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Emporia Emporia 02/25/2022 (Fri) 12:42:54 No. 1817
Can we get Emporia started back up?
Since everyone has to be scared lil bitches I'll start
Who’s this girl
>>1905 Did you really call everybody scared bitches then share an OF pic without the name in it? Doesn't take much to do that.
He says as he still posts no bitches, sad little man
(494.57 KB 956x813 8313566.jpg)
Anyone have anyone from this friend group?
>>1927 No but JH on the right her sis was posted in previous thread
Anyone have anything new that wasn't in the previous threads?
I’ll post kortney if someone finally post @ly boy3r
>>1949 This is what kills these threads.
Any wins?
Can we please get more Taylor Brooks??
It gets harder every time the thread gets removed to get a new one up and going. Starting to think we have seen all that is going to be posted at this point.
People just need to stop holding out since these keep getting taken down.
Anybody have names of who they would be willing to post if the thread got going again?
(54.25 KB 1080x1080 01.jpg)
Did anyone buy from Cierr@ when she sold?
Anyone have anything new?
(101.64 KB 1080x1350 FB_IMG_1647446589984.jpg)
(371.23 KB 1440x1417 Screenshot_20220316-110433.jpg)
(345.17 KB 1015x1097 Screenshot_20220316-110447.jpg)
(561.48 KB 1440x1607 Screenshot_20220316-110900.jpg)
(344.88 KB 1440x1636 Screenshot_20220316-110927.jpg)
Any wins on this smoke show that used to run track at Estate?
Anyone have @sh1ey hu11et?
Any Michelle P3r3z wins?
(1.57 MB 1211x1600 01.jpg)
Any R@chel Morg@n wins?
>>2040 These would be dope
>>2041 Do you have all her finsta posts, that's all I have so we may have the same stuff
>>2044 Same stuff
>>2059 A few more yeah.
(2.70 MB 1440x2219 001.png)
>>2059 >>2060 Can post stuff if we actually get this thing moving.
Because you posted tamisha
Who else do you have? Throw some names out please. Also thank you for sharing.>>2064
H@nn@h Dent0n E1izab3th N3idf3ldt Marl3y my3rs 3mma w@gner
(2.87 MB 1440x2219 003.png)
(2.89 MB 1440x2311 002.png)
>>2067 More Tamisha - maybe some Emma W@gner next
Great ones of t@misha!
anymore of her or anyone else you got?
>>2070 Couple more of t@misha I can post. Is that your full list?
Where did the anon go that said they had the lead on S@sha Conr@de wins?
Zoê ēliźabeth Łēslëy Couch
There’s more but I don’t got Sashā More támisha pls
(2.82 MB 1440x2242 Screenshot_20210804-132440~2.png)
(1002.04 KB 1440x730 Screenshot_20210804-132420~2.png)
Maybe we could see some E1izab3th N3idf3ldt if you are feeling generous? Couple more t@misha
Nothing too special
Anymore tamishá? Or who else do you have
>>2077 Dang was hoping for a little more than that.is Is Lesley any good?
Alright all the onlookers, now is the time to jump in while we have momentum. Lets go
(2.94 MB 1440x2237 006.png)
(1000.19 KB 1440x738 005.png)
>>2078 Last of t@misha, nothing crazy but now you have the set.
Rest I got just booty pics and Hannäh dentòn
Any J0rah W1ls0n or Em1ly St3v3ns0n?
Who’s booty pics?
Anyone have the L@ne sisters?
Let’s get this going again
Any of êmma wâgnêr?
Anything from Tënlèy dēckër?
Looking for St3phan!3 L0P3Z nudes or J3SS!ca Z3pata I’ll post H4nn4a H0r5t nudes and pussy
Empori@ thread falling low on the board. Little bump for some new activity.
>>2264 Is that k@talina fredrick$on? And not sure whose onlyfans that is.
I know Stephanie L0pez has a lot of nudes out there who has wins
Can somebody repost H@let she was in previous threads
Bump for the L@ne sisters
Keeping the s@sha conr@de and t@tum thur$ton dream alive.
Someone actually has the L@ne sisters, we've seen censored wins. We've yet to see any proof to those two. One can hope.
Delaney Davis, Jordan reitz or Chelsea Adler wins? Jaycee flowers massive tits from galena
>>2307 Guess I missed that censored post. Interesting. Hopefully someone comes through.
Let’s get emporia going again!
any wins of nadia hernandez?
any wins of chloe stegman or any 20 ish yr olds in emporia ?
any m@rley m3yers wins? tooo sexy
Bump for anything. Wanna through Od@lys (P)erez or @nalicia (r)odriguez names in the mix as wins i am hoping for.
Bump for s@sha conr@d
I was talking to a guy that claimed to have access to s@sha conr@de wins but he disappeared on me.
post any emporia girls wins to keep it alive !!!
i have anyssa bernal video if anyone is interested
anyone have any of kel$y horn
Drop Anyssa asap!
ill drop anyssa if someone drops something first
>>2385 Or maybe you share it and it will motivate others? Already quite a bit here
I have marley myyers for anyssa
K0rtnēy Sťukēy please
>>2391 So post up. Let's get this rolling again.
Both are Márley https://anonfiles.com/D9Pal1Xexb/FullSizeRender_MOV
>>2402 Can someone verify that this isn't gonna destroy my laptop?
>>2408 Yeah it's legit
any D3v1n M1ll3r?
Drop anyssa since I dropped marlèy
anyone have any of the following? ashley thompson jade longfellow isabella crank or sum like that
any hannah nash wins?
Anyone willing to toss out names of who they have? Maybe that can help spark some posting/-.
anyone have any teachers from emporia? lmao
Looking for @shley Hu11et
>>2448 We know. You post asking for her like every three days lol
>>2450 Probably the same guy who has @ly boy3r wins but won’t post until people share who he wants.
What’s k@t@linuhs OF>>1817
>>2453 Not pulled from an of, just pics that have gone around
>>2385 Imagine throwing this out there and someone actually reciprocates and dude bitches out. Guy posted some new stuff and this dude pussies out.
Here are the censored wins of H. L@ne that someone else posted that they have, uncensored. Dude won't actually post them because noone knows what he wants in return. But they ARE out there. Someone be a hero
>>2307 Lane sisters? Was there censored pics of the other sister as well posted?
The only lane sister that’s worth it is Heather. And even then meh.
>>2500 nobody would complain if we saw either
Bumping for new stuff
Anyone have the wins of T@ylor L@ke that were posted before? Are there any new of her?
Linl3y M3ndenháll?
(393.21 KB 1078x1896 6163819917.jpg)
Here's a nice R1l3y L@n3 ass pic. I have a couple more. No wins though
Anyone know what it's like to fuck either of the L@ne sisters? Any stories?
any new wins or old wins ?
>>2606 If this is the same guy as before, post your list and let's see if this can get going again
I’m still wishing for more Taylor Brooks.
>>2639 I'm the same guy but I can't post the list. It gets deleted every time I try to post it on here
>>2641 Added any new names to the list lately?
(2.89 MB 2208x2944 20200725_135617(1).jpg)
(4.52 MB 2592x1944 20170705_214850.jpg)
(3.67 MB 2592x1944 20180520_160142.jpg)
(5.40 MB 2592x1944 20180623_115736.jpg)
(7.00 MB 4032x3024 20170701_153620.jpg)
(375.25 KB 1396x2048 58190288.jpg)
>>2642 A couple. Nothing too great though.
>>2656 Drop a few more this ain't bad at all
>>2649 Wouldn't hate seeing full nudes
>>2658 >>2657 >>2656 Why y’all scared to say bitches be pretty shes bad I want as much as possible
(565.97 KB 1428x2048 20220504_222134.jpg)
(75.51 KB 626x1024 20220504_222128.jpg)
>>2657 Mik@3l@ is definitely hot. I meant the new girls i have aren't going to get people interested like my H3@ther nudes do.
>>2661 They might if you share them since you're still hoarding Heather lol. Yeah she looks good I'm not afraid to say anything about it. Just wanna see more
>>2661 More please
Drop a He@ther win, let's get this going
(787.40 KB 1072x2042 9184792010.jpg)
>>2672 Nah, here's M@dison K@hnt though
Since the dude won't drop some Mik@3la, here's a few I've got.
>>2684 Who else ya got?
(336.42 KB 1068x1398 81747910.jpg)
(256.42 KB 1078x1402 75819010.jpg)
>>2684 I said I wouldn't drop a h3@ther win. I'm fine doing more mik@3la
>>2683 Damn she got some tiny tits.
>>2686 I'm fine ignoring Heather wins to see more of whoever you have
(337.29 KB 679x1024 Dressed 52 (133).jpg)
Used to strip, now a milf. Anyone have more from her slutty days?
>>2699 Big bump! Heard rumors but nothing ever 100%, are there wins??
>>2699 Pretty sure that second pic is not J@nice although that would be something special.
Anyone have K0rtnēy Stůkēy wins?
Don't have any new stuff, but hoping this gets going again
Really wish the guy who had the Aly B wins would just post them. Had like 5 people asking. So maybe he’s just full of shit… also I’ll see if i have any kortney wins stashed away when i get a chance
>>2872 Youre the goat if you have k0rtnēy wins.
>>2877 idk why she’s like 6 maybe and kinda a butter face. Not a good fuck either lol
>>2883 6 is generous
>>2890 yeah i don’t get the hype. Is she a super slut now or what?
I met her at a concert a few years back but she never sent me any wins. She was very conservative and I'd just like to see what I missed out on lol
>>2904 Legit missing out on nothing.
Anyone have B. Bowm@n?
(707.72 KB 1078x1312 7214689.jpg)
(954.77 KB 1078x1316 05167942.jpg)
(864.75 KB 1078x964 8115899.jpg)
Anyone have any @lyssa C0x wins?
I know There were some on the previous of Alyssa’s sister Nikki, I wouldn’t mind seeing those again!
(900.69 KB 1078x2068 09482010.jpg)
(359.00 KB 1078x526 7481910.jpg)
I can't remember what I've posted but here's a couple of n1kki. Would love to see @lyssa wins
I'd still like to see K0rtnēy
>>2997 Someone hook this guy up. He has been the most patient.
anyone have any class of 2020 or 2021 emporia high?
>>2998 Been waiting over a year for the He@ther wins
Throwing out a bump for s@sha conr@de. Dreamers gotta dream
Anyone got Chel$e@ K€$$ler cannons
Bump for S. M@in
bump for class of 2020 and 2021
But seriously. No one had Ke$$ler
Just post a list of what you have or else this will stay a dead thread
(297.75 KB 1078x1400 928t9201.jpg)
More N!kki Ric3 to keep the thread alive
(355.27 KB 1078x1394 938q991947.jpg)
Did anyone buy any Emm@ p3t3rson/Gr33n videos. I'm trying to see if there's any i don't have.
>>3132 Buy the videos? Did she have an OFans?
>>3134 Yea, but she deleted it.
>>3119 I wish I had some wins that I could - for He@ther because I've been waiting a long time to see just one of those in that set, let alone three. I been crushing hard on her for years.
>>3135 Damn, that would have been worth every penny.
What videos do you have? I have a couple, just don't know what you have.
>>3139 I have a masturbation video and a sex from behind video. Also, have all of the video she posted on her feed
anyone have rosa blaske
I think I have all but the masturbation vid. Any chance we could get that one?
Would love to see more of 3mma p3t3rson/gr33n
(232.11 KB 1076x888 758194984.jpg)
(351.46 KB 1078x1404 858290284.jpg)
(227.10 KB 1080x1408 75910398.jpg)
>>3154 >>3160 Im probably not going to post the video because it's kind of a hassle, but here's some more pictures.
You’re a god!
Andbody have wins of D
Don’t let the is die
>>3196 Doubt there are too many nudes. Doesn't send pics, just goes and fucks. One of the biggest whores I've ever met
(650.39 KB 1440x1665 Screenshot_20220701-153300.jpg)
Someone has to have something or stories about B. B0wm@n
Forever waiting on wins of aly
(379.10 KB 1078x1396 858w03938.jpg)
(260.58 KB 1078x1414 5782928.jpg)
(284.74 KB 1080x1324 858292938.jpg)
(306.36 KB 1064x1400 8592938.jpg)
(270.40 KB 1080x1976 95820483.jpg)
In order 3mma P3t3rs0n M1ka3la H3rrick T@ryn M3y3rs M@dis0n K@hnt N1kk1 R1c3 Accidentally posted it as its own thread.
Can you post your list again of who all you have?
>>3286 I can't. It gets deleted whenever I've tried.
>>3287 Have any B. B0wman?
Anybody got c@rl3y sw@ns0n or sümm3r wïls0n from previous thread?
>>3306 Damn, that would have been great if you did
>>3309 Here's some of C@rl3y. I have more that show more if it gets the ball rolling for some new stuff. Wouldn't mind seeing some H3@th3r L.
(1.40 MB 3024x4032 eotln0j22gg71.jpg)
>>3311 I already have more than I want of C@rly. Not really a fan. Maybe someone else will be interested though.
Here are a few more for who ever asked. Spread the wealth, no need to hold back, we're all here for the same reason
any girls from class of 2020 2021
Any class of '12?
>>3384 C@rley and 3mma are posted on here and they were '12 i think.
Moar n1kk1 r1c3
(371.81 KB 1078x1402 5829938473.jpg)
>>3395 Hopefully other people start posting whoever they have soon.
Still nothing of K0rtnēy Stúkēy?
Been waiting patiently for them He@ther posts since day one. Least you could do is drop one of them, I shared a few I had.
(302.48 KB 1078x1404 9582920.jpg)
(198.85 KB 1072x780 8491038.jpg)
(328.28 KB 1078x1406 9591010.jpg)
(131.02 KB 712x808 9801938.jpg)
Ar3li C@rls0n
(395.43 KB 1440x1749 Screenshot_20220804-101555.jpg)
Anyone have any Chr1st1n@ Delg@d0? She has a site called c@llingf@ns. Who wants to be the hero?
>>3614 The calling fans profile is fake.
post anyssa vids and
any @ndre@ riv@s ? or give hints of names
>>3670 Any Eric@ Hern@ndez or that friend group?
anyone have f@ith K@rch3r wins
>>3687 >>2436 I got Jade. Who do you got for -?
>>3743 >>3672 >>3672 Who has stuff for her?
>>3672 >>3383 A few who you got in mind?
Any ch€lsey K€asker?
Anyone got any of Jerah McCune?
Any of Jord-n t-mmons?
Anyone got her?
>>3672 >>3779 Esmi Lara.
Anyone got jazmin Lopez?
bump esmi lara
any h@nn@h dent0n
mean h@nn@h h3rrick
Char1ty k1enast
Let get emporia going again
>3779 Not nude but I got an Esmi lewd
Ch€ll$€y k€$$ler
Any wins?
Any wins of M1randa Taylor J1ll1n phan Makayla scrog1ns
Anyone have Samantha Green/Davis, but you know, before she got fat?
Someone has to have K0rtn-y Stuk-y
anyone have any sierr@ p0tter or h@nn@h n@sh?
>>3949 N- not potter bro. She once got creampied by 3 dudes at my party
L0rr3n M1s3 Tr3asur3 J3ns3n
I wanna see her cream pied pussy
Any latinas?
>>3972 Anyone got Isabell@ Hernande$
Who’s has some Sierr@ M.
785-496-38eight-one send me videos
Who has hers?? Post
anyone have k1mberly m0reno?
Brynn R1ley wins?
Bump for the L@ne sisters
Wins of Sydney Mohn
bump on the latina girls post what ya got 🥴
drop sierr@ p0tt3r fuck ittttt for da boyzzzz
Any $h3k1n@h R0$3/D@v1$?
Hann@h h3ndr3y wins?
Repost of H@ley would love more or newer ones of her
bumpppp latina girls
any f@ith k@rcher wins?
Still waiting to see He@ther L@ne
Who got emporia 0nlyf@ns?
Is anyone left? Bump for some new activity.
Does anybody from here have a k.I. K? I have some questions about her^^ Rusty9998
Anyone have the $umm3r w1l$on wins from the old thread?
(70.67 KB 750x1000 1240022131.jpg)
(1.81 MB 2944x2208 20200618_150558.jpg)
(1.83 MB 2944x2208 20200725_135523.jpg)
Used to work at Mulreadys I think
(449.48 KB 1920x1080 P8042420-1.JPG)
(1.98 MB 2944x2208 20190814_124227.jpg)
(1.76 MB 2944x2208 20200725_135619.jpg)
>>4361 Are we sure the cum covered pNot alloweds Paulin@? Has some differences
Does she work at Harry n Lloyds? I wanna see her or Jewel Dawn
Bump for the H3@th3r Siebe®t chiq or J3w3l D@wn
Anyone got Febie H?
Looking for some T@yl0r F0urni3r leaks. Hear she cheats on her husband all the time
(21.07 KB 270x480 1615664851257-1.jpg)
(327.12 KB 1080x1920 1615578280785-3.jpg)
>>4422 Here are a couple T@ylor wins. Post wins of anyone you have and I can post the other two I have. I'm just trying to keep the board alive.
(271.79 KB 1242x2208 Photo Nov 15, 9 12 50 PM.jpg)
(2.37 MB 3024x4032 Photo Nov 06, 11 20 54 AM.jpg)
>>4356 I have a couple gigs of her nudes and videos
Who's got H4nn4h H0r$t?
Post some mom's....
Thanks man, can you post more of $umm3r?
Wow thanks man! Can you post more $umm3r?
Bump for any s@sha conr@de nude/lewds
How about any of the Fl@dung women?
Anyone have anything on 3mm@ Col3? She's slutty enough to have something out there
>>4381 She works for the Municipal Prosecutor. You guys are dumb lol
>>4520 Good luck prosecuting anyone for anything more than traffic tickets there. Does Emporia even have money to prosecute people??
Taylor Brooks, please!
any of @l@in@ d3l@hunt
>>4554 She just got pics on her OnlyFans or she got videos too?
>>4555 Both
>>4554 Or you could put the name? For those who aren’t from the areA
Who had D or D(enisha S(eitee
Anyone got wins of either of these two?
Any K0rtn-y Stuk-y?
Which hoe is it
Bump for He@ther L
Why does the guy posting the girls asshole keep deleting it?
>>4670 Who’s the girl that’s the real question lol
(357.12 KB 946x1746 Screenshot_20221031-074629.jpg)
(343.17 KB 1440x1686 Screenshot_20221031-074817.jpg)
Any of this girl? I see her at the bars all the time and she definitely gets around.
Anyone have her
Does anyone have m0lly ell1s
>>2699 >>4426 Does she have OF?
(602.08 KB 1270x1747 Screenshot_20221030_092122[1].jpg)
(712.21 KB 1012x1794 Screenshot_20221030_092151[1].jpg)
(366.05 KB 664x1308 Screenshot_20221030_092506[1].jpg)
(489.91 KB 679x1389 Screenshot_20221030_092544[1].jpg)
(39.73 KB 514x960 FB_IMG_1656598577956[1].jpg)
anyone have actual nudes of ti@r@ vi113g@s
(41.15 KB 514x960 FB_IMG_1656598584957[1].jpg)
(13.12 KB 280x523 FB_IMG_1656598704117[1].jpg)
Anyone have T0ri McD0well? I feel like her tits would be perfect.
(66.13 KB 545x645 Screenshot_20221106_223728.jpg)
>>4781 Add her private instagram
Name?? All Ik that shes from emporia
Any from class of 2021 or 2022
>>4888 bro wrong city
I saw her lewds anyone got any nudes
anyone have l1z mart1n3z?
bumpppp on n@di@ h3rn4nd3z
Anything on 0d@1is m
Any Morg@n St@nd@rd? Long shot, I no.
Any wins of Cand1c3 fi3lds
Mel or Chelsea s@l@mand3R?
Any from Burlington
Any from her? She goes around
>>4931 Who you got for Od@lis
>>4945 I would definitely post H3ather Lan3 if someone posts C@ndic3
Any of kayl3 boyc3?
>>4947 There is 100% nudes of her out there. I'd kill to see em
>>4956 You been teasing heathers nudes for a year. They just need shared this either had to be the mecca or an absolute let down
>>4973 What they look like isn't a secret. You can see what I have on the censored version I posted.
>>4979 You can't really SEE anything but blue lines.
>>4979 Those pictures have to be at least 8 years old, her body isn't the same anymore after FORBIDDENs. Her tits are a little bigger now. Tits are tits though
>>4980 That's how censorship works
>>2699 Anybody have anything to share on the J@nice Huffm@n topic? Somebody have something please.
This is how good threads die.
Any wins of Kelsy Horn?
>>5018 Who's ass is that
B€Th@Ny B0WM@N
ky3ll3 m3rc3r wins on her?
EHS Teachers??
>>5072 Have you heard of any of them having nudes put there?
Went to Emporia state a long time ago
Used to go Emporia State
Anyone have any more T@ylor L@ke?
>>4780 Anyone know of actual nudes
Anything with Danielle martin
Who has full wins
And one got one of here She lives in Osage city
(953.61 KB 1439x1784 Screenshot_2018-11-13-12-30-33-1.png)
(1.54 MB 2560x1920 1589029234266-1.jpg)
New wins?
Bump for literally anyone new to get this going again. It's the season of giving everyone
Since the pics didn’t load last time
Ik someone’s got ‘em
(2.71 MB 3024x4032 Photo Dec 14, 1 43 03 AM.jpg)
>>5421 I do
Becky Lara
Wins of her? Fucks around on every bf she has
All I want for Christmas is a He@ther pic uncensored
Any ch€ls€y k€sslee
Anyone have anything on @shley hu11et?
Anyone got any of the collage cheer leaders?
anyone have any My@h B? i’ve posted before but got no wins not sure she has too many out there
>>4446 I got pics of her I’m really trying to see $tephanie Lopez’s nudes for them>>
Who has the video of brend@ w1ng being fisted?
Bummmmppppp on t1ara
>>5776 She’s the one that was stripping right??
>>1817 Yezzir
Calle Arndt, from Olpe/Emporia lives in Eldo now.
which l@ne sisters i may have some
>>5883 God I wish there was more of her
>>5935 H3ath3r and Ryli3
Just checking in, did anyone show up with any s@sha conr@de?
Ben baragary you are fucking idiot
Anyone have 3mily Sich3l?
Any of chasity chambers?
>>5776 bump
any litzy m nudes
M@ria Reyes M@rtinez wins?
Bumpppp on 1itzy and @nyss@
Anyone got m3g@n 0ls0n
Best thread in KS, don't let it die. Who has @utumn or the L@ne girls? I know they out there
Anyy wins on taylor Wilson? Ik she got some out there
>>6371 Who that
>>6371 Dayumm that bitch loose
Who got some more of her
Who has @ubrey @rm1tage? She used to be sexy af
Any wins of Clara w.
Whats the name ? And any more?
>>6459 Analise
>>2437 I have some have to find them
>>4717 I have a couple have to look for them
Any wins on f@nny leal or her big nose sister @leheli?
Heard she gets around any wins?
K0rtney Stŭk-y wins?
Any @ubr3y W. Went to E High rhymes with Williams
Wins of Brooklyn Ruiz?
Let’s keep the thread going!!
Who thattt
K0ey Ke0ugh wins?
Sheila Ostiguin wins?
>>6426 Bump
>>6426 Name????
>>7517 That’s that flying j chick
>>6426 T0r1 patt3rs0n
>>6426 That’s anallise.
In case anyone was wondering, J0r@h W1l$0n made a onlyfans. I have some stuff, but not her newer stuff on it.
>>7726 Whats her username?
>>7726 Mind sharing a preview of any of the content you managed to grab of jor@h?
(894.65 KB 1063x1972 Screenshot_20230214_211008.jpg)
>>7749 I like how I post seven pictures, and it automatically deletes six hours later. I'll repost them later
Bumb for the last chick
>>7749 Ive been trying to add more pictures but it keeps automatically removing the post. Anybody willing to sub and get her new stuff
Anyone have any Wh1tn3y L3w1s
>>1905 Is this L1nds@y?
I love how I post a pic of J0r@h, and her subscriber count on OF doubles almost immediately, yet no one will post anything.
>>7973 Who’s that?
>>4780 Anyone find any actual nudes
>>8020 She’s real uptight about keeping your phone in the car when she does meet ups now.
Any @lexa ph1m?
(1.31 MB 2160x3840 Snapchat-725372906.jpg)
cute little slut she meets too
>>8242 More?
>>8025 Doing meetups for cash?
>>8226 name?
>>8253 Yea just gotta wait till the bar is closed
>>8257 Do you have pr00f
>>8261 Lol what you want like a receipt?
>>8263 Whatever you want to show I want know if its true lol maybe a video/ pictures
someone post j@de l0ngf3ll0w
>>8265 There has to be some of Jade out there, how she used to fuck around with Brenda wing there gotta be something
bump j@de l0ngfell0w
>>8025 bump
>>6426 Bump for tori Patterson
Anyone have R@chel B.
>>8025 You should convince her to make an OF
>>8387 Damn who is that post more
>>8438 Fuck yeah man! Post the vid!!
What's destiny last name? Or SPAM name?? Plz god post Brenda <3
I have more destiny if anyone wants em
>>8475 >>8479 R3dd!ng And yes more!
Whats that Gina girls (blue eyes bush) last name would love to meet up with her
>>8511 Wh- is that??
Yes more of her please
Any of Jord-n Timmons?
C. K3ssl3R?
Any He@ther L@ne?
Any S@sha Conr@de?
L0rren m1ze
(1.18 MB 1439x1791 Screenshot_20230519_000838.jpg)
(678.28 KB 1439x2106 Screenshot_20230519_000655.jpg)
(215.92 KB 602x786 Screenshot_20230511_025651.jpg)
>>8556 Got some of Litzy??
>>8557 Nope I wanted to ask for some of her or the sister
>>8561 Gotta be some around heard she gets around easy
>>8562 Yeah I heard she got drunk at a party and fucked 5 guys might let you smash if you get her weed
>>8565 Damn lol she stayed busy that night. What I know for a fact is that she had a 3some with Isabella H and Cristian
>>8566 Lol wish there was a video
>>8568 Fuck yea lol Any other latinas in mind?
>>8569 J@zm1n 10pez likes married guy
>>8570 This one?
>>8570 Oh yeha jasmin lopez always had a thing for either married man or guys with girlfriends. She fucked pamelas bf when they used to be best friends lol
>>8572 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Any nudes tho of her
>>8574 😂 yeah Lopez got some dirt on her. More latinas? Lol
>>8575 Not full but it’s something
>>8576 Post what you got
(716.68 KB 1239x1740 Screenshot_20230226_115003.jpg)
(750.37 KB 1316x1791 Screenshot_20230226_114940.jpg)
(1.01 MB 1387x1729 Screenshot_20221030_091424.jpg)
(712.21 KB 1012x1794 Screenshot_20221030_092151.jpg)
(339.47 KB 1010x1226 Screenshot_20221030_091744.jpg)
>>8581 Any more wins?
>>8585 Got any nudes of her
>>8589 those were already posted lol
>>8591 Same with the ones you posted from tiara lol can’t bs a bullshitter
(903.66 KB 1439x1733 Screenshot_20230521_030359.jpg)
>>8586 Do you know her found her on insta
>>8616 Name?
(140.36 KB 960x960 IMG_1966.jpeg)
(495.57 KB 1440x1797 IMG_1965.jpeg)
Any of Aspen Heckathorn
Any thicc girls
(262.44 KB 1170x1901 IMG_0209.jpeg)
Bump for Aspen
Still waiting patiently for the L@ne sisters
Bump for more ti@r@
Anybody know j3nni l0p3z
K0rtn-y stŭk-y wins?
Bump @lex@ ph!m@seng
>>8823 check her OF
>>8832 What is her OF?
>>8832 I didn't know she had one. Username?
>>8833 >>8837 >>8823 She doesn't clearly fucking with the guy who has asked for this bitches nudes over and over.
>>8511 Who is that??
(386.80 KB 749x941 1.jpg)
(398.94 KB 741x938 2.jpg)
>>8875 been waiting for these for forever. never thought id see them
>>8875 how much did that cost you lol
>>8875 Who is that
>>8881 j0r@h w1l$0n
>>8875 Any chance you bought the video she sent the other day?
>>8335 Bump
>>8880 $45 not counting sub cost. Debatably worth it? She has a video "touching herself" for $52, the one mentioned by >>8883 but no, I didn't buy it. I imagine it's very likely either 10 secs of rubbing titties or over panties. Didn't feel like taking the chance.
(131.71 KB 960x1704 3.jpg)
>>8900 Sorry, looked back and it would have been 16sec. but like I said, I feel like it would be very similar to this video from her public page. And since I'm feeling slightly generous, here's her most recent upload, a decent one.
Any wins for Katherine aleman torres?
Wins for s3l3n@ h3rn@nd3z
>>8958 Name?
>>8958 That’s one big butthole lmao
>>8511 Whoo is that. I feel like I see that girl in empo before anyone got an idea?
This for yall-ost more wins
(251.16 KB 1170x1851 IMG_0697.jpeg)
Anyon gots wins for m0n1c@ €str@d@
Alright guys lets make a deal, you guys post all the girls names/user you know that has onlyfans in emporia and I'll buy them and post them. You guys up for the challenge?
>>9018 Bri@nn@ C briacv thats hers
As I said im legit, keep post-ng and if you have wins post em
>>9018 Fanny leal on fansly.. It’s juicemyhead >>9018
Don't be afraid to post either
thicmik is M1k@el@ h€rr1¢k though she stopped posting several months ago cherry.white is j0r@h w1l$0n, we've had some of hers posted, but she has a possible masturbation vid for sale which would be awesome to get sunshine.brat is $umm3r w1l$0n, but her stuff may not be worth it right now, and you can find a lot of it online. There's another one that I can't think of off the top of my head that I will post if I remember.
(46.31 KB 285x512 IMG_4987.jpeg)
>>9026 Any wins on is@bell@ Hernandez
Here's some lewd of izzy, she had an onlyfans but idk what happend
(82.27 KB 457x853 IMG_4990.jpeg)
Izzy win
Wins on t@ania c@sill@s??
Show t@n1a I'll show f@nny
Show t@ni@ amd I'll show f@nny
>>9036 I was asking for wins bro. Not that I got them. If I did I’d share no biggie
Any one got wins for this sexy slut
Any wins for this slut?
Here yall go
Any one got these 2 m@dd1e mun0z and m0lly 3ll1s
Her some of areli
And emporia milf wins?
(280.49 KB 960x1792 IMG_2575.jpeg)
(196.88 KB 914x1706 IMG_2573.jpeg)
(288.12 KB 1170x1844 IMG_1560.jpeg)
Any new emporia onlyfans?
i think her of is tigolebiddiebitch
Any wins for bri?
>>4680 name?
Any new onlyfans?
Any win on her?
>>9137 name?
My husband is on a business trip, write to me here >
>>9038 Bump
Any 1itzy m or j@zmin l wins
Anything new?
(694.49 KB 1170x2082 IMG_3041.jpeg)
Any wins in anissa leigh?
Any wins for this slut f@bii
How about those Lane sisters
Any wins for jasmin goza
Any wins on chr1st1n@ Purdy?
Any wins on her?
Any wins on sierr@ m@rtinez?
(6.36 MB 1170x2532 IMG_3079.png)
Anyone got wins on T@nia c@sill@s
Bump this thread
Any one have liz¥ m@rt!nez
Any wins for j3ss??
(1.51 MB 1170x2367 IMG_3131.jpeg)
I know someone has to have si3rr@ m
Apparently locals caught wind of this lol, bump?
>>9841 The throat goat herself!! Lmao bitch can suck a mean dick
(3.45 MB 1170x2532 IMG_3132.png)
(3.57 MB 1170x2532 IMG_3133.png)
Facts 😂 >>9859
>>9863 Not the best pussy but definitely amazing head 😂
Any wins of mir@nd@ c3rv@nt3s
class of 15 - 19?
Any wins selen$$ h
(80.85 KB 457x853 IMG_4981.jpeg)
Izzy hernandez
>>10097 Any more
Any new onlyfans?
(964.99 KB 1170x1468 IMG_3196.jpeg)
Who got wins on this slut? Tiauna
>>9038 Man any wins ??
>>10145 Are there any OF models in town
Any wins for @pril
Don't let the thread die post what you guys have
I'm still looking for some He@ther or some more @utumn.
>>4695 Bump, I wanna see too. I hear she does threesomes
>>10216 What girl in emporia don’t do 3somes bro lol
>>10217 Almost bet those same ones send out titty pics. We got to see
(197.68 KB 1041x1876 IMG_3088.jpeg)
>>10221 Share some
>>10222 Who pussy is that?
Did the guy with the S@sha Conr@de wins ever return?
>>10226 That looks like Izzy. Look at >>10097
(78.60 KB 540x961 IMG_1588775603.jpeg)
(71.02 KB 540x961 IMG_1588775603.jpeg)
(82.27 KB 540x961 IMG_1588775603.jpeg)
>>10245 Name?
>>10281 Any more on her?
>>8571 Any thing
(127.99 KB 720x1280 IMG_1530850166.jpeg)
(93.25 KB 960x540 IMG_1680176417.jpeg)
(61.99 KB 960x540 IMG_1680176417.jpeg)
(191.91 KB 720x1280 IMG_1530850164.jpeg)
Try 4nys5a again¿
Every time I try to post a Sus@n Mc. but it keeps getting deleted
Just keep posting>>10334
>>10334 What is Sus@ns last name?
>>10339 McCu110ch
>>10352 I know that name. Can you try and post again please?
Try again when I get outta work
>>10354 Awesome, looking forward to it. Thanks
>>10356 Hey it worked this time. Anymore?
>>10415 Yeah, It's still going but for some reason this thread won't bump to the top when a new post is added.
>>10415 Who do you have?
Bump for M!chelle P3r3z
>>2041 What's her finsta
Fe1eci@ ??
How come my uploads of L@rrin same girl on first post here keep getting deleted
Why do my posts of L@rrin …same girl from first post on this page keep getting deleted
>>10498 Hide the your post like with the ? icon
Bump for K@lsy H@rn
Anymore? A$htyn
last one i'll ever share of her. her sub content is almost entirely lewds. the "good" stuff is high cost ppv, almost what actual OF celebs charge for any real content, and it's pics or short tease videos. i asked her a question about custom content in dm, to which she wouldn't respond, even though i had bought her dm content previously. her bio claims she won't answer dms without tips. you'd think she was top 1% on the site or something. hopefully some other people can share if she ever steps it up.
Her contents alright wish she would let them titties out
>>10550 $napch@t thought my autocorrect did that lol
>>10539 Thanks for the share. I'm guessing this was the 40 some dollar thing she sent in DM's a few months ago?
>>10555 actually it was $55, more recently. decided i had played myself for the last time and cancelled sub.
>>10556 yikes, that was $55??? how many others did you buy?
>>10561 i've shared everything that was worth sharing. think i only bought 1 other dm
(866.97 KB 1439x1791 Screenshot_20230810_192046.jpg)
(763.21 KB 1199x1826 Screenshot_20230617_220558.jpg)
>>10658 Where the wins at she a big slut
>>10673 No idea but I do know that she go live on an app called yubo
>>10673 A half oz of bud will get you to fuck her ass no questions asked my boy.
>>10684 Lol shit try and get them nudes man
Any wins for this slut
>>10693 Ngl ugly af but retarded head game
>>10693 Good head like her cousin Brenda tbh.
(215.32 KB 1170x1901 IMG_1218.jpeg)
T@nia C
Anyone on 1itzy's private instagram
>>10735 Nun good tbh
>>10749 Post all of them bro lol
>>10722 Any more??
(296.57 KB 1170x1893 IMG_0392.jpeg)
(262.44 KB 1170x1901 IMG_0209.jpeg)
(307.26 KB 1170x1855 IMG_0399.jpeg)
Johan@ gome$
Any wins on m@ri? Heard she sells
Any thing new?
>>10765 Anymore of Joh@na Showing more
Any milfs in town
Any winz
>>10541 What’s her newest post from yesterday?
>>11018 Just buy it bro
Post winz but nun special
Any new onlyfans?
holy shit thats a loose asshole post more
>>11025 Thanks figured
>>11027 Lol fr that is loose!
>>11137 Who’s that??
>>11138 she gets posted every once in a while with no name (that i've seen) and then a few days later the pics get deleted. it's kinda troll
>>11144 Wonder if it’s the same loose asshole girl that got deleted the other day
(266.24 KB 1080x1920 IMG_3296.jpeg)
>>11145 I think it is. Have never seen a name though
Bump winz
Who got Tania casillas wins? There’s some out there
Any new T@ylor F0urnier? Heard she got pierced titties
Bump more winz of etown sluts l.m
>>11252 Litzy who got the pics or videos of the gangbang???
(577.89 KB 1170x1108 IMG_3373.jpeg)
Who got the wins on aleheli?? Big anal slut
J0h@n@ G0m3z?
>>11499 Got some wins. Anyone you got to trade for?
Any new wins of emm@ w@gner
>>6636 she definitely has some someone has to post them
(6.43 MB 1125x2436 IMG_3629.png)
Jazmin lopez
Bump winz don't let the thread die
>>11324 Anyone?
(900.81 KB 1170x1463 IMG_3503.jpeg)
(744.27 KB 1170x2172 IMG_3502.jpeg)
Bri@nn@ C
>>11535 She’s used up. Any more?