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Dayzie videos Anon 09/22/2022 (Thu) 20:00:09 No. 8255
Where is the Dayzie videos? Someone please hook it up
Bump for the vids
Has anyone in here fucked her yet? I’d enjoy seeing her bj and fuck vids.
Bump for the vid of her getting railed
Dayside is boring. And to be honest she’s kinda a bitch IRL.
Bamp for the fuck vid
Bump to fuck with the white knights
Post them before everything gets flushed
Bump to keep Dayzie on the board, sexiest slut in Tulsa
While I like the flush tactic I think I'd rather bump to annoy them
Bump to see her deepthroating
Damn they already cleared her off the page... Can't let that happen til we see her getting fucked.
>>8505 Nice tat
I dropped the first bj video. Do the same or fuck off.
Yup we're here to shame and embarrass sluts, bro. Teamwork makes the dreamwork... Or in this case slut mad.
There it is. Post the videos those screen caps came from. None of that is on her OF, she’s done some porn casting.
Fight the flush
Bump for the fuck vid