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Tri$ha r.y.d.e.r Anonymous 04/29/2022 (Fri) 03:09:49 No. 2576
From Seneca, always posting thirst traps on insta and others
Bump ...I'm sure if anyone paid her any attention they probably got nudes.
Bump....every pic on her socials has her tits halfway out.
Bump…… I would pay good money to see them tits
Wish I could show them to ya bud but I’m lazy lol
You have some? Or just bs?
You’re right, probably bs lol
You are the king. Please share more
Solid work my man! Damn worth seeing, but not gonna resort to begging. Lol
I have that Celeste girl from vintage i.m.a.g.e. If I share those can we get more t.r.I.c.I.a
I suppose
Let’s get this going.
I have more Celeste. Just waiting on t.r.
Have some of D*el0r@ T from sabetha if anyone has anything good to -
(103.30 KB 1080x810 IMG_20190724_142934_242.jpg)
Posting in hopes homie will turn loose of the T.R. pics.
Shannon H to summon the god back?
I’m guessing the king/ god doesn’t have any wins. He just used those censored pics to get us to share.
No I do lol. I’d probs drop a good handful for Shannon h@rk1ns. Here’s a little nip for the mean time
Forgot to attach, here y’all go
This is the best thread on here. Need to get more sabetha Seneca girls out here too. I will have to dig out some old cell phones to see what I still have...
>>2966 I have some Kim Niehues for Madison Thompson. Sabetha has some hot chicks!
Would be a nice thread if the guy with t.r pics would start sharing. I shared and then he disappeared and didnt contribute like he said he would.
Idk I liked what they shared, seems demands have been made
Maybe the guy who shared has other things going on in his life and doesn't check here every day. Calm yourself. I want to see her nudes too, but I'm not gonna beg.
Bump! Please grace us with more t.r. Pics! Let us know what you are looking for, I’m sure someone here has something for you.
Whoever said they Had $hanin H. Should post, since he said he'd post TR if you did. I have some more D*l0ra or Je$$ic@ $mi th from Sab town too.
Back to the top. Hoping someone will post something
Love to see more of all the girls that’s been brought up. Let’s post them all and make this the best thread on here.
(52.34 KB 1080x810 IMG_20190724_212851_021.jpg)
(42.06 KB 912x684 IMG_20210215_093554_451.jpg)
Couple more of D.T. to keep the thread alive.
Awesome! Let’s keep it going. I’ll post some when I get home. Hopefully we all feel free to drop all we have from these girls by the end of the night.
In hopes for more trisha
You guys have been patient. Need $hann0n H for more/rest tho
Get this man some $hannon pls
Enjoy guys. Not much but all I have
Seems like whoever said they have Shannon was full of it.
What would it take for the rest of t.r. Besides Shannon since that seems like it’s not going to happen?
Honestly none others interest me if I’m being real
How about her? Do you have any t.r without the red highlights?
What about b@iley h. Those get any TR?
I would like to see some b.h.
A few BH.
anyone have more BH
(58.99 KB 768x768 FB_IMG_1656471551740.jpg)
>>3207 Any of her friend here? From seneca as well. Slut
Yes, all of them I can remove the red highlights. Doesn’t seem there’s much from Seneca I want to see, might drop a better one of TR Here soon idk
Since we're talking about Seneca chicks. Anyone have G1n@ L.? Think she just got married. She's sexy as hell
Keep sharing. Wonder is unsenscored t.r. Pics would get Shannon guy to share.
I’ll post 5 nudes once I see 5 nudes of T.r.
Drop some proof and it’ll happen lol
>>3210 What's her name? I will see if I can get some...
>>3238 K.W. Katie W. last name rhymes with Hassenberg
Lol Shannon has tattoos. I don’t think that’s her bud
Sorry, that was $h@ylyn s. Thought I could pass her off because idk who Shannon is. Got a masturbation vid I’ll share but I’ll need a lot of t.r before I share it.
We all threw plenty for real wins of T.r. Pay us back. Then maybe the real Shannon guy will deliver.
For the love of God, please someone have Madison Thompson
Not a nude, but a hot pic of M@di$0n still
(70.84 KB 960x953 FB_IMG_1657195867848.jpg)
Buddy sent me this and said it was W.end.y F
Bump for t.r. And b.h.
Thank you b.h sharer for sharing. Quit holding back guys. Share what you have.
Let’s see some t.r wins
More tr wins please. Someone be a hero. And thanks for bh. You are a hero
Bump for more TR
Thank you guy with the b.h pics! Very much appreciated! I’d love to see more! At this point you should be holding them ransom because I assume the guy with t.r. Pics doesn’t have any real wins. But please keep sharing!
Thank you for the b.h. Pics! Please share more! Or hold them ransom like t.r. Since yours are actually wins. Lol
I have no doubt he has her nudes, just haven't found something he wants yet to -. Probably not going to post any more BH until someone comes up with some more Seneca or saberha wins though.
Been busy, I don’t check this much lol for the ones who been patient
Solid work on the TR! Let me know if there's some way we can link up not on here, I've got some more BH, I'd just - with you directly if you want.
Where do you get the t.r? She is so sexy! Thanks!
Keep sharing, best thread on here. Anyone have the red head hair dresser?
>>3518 Who is she?
J stein lage
Bump. Bump.
>>3210 Think i've seen her before at a party. What a fking body she has!
Please share those pics uncensored.
Would. Cel este bj vid get all ate tri cia nudes?
Any of mori@h R?
Bump for bh and tr
Who is this
Any others from Nemaha area?
any kortney h, katelyn h, or haley h?
May as well see if anyone has any Sabetha girls too. Jill j@ck man. Heidi N. Etc.
>>3802 Someone please finally blast Madison’s tits on here
Need to keep this one at the top
Would love to see t.r. Wins
(139.20 KB 1080x1978 FB_IMG_1661648578520.jpg)
Social media is getting better
>>4019 No it’s not Wendy F
Why we posting covered pics and asking to -. Just post what you got for gods sake
>>4019 Always appreciate love for my body!
>>4019 Aww look at all of these pictures of me
Hi my name is celeste, a lot of you are familiar with a lot of me so it seems, I'm here for the fun!
Ensue residencies ebsuowbe
Bumping for Madison Thompson and Heidi Nichols
Gotta be more
A good amount more. Still waiting on Shannon H though
I'm not even from Kansas but goddamn I need to see Tricia naked
>>3175 Man this one would get my nut. Do you have any that show her pussy?
Bump for TR
Please drop a nude or two of TR. It's Christmas
>>5417 Madi Thompson too if anyone is feeling the spirit lol
Hoping for a Christmas miracle
Please don't let this die
>>3175 Goddamn bump
Come back TR guy
>>5610 Really, TR? She’s the easiest most disgusting slut next to Amb3r
Prove it
>>5624 I don't care about any of that. I just wanna see her naked
Once I see tr naked no red marker hiding everything I’ll release s.h. I’ve shared a lot and keep getting censored t.r. In return
Not a good bluff. Post a censored S.H and we get tr released
>>5639 This is the way
What about TR friend g1n@ t@1b0t anyone got those? Shes sexy.
Come on can we please see some nudes of TR?
yall are desperate if you want to see that nasty shit
>>5706 Whatever bro I think she purty
>>5706 Madison pretty nasty too TBH rofl
I am once again asking for nudes of TR
Motherfucking bump
let's go!
i agree TR and m@disown are both STD spreaders
anyone else on this thread is sexy but all u gotta do is look at TR & you’ll get chlamydia
>>5715 >>5895 Can confirm Madison has at least one, most of Nemaha probably can too lol
>>5395 >Anonymous Stop blurring out the nudity.. wtf idiot
>>5896 Man I'm not trying to fuck her. I just wanna see her naked
I'd like to see too
It's my birthday today. Can I get some TR nudes please?
Where'd the guy with wins go?
Can someone please post Madison so we can put her stupid ass on blast?
Come on and post TR already
hoping to see some tr nakedness
B for bump
Damn does she have an 0f?
this girl is too fine for this thread to just die
All these bumps and nobody posting
stop hoarding tricia
Dude post her nudes
Throw us a bone and post more t r
Come on we gotta see nudes
Let's go
Need a hero
Wow why is this chick being hoarded?
Post more b.h. Cuz I’m sure t.r. Guy doesn’t have any nudes
>>7354 Right? They’re sluts, not gold bars lol
Please someone?
(161.80 KB 1080x1726 VideoCapture_20211227-084412.jpg)
(1.10 MB 1088x1970 2022-04-20_21-37-33.282.png)
Anyone have anymore of Marissa S?
Marissa last name? I might have some. And bump for t.r.
>>7454 Ugh I got so excited I thought this was tr at first lol
(1.12 MB 1088x825 2021-11-10_19-51-22.820.png)
>>7464 schmitz
Show more marissa
Anybody have TR?
One more B.H. to keep the thread alive.
I appreciate the other girls being posted but could we get those TR nudes too please?
That guy was lying about haveing real nudes. But thanks for the b.h send more of those.
>>7690 What makes you think he was lying? He posted two that showed nip
A lot of people showed a lot more. And he still wouldn’t show any nudes. So he’s lying
Not giving up on TR
I can't believe nobody's shared TR yet
At least post more t.r nips
Bump for more nips
bump for tr
Gonna keep bumping
(3.90 MB 4032x3024 IMG_0853.jpeg)
bh has gotten even sexier nd I didn’t think that was possible but here u go
>>8412 That's awesome man but do you have any TR?
Holy shit on bh. She get a boob job? Does she have on onl.fan.?
Nah she just got thick. She use to have one idk if she does anymore
What was the old one? Or sc? I want to try to get some grime her
Anybody drop TR nudes for mothers day?
If anyone drops Madison Thompson nudes I swear to God I’ll humiliate the shit outta her. The little whore deserves it.
Someday someone is gonna post TR nudes
Someday Chelsea adler will get posted
TR please
Or anyone from the area
Fucking bump
Let's get some TR for Father's day
She's still posting thirst traps almost daily. Someone step up and be a hero.
Please someone drop TR
Man I just want to see TRs tits and pussy
Whose got the cele$te o.n.lee fains l.i.n.k?
Absolutely need
please someone drop some of her nudes
>>10182 Damn!
help please
Need a hero
We need more Seneca nudes
To the top
Now that her tattoo contest is over and she didn't win, shell surely be begging for any attention she can get.
Sure would like to see her tits
Gotta be some old K3ls3y H@ug floating around in the Seneca area.
>>2881 Ugly fucking pig
Thanksgiving bump