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(90.27 KB 718x1280 1614651534901-0.jpg)
Marissa R. 07/11/2021 (Sun) 07:59:34 No. 50
If you got any that haven't been posted, I still got some that I never put up...
Nice bait. Nt
Nice try. Nt
Beef curtains the size of mudflaps. Soo many been on that pussy raw, it ain't even pink no more! What a damn shame! Sweetheart gone drunk meth head white trash biker bitch cocksuckin whore
Coked up at the roach motel on 23 cheating on one of her bfs. This go gotta mouth like a hoover and fuckin that ass feels better than fuckin that pussy raw!
I accidentally posted 3 pics of her by itself outside of this thread. Sry
This is too much. We were talking a and she got frustrated trying to figure who was commenting and all I could think was, "damn, how many guys have you let fuck that ass raw?" Lmfao jerseys sperm receipticle
Potentially made up stories here
>>129 They are all made up. This same guy always has a bunch of stories to tell and claims he has videos of him and his friend and her, and all sorts of other bullshit. It's all fake af.
>>130 a friend just told me about this thread, that I was being brought up. I didn't start this thread and haven't commented till now. Do yourself a favor, and her, and stop mentioning me or I WILL post shit I haven't! I loved this girl with every bit of my heart but I refused to force myself on her like she wanted, like she's used too. I'm fucked up beyond belief because of how she's changed into who she is but I'm done trying to get her back or make shit worse but keep bringing me up and I WILL finish what I started. Quit being a white knight and just be happy she's still sucking your dick bro
>>135 You don't have shit, retard. Just made up stories for this dumb slut. Post content or go back to writing your shit fanfic (but not here, because none of us care to hear it).
You an ignorant fuck, or that ghetto noodle she sucking on for Roxies. Either way, nothing here is made up. You just don't know. Again, just be happy you're still getting swallowed and keep your mouth shut. You don't wanna meet me
>>138 You talk tough for a tiny-cock bitch on an image board. She laughs at you more than I do (and I've laughed a whole lot). Sad life, FORBIDDEN, now run along and find someone else to pine over.
This entire thread has been THE CRINGIEST shit I've ever seen on the internet
Sooo is this chick still sucking "friends" dicks for pills? Cuz im game. I've helped many of needy girls and used them accordingly. Complete with tears.
>>147 More stories and no proof. Sound like you are the one that sucks dick for pills.
(97.94 KB 719x1280 123_1.jpeg)
Sry to burst your bubbles but she just sucking and fuckin that 1 got fo free now. She moved on to rock and dope. She back in jersey now so she's suckin on a few of the same dudes for shit. Ie her boss, drug dealers, ex's, guys who were on the side... And I almost forgot to mention her bfs lmao
Bump da bitch!