that win exists at least... let’s hear about it. I like stories as much as pics niggs.
>>1973 I posted all I had too which is more than most people. Would love a good story too. The only one I know is that she gave a friend a blowjob after Riverboat days in his car and that she was apparently really good at it.
Any wins out there?!
Holy fuck I’d chop my dick off to see M@ggi3 B.
Any Yankton Only Fans? Ive found only 2 from this thread alone, there should be more. We need more MILF wins too! Ive posted everything I had with not a lot of return
Who’s that?
>>1783 Nice, someone I actually know for once
>>716 Saw her at a bar this week. Any more?
Chl*3 saw some on old trend
Who’s this?
Chlœ from Irene
>>716 >>716 Anyone know k@tie?