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(34.40 KB 688x1280 received_947604549077082.jpeg)
Anonymous 01/12/2022 (Wed) 19:05:01 No. 962
Amber B got into an argument with her bf and he sent this to me. So now I'm exposing her swollen pregnant tits
If Amber B. & her marvelous milkers are in Southern Oregon then I'd love to get in on that action! Seriously. Milking my wife directly into my coffee cup each morning has been a life-long dream of mine, but my wife left me before I could fill her titties with milk, so now I'm on a quest for pre-impregnated milky titties that need to be (or would not object to being) sucked on by a clean & non-threatening adult stranger.
These got uploaded on a previous thread of her. https://porneeo.com/videos/595/amber-b-fucks-around-while-drunk/ https://porneeo.com/videos/724/amber-b-on-top/ Please post anything else you have. She deserves to be shared.
(59.03 KB 379x506 KIMG02021.jpg)
I wish I would have known how often she cheats and how slutty she was when I knew her, I would have 100% taken advantage of her tight body and smooth pussy
>>965 Bruh she is such a fucking whore I bet you can just hit her up with some cash and she'll let you. I wish someone here fucked her cuz I'd love to hear some stories
(53.32 KB 576x1024 16437198-7v9khaut.jpg)
(63.78 KB 576x1024 16437199-hcppsu67.jpg)
Her tits are amazing, but she loves to show them off. Show me something new, like her sucking or getting a facial.
Where's she from? I want to meet this chick.
McMinnville. I see her pop up on these boards from time to time. Apparently she has quite the collection of win, but it only ever comes in bits and pieces. Would love to see more of her.
Bump for more of these beautiful tits. Especially if she's into tit fucking.
What social media is she on? I want to see if I can Cashapp her and fuck
>>1086 Amber Breedlove on fb. Keep us updated!
This is Amber and I'm not a cheater my ex just like to watch me get fucked by a other people.
If even the ex liked to watch, we certainly can't be blamed for wanting to see.
>>1118 You're sexy as fuck.
>>1090 Can't find her
Bump. If that was her, maybe she'd be willing to post a few pics for fun. Bet the bf would love to know that a bunch of anons were ogling his girl.
>>1199 Yeah she is that rare breed that seems like she is a whore but refuses to make money from it. An OF would be cool especially if her nf didn't know
Smooth all the way down.
She ever do any girl on girl stuff?
(113.06 KB 900x1600 2015-07-12_23.07.16.jpg)
She did for sure but this is all I got
Anybody got more videos to share? Looks like she enjoys riding, but I'd love to see her get bent over, or facefucked.
He is 100% a scammer. Took my money! Big facts
(23.76 MB 20160703_192320.mp4)
Well, I tried to share a vid, but streaming isn't working, and porneeo won't let me upload anything.
>>1446 It works. Just go to a n u s i b(dot)com... same site but videos play here
Bump. So many rumors I've heard, there's got to be more vids.
Bump. Someone has to have more of her.
I remember one chat where the dude told me he had seen a vid of her, her ex, and her mom. I don't suppose anyone could confirm or has the vid?
I got a video of her fucking herself until she cums but the file limit is to big and porneeo won't let me upload. Any ideas?
I saw someone link to amateur8. Is uploading there an option? Haven't visited that one, so I don't know. Maybe anonfiles?
>>1775 https://anonfiles(dot com)/jax5K2Ydx2/WIN_20140818_000141_wmv Good call on that. Lemme know if it works
(67.04 KB 2048x1152 -received_1514772565209710.jpeg)
(67.05 KB 2048x1152 -received_1514772411876392.jpeg)
Smooth and tasty looking🥵
Shes not showing up on FB. Anyone have a link to her IG?
>>967 >>1425 >>1788 Beautiful. Would love to see her throated, or get double-teamed. Please, keep them coming. >>1700 If this is real, someone should stop hoarding.
Bump for stories, if nobody is sharing pics/vids. Those would be better, though.
(4.88 MB MOVIE.mp4)
Someone has to have the videos used in this. I especially want to see the threesome ones.
Bump this slut. Would love those threesome vids.
(695.83 KB 1440x2560 IMG_20160515_220613_01.png)
(500.32 KB 1440x2560 IMG_20160515_121927_01.jpg)
(683.33 KB 1440x2560 IMG_20160516_090804_01.png)
This is what I have. Does anyone have more texts or the rest of these pics full size
(402.37 KB 2560x1440 IMG_20160508_212342_01.jpg)
(617.63 KB 2560x1440 IMG_20160515_072020_01.jpg)
Yeah, who wouldn't want to hang out, especially with an offer like that. Definitely hope more of this chat comes out.
Not nude, but still nice. Hoping someone has more vids.
>>2156 Does anyone have her social or Instagram?
Bump. Hoping for the right anons to decide to drop some more vids.
(123.64 KB 1280x720 WIN_20140816_233700.JPG)
(39.32 KB 639x360 output1.jpg)
Wish I had vids of this, but maybe somebody can help with that.
I pulled this from her old fetlife. She hasn't been active for years though sadly. My first experience being a cum slut was when him, his friends and I went to a private section of a river in Oregon. Everything was going well, we were swimming and having fun jumping off cliffs. As time went on, beers got drank and the boys found themselves pantsing each other. They decided the beer made them brave enough to keep their clothes off and I got full view of 5 huge cocks and their amazing bodies. As much as I tried averting my eyes, they wandered much more than I cared to admit I was soaked, partly because of the river, but also my pussy ached everytime I saw a cock emerge out of the water and drip. Eventually I was dared to join them, I was hesitant at first. But the beer and not wanting to back away from a dare quickly convinced me to strip. With all 6 of us naked and drunk, we had fun! Jumping off rocks naked, wrestling in the water and my husband occasionally checking to see how wet my pussy was with his fingers. As time went on I was aching more and more. My nipples hard, my clit swollen and my mind hazy. It was cold but I wanted to see how big his friends cocks could grow! I started innocently brushing against them, bending over while on the shore, touching myself and playfully grabbing their cocks. That was my favorite part. I could feel some twitch and bulge against my warm hand, their lip bites were such a turn on! At this point there was no hiding that their cocks were rock hard. And I was was ready to do anything they ordered me to. Cum check later for part 2🥰
Shit, that's what we need pics and vids of. Her taking turns with six cocks.
What's her fet?
Posting the two pics from the McMinnville thread so all her stuff is in one place.
On one of the old threads, someone claimed to have seen proof of her and her mom in a threesome together. Hoping that vid/pics manage so show up one of these days.
>>2467 If some one could post that or send it to Me, I’ll post the 100s of pics and videos I have of her and both her sisters. Or even just any nude of her mom
>>2390 We ever gonna get a part 2 to that story? Couldn't find a Fet for her, so maybe it's deleted? >>2476 Please just share what you have. Would love to see her get a facial or pie.
So naturally as the day progressed, we got more horny, and more drunk. At this point, his friends were grabbing my bare ass and playing with my exposed tits. Eventually my bladder got full, and I needed to find somewhere private. I got out of the water, announced my intentions and started walking away. That's when the boys decided to get out and see who can piss the furthest. Well I had to stay and watch that of course! My clit swelled and my bladder bulged but I found myself wetter and wetter watching their cocks piss. It looked so warm and inviting! The moment was over far to quickly and his friend suggested I piss there as well. Only fair seeing as how I watched, so should they. Without a protest I squatted on the rocks and let loose a flood of pee all over the ground! What can I say, I was hydrated. I looked up and saw for the first time, 5 fully grown dicks. As rock hard as can be! No chubs! 2 of his friends were slightly rubbing themselves and the other 2 were staring in absolute awe of my pussy still slightly dripping urine. My husband left us to go grab beer from the car, leaving me exposed and dripping in front of his rock hard friends.
That was part 2 of the story. I think she deleted fetlife but I'm using the way back machine lol Also I'm trying to upload some of her and her sister but it's not letting me unfortunately
>>2517 If it won't upload here or porneeo, someone used anonfiles, too. Is that her and her sister separately, or her and her sister together?
>>2520 I'll try that. And it's separately. I used to fuck around with Kiera so I got a few of her.
Haven't seen any other stories from her perspective. Everything I've heard is rumor, sadly. Like fucking in her highschool locker room, or alongside the highway, or even just getting dirty at houseparties. Seeing those dog tags, I wonder how many barracks stories she'd have.
Y'all haven't forgot about her, have you? There's gotta be more to share.
Bumping for more vids or stories. Would love to see her get creamed.
Bump for goodness and win
Dead thread? There's gotta be someone with more on her.
>>2390 >>2516 Love the story. Pity there isn't more. I'd love to see her in that situation, surrounded by cocks outdoors. Would be great if her hubby decided to film when he got back.
(128.32 KB 1280x720 WIN_20140825_231835.JPG)
(127.53 KB 1280x720 WIN_20140816_040842.JPG)
(127.76 KB 1280x720 WIN_20140816_040916.JPG)
(20.40 MB Rodeo.MP4)
I'd like to encourage others to share more video of her. I'd also love to encourage her to be tied to the coffee table as a freeuse toy for a house party, but that's just my fantasy.
>>3070 I've been to a few parties her and her ex threw, you're honestly not far off. Night always ended with her bringing one of his or her friends back for a 3some>>3070
(43.87 KB 270x480 694224615885701813.00_UG.jpg)
(35.18 KB 288x512 8593870351121456089.01_UG.jpg)
Definitely life of the party for sure. Party slut
>>3070 >>3077 Fuck, that's nice. She sounds adorable when she's getting fucked hard. >>3076 3some in the back room is different than getting railed in front of everyone in the living room, but I'd like to see either one tbh. Got any video of her getting double teamed?
She just recently had a FORBIDDEN, yeah? Anybody got anything from when she was pregnant?
>>3246 The OP pic with her swollen tits were when she was pregnant I believe
Still looking for any bj vids with her. Spitroast would be nice, too. Looks like there some of that shown briefly here, so there's got to be longer clips.
(20.34 MB 20160703_192418.mp4)
I just got this super short clip but it's kinda both what you're asking for
(374.37 KB 20160703_192418_1.mp4)
This was my favorite part of the clip. Her face gets me diamonds every time
God that’s so hot I need some more of her so bad
This needs to go in the history books gawt damn!
Whores last name?
>>3505 mir 0YYYONSL mir M7PJBE4S mir 0AYU2VMM mir 02R9VRRY mir 8WQWSITR aLclSb62LMLxLLsV6NlZhpM5wkDHgElWiLZdGOH4
>>3506 Ok, I'm gonna need some help on this one... what?
>>3506 Wtf is that? >>3505 Breedlove
(65.31 KB 450x600 2015-06-22_21.39.061.jpg)
Her 18 year old pussy throw back
Got a picture of her in her army uniform? Non nude