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Kittanning 10/21/2021 (Thu) 19:51:16 No. 4983
Anyone got from the Kittanning area I will share if you have some
Jaedyn c and gabby o if you post something
(220.32 KB 1112x2208 2021-09-09 14.55.17.jpeg)
(438.72 KB 1102x2080 2021-09-09 14.53.05.jpeg)
(369.41 KB 1102x2080 2021-09-09 14.52.56.jpeg)
(67.25 KB 722x1280 Snapchat-513283125.jpg)
Catie s
Gabby o
The guy who shared [email protected] L your the GOAT for real..
Some more Megan
Shelby K, anyone got Destyni D ewitt
Shelby K. Any Destyni D ewitt
(119.01 KB 1016x2206 Snapchat-1305238155.jpg)
Josie l
Megan is sexy as fuck!
Jaedyn c
(118.86 KB 1101x2079 Snapchat-823684639.jpg)
Morgan l
(261.68 KB 1102x2080 2021-09-09 14.52.14.jpeg)
(257.18 KB 1112x2208 2021-09-09 14.57.33_4.jpeg)
(308.13 KB 1112x2208 2021-09-09 14.57.33_2.jpeg)
B Destyni D
(89.53 KB 900x1948 Snapchat-1926016850.jpg)
Anna t
Lucky mfker getting those [email protected] pics damn
More jaedyn c
Emily f
Yo you are the king with all the Megan you dropping damn!
Any Maddie w she has an Of
Hey y'all, I'm the Op of the Megan stuff. This girl is from a bit of a different area in Freeport. If anyone has anything please share
Maddie w?
Whats her of
She from Kittanning?
Aurora s
You know if she posts nudes on her of
Yes she does
I'll post some of her if you have stuff to post
Got some from Apollo
Idk anyone from apollo
Who are you looking for
Girls from Kittanning
Just as proof that I bought it
Who's that?
Anyone have anything from mars? Will drop more Megan for it lol
Got a lot of Kittanning
Anyone got a list of what they got
More Jaedyn c let’s see maddy w
Last name?
Another maddie
Anyone still around
Anyone have kara fisher? Or hannah Kovach? Or any ws girls?
(9.78 KB 483x644 received_304789430888106.jpeg)
Anymore Megan L wins gonna be dropped?
Anyone got highlands girls?
(777.25 KB 3024x4032 received_1345625702273022.jpeg)
Trin loud
Any Selena (m)c C laf ferty
Selena got nice big tits
Someone drop more WS girls and I'll drop Lexie Burford
Anyone have Nikole F!cke$
>>5393 I don’t have ws but I have highlands, will you drop Lexie
What WS girls do you have before I post any of mine?
Someone post Lexie b now
>>5393 Come on we wanna see Lexie b
>>5412 Let’s see the highlands girls
>>5458 You got Lexie b? I’ll post highlands if you got Lexie b
(357.35 KB 1440x2960 20210523_095048.jpg)
Bailey S.? For no other reason than them big ass titties.
Any WS girls for Lex!e
Bump for Selena and niki
>>5494 What is ws?
West shamokn
Will post full video for Selena m
She have an OF?
>>5520 Come on just post the wins, I don’t know if anyone has Selena M
Someone just drop Selena so we can see more Lexie
Any wins on her? She’s from valley
Also will post the vid for Julie h, allix m, Olivia f, laken p, or larassia k
>>5525 Anyone have any of those so we can keep this going??
>>5525 What are the full last names?
>>5520 Post the wins come on
Anymore Megan L wins?
Larissa K
Video of o Fusaro?
Kenzie litvak? Will dump everything I have of Megan lentz if someone can send me some wins of her
What else do you have of Megan
More pics and a few vids too
You have something of Kenzie?
No but I was just curious. What kind of videos
Does Megan L have an OF or something? She’s bad af
>>5566 I will post Megan l for Lexie b and Shawna c
Where the Lexie b vid at
>>5545 This Larissa kammerdiener? Have any more?
Still waiting for Lexie b
This happens every time and noone ever post the WS girls or lexie. Just post what you got for all to enjoy.
(305.63 KB 1279x2353 lex!OF.jpg)
Will post more once more WS gets posted
We need more Lexie b
Wanna see that Lexie b ass
More jaedyn c ?
bump for vid of lexie
>>5627 Post the ws wins so we can see lexie b
>>5627 Give us some names you want and we can try to find them
What’s Megan l insta
>>5627 Come on just post the rest of the wins, no one has ws
I know someone here has Kenzie litvak. I have more ML to share in return
There's a olivao f_sar0 vid?
>>5101 As in Iseman? Got anymore if so?
>>5490 Posted Lexie B let’s see the highlands you got
Here’s Ashley h now post more Lexie b
>>5761 These are from a different thread…… nothing new?
Here Carly b from highlands
>>5545 Still hoping for more of larassia? Anyone have any
>>5765 Post Lexie b
Bump for Cassie [email protected]
>>5784 were Cassie's wins ever posted or are you just hoping someone has them?
Looking for Alyssa (A)damovit(s) She went to highlands
Who had Jess!ca L!as. She use to send all the time.
Alexis E for Destyni De witt. She has pics out there.
>>5752 You gonna post the Lexie b wins?
bumping for highlands/st joseph wins
Some west shamokin h0es, Always wanted to see K3nn3dy [email protected] fat ass
Bump for highlands
Anyone got from Kittanning
(68.71 KB 900x1680 Snapchat-654864165.jpg)
Mallory b
What is her of? Someone posted a pic from it and I’m tryna see it. She’s from Kittanning btw. Anyone know anyone else who has of from the area?
Larissa doesn't have an of anymore
Will post Chelsea E for Savaana F
>>6546 Anyone have any more of Larissa k?
Catie. Anyone have kittanning girls from class of ‘18 ‘19 or ‘20?
(115.32 KB 1104x2208 Snapchat-39717583.jpg)
(140.31 KB 1242x2208 Snapchat-1725485093.jpg)
(135.67 KB 1242x2208 Snapchat-429842199.jpg)
(115.93 KB 1242x2208 Snapchat-1056536727.jpg)
(142.79 KB 1242x2208 Snapchat-980041582.jpg)
(111.74 KB 1242x2208 Snapchat-1799028223.jpg)
Lexi n 2019 I believe
Looking for Abby B from new ken, she’s been around everywhere
Let’s keep this rolling yall
Last name?
(118.86 KB 1101x2079 Snapchat-823684639.jpg)
(219.39 KB 1101x2079 Snapchat-1868210936.jpg)
(162.91 KB 2079x1101 Snapchat-816796913.jpg)
Morgan l
>>6908 Same last name as Elvis
Let's keep this going
>>6909 What is her last name?
Still hoping someone has more Larissa k
Morgan l ong
Kay tay
Looking for any girls around this area
(162.85 KB 1080x1920 Snapchat-1452120387.jpg)
(129.01 KB 1080x1920 Snapchat-210973483.jpg)
(51.52 KB 750x1334 Snapchat-350701451.jpg)
I believe this is kay tay
Any Emily S?
>>7294 Scocci?
Don't know her
>>7312 Bump
Who does everyone have
>>7380 I got Celest p(hi)llip(s)
Add my name on you know what
Need more of kay tay
Someone has to have her
Who is that
Kass g00d
Bump for kassidi
Anymore Megan L wins?
People should post more and not request
I got a bunch of celest p(hill)ips, will post for more Lexie b
Bump for Emily [email protected]
(37.93 KB 640x854 1562774757902-02.jpeg)
j w((d)))e WS
Whos that?^
Any WS class of 2018/2019?
You scam people daily that’s about it ^^^
Evelyn M anyone?
>>7654 jane ws 2010
Still hoping someone has more Larissa k.
Anyone have H Tr0utman?
any Jenny J?
(1.80 MB 1236x2582 Screenshot_20211127-172541~2.png)
>>8713 What's that OF url?
>>5142 Is there a mega with all her pics?
>>8713 Got anymore Lexie B? Would love to see more of her
I'll drop all Lexie B for any WS girls
I’ll drop a bunch 20+ of Catie C from WS for Lexie B
>>8947 What is ws
Ws is west Shamokin Please post catie c
Gotta hear from the guy with Lexie then I’ll post for y’all
Does catie have of?
>>8947 I got kianna b, Anna t and Nikki f from ws for Lexie b
Any Lexi G. From west shamokin?
Catie used to then quit
>>8713 Just post the Lexie
Any savannah f from Freeport
Any Armstrong girls?
What’s her OF
>>9249 Bigtiddylexx but she deleted it
bump bump
any 2010-2015 wins?
Would love for that guy with all the Lexie would drop or respond
Post nikki f and I'll post lexie
It i had Nikki F i would gladly post for everyone, I do have Catie c that’s all i have from WS sadly
Nikki fox?
>>9626 Here’s Nikki F now post Lexie B
Is this marrissa m?
Since we probs aren’t getting Lexie i can drop my Catie c stuff i have if y’all want. All i ask if y’all aren’t greedy and drop off you have any class of 18, 19, or 20
I want catie. I'll post what I can
Alright i have 4 drops worth of her so I’ll spread out the drops to see what y’all got in store for return
Make that like 7 drops since it only lets me post a few pics at a time
I got Maddie S if anyone has Destyni d ewitt. 4 or 5 pics.
Who's Maddie s?
Maddie stew art
(27.15 KB 827x584 Snapchat-1569229251.jpg)
Here's a pic of alexis e
Nah, looking for Destyni for the Maddie
I know that I'm just sharing to the group instead of requesting
Anyone have Ariel M from Ford city?
(75.28 KB 169x255 1634469329563.png)
Frailey s
>>9599 This guy don’t got Lexie b of course
No one has her apparently😂
Any more of Maddie w?
(207.56 KB 1440x988 Snapchat-1997333855.jpg)
Maddie w
Summer y
>>8713 Drop more Lexie b, we dropped Nikki f
Kianna B?
Again, if someone posts any of Destyni Dewitt that’s not the repeated booty pic, I’ll post Maddie Stewart
(27.14 KB 443x960 1624405033703-1.jpg)
(13.69 KB 443x960 1624405033703-0.jpg)
(26.33 KB 443x960 1624405033703-2.jpg)
Kiana b
(381.21 KB 1440x1072 20200809_145409.jpg)
Aurora s
Becca B?
Who's Becca b?
last name is the capital of massachusetts.
Add my name on you know what
Anyone have her?