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913 LV Anon 08/17/2022 (Wed) 20:32:24 No. 3827
Ill drop what I have of l-x- b. if I get wins for a Abbie bi@lek or br@elynn Jergensen. Let’s keep this one going! And Jill’s OF is strawberryvvxx
Have any lv 2012-2015
>>3827 How many pics/vids you got of her?
>>3862 I’m guessing it is the same 3 pics that have been around
No need to be a dick - just hope the man reconsiders and puts up the wins.
Lexi is pretty damn sexy
Pleas post some Lexi!
Send message on inst@. I’ll share all from Bre O. Kr1sta K.-(V1d30) And j3nn R. For what you have of of L3Xi B.
Anon913 - who else you got from the 913 area? Spring Hill, Gardner, Lenexa. Spring Hill for sure, shoot a list and I’ll hyu
All I have is what has been floating on some these threads of Lexi
>>4009 So just the three pics that have been put up the past year?
>>4010 I think that’s all that is out there, just three pics and they don’t show much
Bump this for any more of L3xi
>>4009 Only three pics of Lexi exist? She is a wild one, I am guessing g there are more wins than three..
>>4009 Can anyone post them?
I have never seen any wins from L3x B!?!? Holy shit can someone please post everything from her!!!!
If a new win of L3Xi B. Gets put up, I will share the vid of Kr1st@ K. Flashing her t!ts && if it’s L3Xi pussy I post two (2) vids of K.K.
Ya!! Somebody make this happen
>>4149 So everyone knows I am legit here is a sample from the vid
Bump because this needs to happen
>>4159 I want to see Kr1st@ K. So please blow the up with L3Xi
Bump for Krista. What is shitty though is if more Lexi wins don’t exist 😂😂
That would be some shit I wanna see kr1st@ bad
Bump. Come one L3Xi wins!!
>>4149 Well fuck. I guess this is a no-go for the Kr1st@ K. Videos
These are pics she has sent me after her divorce. Hasn’t sent anything after getting together with her new man
Appreciate the LB wins! You came in clutch sir! Would love to see more but I won’t press ya too much
>>4262 Who has more wins? And where is the Kr1sta vid??
>>4261 Post the Kr1sta vid?
K@te Burr!s?
>>4261 Bump for L3Xi wins
Emma the blonde rave girl?
Jodi S is single now. Maybe we can get some wins
I’ve been waiting to see some of her. The wins gotta be out there!
Any wins of C0urtney G? from PV/op
Dude trying to say Lexi sent him those pictures after her divorce but all he did was get them off the boards lol. More wins of her exist but no one has seen them because I haven’t posted them. If dude *actually* got pics from Lexi, he’d have more…but he doesn’t. How fucking sad that you have to lie about receiving nudes. Admit you’re a fucking liar every time you post her pictures and MAYBE I’ll post a never before seen one. Until then, you can SMD trying to steal my wins
>>5899 Okay bro, you caught me. Totally lied cuz I am hoping for more wins from her. I wanted to keep the conversation going and see more wins. I got desperate to see more of what you got from her.
>>5899 If I can just get one more win, full frontal showing her pussy swear to god I’ll never bring her up again.
That's a lie lmao any time she gets posted the board gets 30 posts asking for more. Don't make promises ya can't keep my guy
>>5944 I don’t see the where the challenge is there? I get the win - I drop the subject, you come out a hero and we all move on. Unless there is something you are looking for as well?
>>5944 If there’s that many requests and u got more wins why not put them up we are all here for the same thing
>>5954 The challenge is greed. Everyone wants the wins they don’t have, but will never share wins of their own. It’s the human condition. Everyone will brag of what they have, but deem everyone else unworthy to see them too. Long story short, don’t hold you breath cuz our guy ain’t about to put up more wins. He enjoys the power he has in this situation too much.
>>5991 Since dude wants hoard wins, and brag about being the only one she sent pics to, I will just - her, show her the pics and find out who he is.
>>6042 As a bystander, that's a fucked thing to do cause it will nuke the whole board and then no one wins. You still don't see this girl and now there's no board to post on due to switching. Is it worth it?
>>6043 A lesson in humility for the dude who taunts the boards with wins. We will see if he can swallow his pride and put up more wins he claims he has, or wants to be outed with her.
>>6050 I have not changed my mind. It’s 19.01.23 @ 9a. I want wins today or I will go through with it. If only to put a stop to hoarders who brag on wins then hold out on everyone.
>>6094 What the fuck is that supposed to be? I’ll ask if it’s her when I talk to her
>>6094 That ain’t going to stop me from talking. Put up some real wins for that to happen and do it soon
Only other one that existed. It was never posted because well…look at it, it’s shitty 🤷🏻‍♂️. You asked and one was posted, now you change your terms? Can’t just randomly create wins
>>6109 All that shit talking about her only sending shit to u, made it seem like you had dozens of wins. And the last thing you post is a blurry shit pic of a pic off someone’s phone. Am I stupid enough to believe that’s your “collection” and you want me to go away, or are you that much of a bitch to brag and have nothing more to show. Looks to me like there’s a video of her fingering herself that needs tracked down
BM at its finest. Bout to bully a person into giving shit by threatening to talk to the person you wanna see naked about them having naked pics. What if he turns it around and tells her that he's being BM'ed?
>>6111 Well no shit, captain obvious cracked the code. And what if he did that? Well stupid, then she would still know that he shared the wins on a public forum and have to face that backlash from her. Smart.
S-oo…can we get the Krista stuff? Hoarding is absolutely pointless
Anything on J0ani Ung3r?
Drop the @bbie and bra@lynn wins pls. Been looking for pics of them fir awhile!
anyone have a girl name @dri@? lives in shawnee is from atchison
(133.72 KB 1440x1800 download.jpg)
any @sh
Need @shlyn wins for sure
I have jacked off to the pics of L3Xi b. Every day for the past year. Is there anyone who tracked down the original video of the blurry screenshot?
Any more ch3y@nne or @sh1yn wins?
Can yall post the @bbie bi@lek & br@elynn Jergens3n wins pls
Any new Darian W
Any Suz@nne H1nton?
Where's the br@elynn and @bbie wins that this thread talks of?? I csnt find them anywhere.
Al3x Shr@nk3l??
@bb1e or br@elynn wins?
Will - @shlyn for Ch3y3nn3
(668.17 KB 1280x853 0545129165.jpg)
clby lew15
Bump for g@rdn3r sisters
Bump for br@e and @bb1e
(135.35 KB 748x1472 IMG_9730.jpeg)
dalia t lv 913