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(10.48 KB 250x179 250px-IL_CARROLL.jpeg)
Carroll county 05/16/2022 (Mon) 05:26:47 No. 7229
Let's get it started again
(4.39 MB 4000x3000 2022_05_10_13_32_29.jpg)
Bump for Ashby twins
>>7230 Nobody is gonna post if you start off a thread with a pic literally pulled from instagram/facebook
>>7430 Literally just posted this. Sorry I have a life lol last time I was cheated on here so done posting in hopes I get something in return
(La)Sondra Bosley from Milledgeville has to have some wins or is on trampfans.
She is just a slut I added her on sc hit her up one day fucked her like 4 days later pussy wasn't that good tits are pancakes with her shirt off and no ass in person
Anyone got any thicker girls from the area
>>7507 Guy is a scammer everyone on this site talks about how he cheats ignore this post
What’s the possibility Someone has Keara Hayden? HMU river ghoul I got stuff to share
>>7544 River ghoul won't share shit unless you have exactly who he's looking for. Expects you to jump through hoops for a few new pics he could easily share here. Nobody try to - with him
>>7556 Not my fault all you offered were some old girls, married in their 40’s who no one wants to see lol. Follow your own advice and post here then. IDC I ll share when I get something that’s worth sharing for. Also don’t be such a FORBIDDEN lol
>>7559 just proved a point dude. only will share if you get what you want instead of just sharing so other will share and everyone gets somethin new. whatever, b a dbag. good luck getting t r a d e s
(4.53 MB 4000x3000 2022_05_14_16_39_02.jpg)
>>7578 Name?
Bump for AA
Let’s See Faith Gibbs tits if anyone has them
So anyone got anything?
Does anyone have any from the old anon of sam L or angela
>>7780 Yes I have both but won't post for nothing. You'd have to share some wins first
(4.53 MB 4000x3000 2022_05_14_16_39_02.jpg)
>>7229 Erika t
Michelle g
How's that postem now please
>>7859 Non nudes with one consisting of a FB post for 2+ nudes. Nah, I'll wait until some actual wins are posted
Bump for Savanna
Anyone else have any carroll county win sharing is caring
>>8068 Wrong person, not Miller
>>8141 Aw shit, who is it then?
Then who is it
>>8144 First one is @l1s0n wh1t3h3@d last 2 are miller
>>8153 First two are whitehead, same shirt, same tits. Who knows who the third one is.
Trey b@i$d3n. Where is the Sam l an angela e
(178.81 KB 476x597 494jk49.jpg)
(74.72 KB 692x971 idf9kfi9f.jpeg)
(310.04 KB 1080x1346 1500546034853-1.jpg)
(274.08 KB 516x612 1500527388743-1.jpg)
(168.27 KB 478x593 kf949jm.jpg)
>>8422 Here's eno in exchange for something finally new and actual eins
Anyone have Liz Conroy, Bailey Kingery, or Keara Hayden?
(99.28 KB 640x1136 sabrina - Copy.jpeg)
(135.79 KB 1242x2208 abbie - Copy.jpeg)
(127.45 KB 1080x1920 Christy Rice - Copy.jpeg)
(108.00 KB 640x960 whiteheadcopy - Copy.jpeg)
Sabrina SB, Abbie Kosier/James, Christy Rice, and Allison Whitehead Lets see Liz Conroy, Keara Hayden, Ashley Foley, or Bailey Kingery
(96.46 KB 720x960 Foley.jpeg)
This is the Ashley Foley I am looking for
>>7856 How slutty/easy is Tubbs?
I think she swings the other way now
>>8463 Oh I don’t want to lol, I heard stories, I would risk double bagging my shit if I did lol
Anyone have Keara Hayden? Is she single too? I knew she was kind of easy back in the day not sure now
(44.50 KB 480x852 Alysha Hobbs - Copy.jpg)
(88.37 KB 719x1280 Alysha hobbs 2 - Copy.jpg)
(153.68 KB 900x1600 tiff mcarthy - Copy.jpeg)
(149.25 KB 1755x1920 Tiff Mcarthy 2 - Copy.jpeg)
Allysha Hobbs and Tiffany Mcarthey
So someone else post now? I heard Olivia Burton and Riley Sullivan had some any wins guys?
anymore Erika Tubbs?
Riley s
Who's got sam l anymore tiff
>>8489 I got a lot more just posted a lot, any Keara Hayden or Bailey Kingery?
>>8489 HMU river ghoul at dnmx dot org got a lot beside the stuff i posted
Sage Storjahann! Someone has to have!
>>8489 I sell my soul to lick Riley’s butthole
Keara h
>>8501 Anymore of her? I'll drop some more If I get more Keara, Bailey Kingery, or Olivia Burton
>>8501 She single? I always wanted to fuck her any tips?
No that's all I have of her unfortunately
>>8504 She single? Tips on how to fuck her?
>>8501 Give my soul to eat her pussy too lol
>>8501 Buddy fucked her twice both times did it doggystyle both times he remembers just smelling ass lol
Chelsea Wurster, Bailey Brown, Madison Haynes, or Shelby Skiles?
>>8501 Heard she likes to do anal too
>>8501 2nd Keara stinks lol
>>8494 HMU, slow to respond at times but have stuff not posted
>>8489 Anymore Riley? Or her sister McKenna
>>8525 Well then post it
>>8527 Not when I been posting the majority of stuff, not gonna keep giving with little in return
Alicia Foltz or Sage Stjorhann?
I heard Bailey Brown, abd Kennedy Rice had some
Anyone have koda nielsen, bre edwards
Any christie or Kelsey rice? I can dump some Michelle G
>>8604 I posted Christie in the thread , post some Michelle
Any of Dana h!ck$
(3.46 MB 4000x3000 2022_01_28_09_51_07.jpg)
(3.34 MB 4000x3000 2022_01_28_09_51_02.jpg)
(3.39 MB 4000x3000 2022_01_28_09_50_58.jpg)
(3.21 MB 4000x3000 2022_01_28_09_50_51.jpg)
(3.66 MB 4000x3000 2022_01_28_09_51_15.jpg)
This all I have of dana
(110.41 KB 1080x1204 dana mccombie (2).jpg)
>>8607 Dana. Only post plz
Bump for michelle g
(3.93 MB 4000x3000 2022_06_11_16_13_33.jpg)
(3.75 MB 4000x3000 2022_06_11_16_14_05.jpg)
(4.10 MB 4000x3000 2022_06_11_16_13_11.jpg)
(4.00 MB 4000x3000 2022_06_11_16_13_38.jpg)
(4.13 MB 4000x3000 2022_05_10_13_34_34.jpg)
(4.01 MB 4000x3000 2022_06_11_16_14_01.jpg)
Anyone have any brittany M
>>8632 Should be somewhere, she got around
Alicia Foltz?
The ones who haven't posted but keep asking for ones should post what they have if they want others to share
>>8665 I posted a lot and I am the one asking
(4.27 MB 4000x3000 2022_05_10_13_30_08.jpg)
(4.15 MB 4000x3000 2022_05_10_14_02_42.jpg)
(4.51 MB 4000x3000 2022_05_10_14_01_25.jpg)
C@r155@ b@t35 @ly5h@ h0bb5 and Sam l. Have more will post for new wins no posted to one of these before
>>8670 More 5@m
Any megan sedivy?
I second more s@m
People still doing reposts, how about Demi Hess? There has to be something
(433.98 KB 723x1060 Screenshot_20211201-1955033.png)
(358.83 KB 924x670 Screenshot_20211201-1955103.png)
(87.09 KB 799x1200 tiastaufferr .jpg)
>>8687 Name?
Will drop Abi Sedivy and Morgan Gallentine for Bailey Kingery
Ti# st@uff3r
>>8689 Post abi and I'll post more sam and others
(3.18 MB 4000x3000 2022_07_02_17_06_37.jpg)
(3.83 MB 4000x3000 2022_07_02_17_09_11.jpg)
Br1tn3y mc
>>8703 I don't wanna see Sam
>>8718 >>8718 And that's the problem with these. Its not about who so and so wants to see, it's about sharing what you have and other share what the have and everyone benefits
Maya Despain/Dewitt, hippy girl from the light workers union? She barley wears a bra so has to be wins
any more of Tia?
In celebration of independence day, all of us should post 1 win of someone not already in this thread. Regardless of if youve posted or not. I'll start. K jones (savanna)
Mich3ll3 g
Anyone ever fuck or mess with Dana? Heard she loves anal? And great at giving head
Any more sam l
Darien or Tawnie Sanchez?
>>8803 Post more content and I'll post more
>>8853 These get shutdown, and collect more info than google lol.
Anyone have H@nn@ br0wn
(115.56 KB 491x1283 EmB.jpg)
(91.19 KB 750x1334 AbiS.jpg)
Em Baresma and Abi Sedivy, lets get Olivia Burton or Bailey Kingery here
>>8889 3m Fr3nch for abi topless?
>>8939 Don’t have a topless one, but I posted a lot here. So help out by posting French
>>8939 Dude with Em French, post that slut
>>8957 I'm not gonna post more until others start posting. The dude that posted abi is the only other one besides me that's shared any, so if any of the lurkers here want more new stuff, they need to share too or gtfoh
I posted a lot, Someone else post
Your all a bunch of pussies, instead of creeping for nudes and collecting them like some kinda of freak, actually hook up with them. Most of u are all talk
>>9026 You think someone like Em Baresma is easy? Lol
How about wins from guys? Got lots of dick pics saved from guys in that area, and know some of them are on here commenting.
>>9051 Sure! I be down, who do you have?
>>9051 river ghoul (at) dnmx (dot) org, let’s see who you got hmu
>>9051 Post the dick wins or go home
You sure river ghoul? Couple of them are yours 😂
I think I should just blast them like u do to all the other women on here. I mean there just wins right? Who wants to see river ghouls dick.
>>9092 We have been saying post
Any wins on these twins?
>>8889 Got any more of Em Barse? Or any idea if she’s got an OF?
>>9028 Anyone got any of of Em Barse’s sister Hail3y
>>9139 >>9140 Now I knew she did have an OF but it was deleted. Does Em still live in the area? Haven’t seen her in awhile. My friend swears she sucked his dick for some coke lol
>>9028 >>9144 Think she’s in Florida. Any idea what her OF username was?
>>9145 Can’t remember, she move there for good? What about her cousin Brandi?
>>9146 Anymore Erika Tubbs? Heard she can suck dick!
Best way to get ahold of d@n@ h!ck$? Heard her head was amazing and will sell good picturea
>>9176 Facebook lol
Anyone have danas snap? Heard she switch them and is back to her original one. Has anyone talked to her at all? She pretty easy?
>>8489 More Sullivan? or her sister McKenna? I got more Abi Sedivy I’ll post for them or more Keara Hayden or some Bailey Kingery and Olivia Burton. Maybe Shelby Skiles lol
>>9144 When was this??? Lmao I wish I could remember this fake scenario
>>9302 Restart your OF, get a double girl thing with Brandi going on
>>9305 It’s funny how my only fans was never active, it was literally an account I decided to do absolutely nothing with lmao. And I would never ever let any fucking weirdo in this forum see me naked willingly. It’s the fact that y’all have to stay anon because you know it’s fucking weird lol
>>9306 Quick question Emily,have you ever fucked another girl?
>>9305 >>9307 Quick question, have you ever been pegged? You def have something stuck up ur ass
>>9310 That’s not nice of you, it was an honest question
>>9312 So was mine FORBIDDEN, kys
Anyone have Brandi Murdock?
>>9312 >>9342 Yeah it’s in ur dead moms fucking ass
Ryliegh Haring?
Any mor pics of Em Baresma ?
You guys are all sick fucks
Let’s see Morgan G
>>9354 >>9440 How the hell you guys find this board anyway? I am curious to know
>>9360 wouldn’t >>9360 >>9360 >>9360 >>936 >>9454 Should ask you the same thing you demented fucking pig. I literally hope your whole family gets murdered and you have to watch😂
>>9466 Wouldn’t what? And this still Emily? This board has been shared online for years
Ashley Foley?
I heard Em Baresma is down for anal? Anyone know?
>>9487 Yeah she'd love to peg your hairy asshole, little bitch.
>>9488 Em , your more committed to being on this site than most of us lol. Always wanted to fuck you, but I am white I found out I wasn’t dark enough for you
>>9312 >>9490 It should make you feel like shit to know I would never look your way, nor touch you with a 100 foot pole. I probably have never even had a conversation with your sick self. And I am most definitely not on here more than you, seeing as you reply to every comment. And my names isn’t “Em” you fucking weirdo.
>>9495 Someone is on their period
(96.14 KB 640x1421 Ellen 1.jpg)
(53.44 KB 582x960 Ellen 2.jpg)
Ellen (C)hadwick from Savanna
>>9525 Got any more
Liz Conroy? Heard she had a few
Kelsey Bull? Haley Lundgren?
Michelle g
I am literally 15 or 16 in the photos you posted of me, this is honestly disgusting.
>>10038 So you claim whoever you are. It’s a common trick to get photos taken down
>>10038 Who are you?
>>9781 >>9781 >>9781 >>10092 Y’all must have zero IQ, we know that’s not surprising. However, you don’t even need to look hard to see that many women in this thread were - in their photos.and if you can’t tell then y’all genuinely have to be bots.
>>10169 We’re not bots lol. Just wondering who is talking is all.
>>10169 So are you a lesbian since you hate men ( I assume Emily)
Anymore guys? Besides the girls bitching (like Emily)
lol 10+ year old nudes, fb boudoir pics and pics from the wall at hog dawgs :') y'all so sad it's almost funny
(1.21 MB 1080x2340 Screenshot_20220820-235841.png)
Savanna from millbrook/sheridan any wins of this gem? Just moved back from south Dakota I think?
Any more sam l
Corey Johnston, Madison Haynes or Lilly O’Connor?
>>10916 some new wins need to be posted first
I got Carrie Christiensen and Abi Sedivy. I will - for Madison Haynes, Bailey Kingery, or Olivia Burton
>>11310 this is exactly why people dont post. bc people like this specify they will only post if certain people are posted rather than just sharing bc others shared
>>11369 Better yet, how bout the flip side? You share a lot and get barely anything in return. That’s a bigger pain in the ass
You guys all need to go get a life. Maybe go get your dicks wet instead of trying to get girls nudes. Oh wait…. you probably can’t do that cause nobody wants your nasty small dicks.
>>11448 You can talk all the shot you want, think it makes a difference? Your upset because you took pictures and they got leaked. Whoever you are Emily, Allison, Audrey, Keara, Riley. Just shut up
You’re probably the nasty fuck that was messaging people off a anonymous eNO PRIVATE - HERE trying to get their nudes otherwise you would leak the ones you already “had” if we didn’t send you more. It’s the fact that all of those pictures are older and you’re trying to get other pictures of other girls cause you’re a fucking sick pig. Like who even finds a website like this, obviously someone who doesn’t get laid and has to beat their meat to some girls nudes.
>>11513 Wrong person, if your gonna talk shit at least tell us who you are so we know who to laugh at
You must check this website out hourlyNot allowedughing at me? Because you sick fucks are sharing girls nudes that are from 5+ years old. Or ones you found in a magazine or Facebook page lol.
The person running this is phil kradle
Makes sense.
>>11518 Tell your name, if your gonna bitch us out at least stand up to us with your real identity
>>11520 How do you know that?
How about you go first?
>>11526 Emily or Sabrina that’s my guess lol
Well Atleast we know who you are PHIL.
I got Bre Edwards
Sick as fuck… Phil grown the fuck up
I’ve got Bailey and Hannah Baker
Did we stop posting on here?
>>11552 >>11554 What’s Bre look like her face can’t remember, and the Bakers aren’t from Carroll county I believe
>>11553 Phil Latio started all of this lol that’s the real culprit
>>11558 You have anyone else? I posted a lot on here. Also dude with Emily French just post her
Why isn’t anyone posting anymore
>>11559 I’ve got tons more
Who wants Betty Ashmore?
>>11562 List them
11564 Hartman sisters, Tamzie, Laura, Ashlynn, Hannah Foltz, Kylie H, Natalie B, Katie K, Serenity, Sydney L, Hannah Brigham, da’tani, Katie M, Adriana B, Emily Harrige
>>11565 Post Hannah Foltz, any possibility you have Madison Haynes?
>>11569 What are you gonna post and yes I have Madison Haynes
Damn this place is dead and sad
>>11571 I know no one is posting anymore
I got Morgan Gallentine and Abi Sedivy. I also got videos of Alysha Hobbs. I can post those for Hannah Brigham, Haynes, and Foltz
>>11573 Is the Abi sedivy actually good
>>11574 Yes, nudes with face
Anyone got Lauryn Holly?
Erica rice?
I got AllyMorland’s
>>11578 Post them
>>11579 What you got?
>>11583 What?
Someone please post something just to get the ball rolling 🤦🏽‍♂️
>>11582 I wouldn’t count that as a real win, kind of looks fake tbh no real nudity
Now if we could get Haynes, Foltz, and Brigham’s wins…
>>11589 What are you talking about? 😂
Does anyone have Bailey Smith?
Anyone got sex stories on Bailey Kingery?
Who’s dropping what for Katie Knutti?
>>11594 Gonna drop Haynes and then? Or no?
>>11595 Ok and…?
That’s where all these wins come from
For real though who got Emily Watkins, Chloe Grater, Aspen Eizenga
Maddy Dauphin?
Anyone on here???
I got more to post, but since I posted the majority early on and then a couple more. I am done til people put in their share. I asked for Madison Haynes and Hannah Foltz someone said they had and didn’t post til I see good wins I am done.
all my wins are in the dis
>>11606 The what?
>>11606 Using DIS is a horrible idea. They are more intrusive than google and collect more information than them. You have a GREAT possibility of exposure. This site is located in the balkans such laws are irrelevant there if you get my drift
Who’s dropping what next?
>>11609 Katie?
>>11611 Yea Katie Knutti
Think Hailey Harring would duck for cash?
>>11613 Nah I don’t think
We still sharing or just chatting lol 😂
>>11614 I know she is stuck up but shows off like a whore online so I just thought
>>11615 Beside sharing this is a good site to ask questions or tell stories without exposure in real life. Information can help us get pussy in the future
Who’s got some good nudes to share with the group?
Any milfs?
>>11621 Name?
>>11622 Faith
>>11623 Last name? Your allowed to post names her btw first and last
What are some wild sex stories on here
>>11624 Hovious
>>11626 Eh ok, anyone more interesting?
Someone hit us with some good nudes please
Everyone just give up lol
I got stuff but again posted a lot of the wins. But still looking for Madison haynes, Hannah Foltz and Hannah Brigham or even Corey Johnston Hailee Haring, Day yourkoski. Bailey kingery Olivia burton just throwing out ideas here lol
>>11630 I think that guy was lying about gaveling those three the more i think about it
>>11631 I wonder that myself, wouldn’t be the first time. But whatever my offer stands I have better pics and some videos but posted more than anyone so whatever. Will still give the benefit of the doubt to him
>>11632 Well for now I have Day Yorkowsi
>>11632 While we wait on him I can give Day
>>11634 Then post lol ante up bud
>>11633 Gonna post Day?
>>11634 I guess not?…
So no one gonna send after that Day one
>>11640 Looks like her, flash hides the face where you get it? She moved away right?
>>11643 Her ex sent me it
>>11643 Yes she moved away she joined the military
>>11645 Who was her ex? Any videos I got bj ones with Hobbs. Know anything on Mccginus? Her friend?
>>11646 Zach was her ex, and no videos of her and not interested in Hobbs, her friend Katie McGinnis?
>>11647 Yea, Katie and the only videos I got are Hobbs
>>11648 No nudes of anyone, I haven’t hear anything on her but I feel like she’s got a few out there for sure
Does anyone else have nudes???
>>11649 I have nudes, Abi Sedivy and Morgan Gallentine, plus old ones from the old thread. I am working a double and have stuff at home so can’t post til I get off. And Idk how Slutty Katie is, or Madison Haynes Or Corey? Idk if you know? I love to fuck them all plus Day lol
>>11651 When do you get off so you can bless us up?
>>11652 About 1030 -11 am, I’ll post don’t worry lol. Fuck I’ll even post L I N k S to Hobbs whoever wants it out there. But still want Madison Haynes if someone can help
Just a random thought any nasty bitches from Savanna, like real white trash? Lol
>>11656 be specific lol I might have exactly who you are looking for
>>11657 Tell me the names lol there are a few
>>11658 I need your definition of nasty and names so I can help you
>>11660 Brooke Miller, Stacey Carter and her family
>>11661 Sorry no
Emily Watkins?
>>11662 It’s cool I heard Stacey and her sisters all had wins
What would be awesome is wins of Kylie Hill and her sister Olivia Burton
>>11665 What do you have?
You guys all are all sick fucks. Legit all losers that can’t get laid.
>>11667 And you are? lol why are you here then?
Cause your all fucking dumb fucks that need to get a life other than sitting on a website waiting for some girls nudes. Can’t get laid obviously with your small DICCKKKKKK. I
Got anymore bre??
Anyone have Hannah Walters?
>>11671 Yea tons more what you got?
>>11607 what's the dis link
Y’all are dumb fucks. Get a life. Or some pussy maybe lma-oo
>>11666 Morgan Gallentine, Abi Sedivy and videos of Alysha Hobbs
>>11674 Making a mistake going to dis
Ya dis is a bad idea lololololol dis…. Wow
>>11675 Who are you? Brave soul who accuses us of hiding when you do the same. You have nothing to lose reveal yourself
>>11675 For real don’t come at us when you’re doing the same think tf
Doesn’t matter who i am you already said my name. Just funny how dumb you guys are. Lololol. Now tell us who you are.
>>11676 Drops yours first
>>11681 It’s either Emily Baresma, Sabrina SB or Allision Whitehead
>>11681 Tell me your name first then I’ll tell you mine
>>11683 Keara Hayden? Welcome to the party lol
Allison whitehead you fuck
>>11687 Please refrain from bad language Alision and how did you hear about us?
For good measure anyone have Lindsey Whitehead? Lol
Who wanted bre again? And what we’re you going to give for hers?
>>>11689 Hers are already in here 😂
So we just gonna stop posting
>>11692 Allusion’s not her Sister Lindsey’s
>>11694 My bad I read that wrong
This chat is ass lol
Guess everyone went to bed
>>11696 No one stopping you from posting
Kaylee Anderson?
Someone be our hero with Jaycie VanKamep
Hannah Knight?
>>11698 I’ve seen the chat only a fe people drop on or two I’m not gonna be the only one dropping pics
Mariah Vallederis??
Someone drop Kyla Kampus 😩
>>11700 Second
>>11705 What?
>>11706 I second getting Jayce’s wins
Someone requested Hailey Ballard, heard she was a slut when ySCAMr, now fat lol anyone?
Last thing to drop tonight Kaylee Plattenberger or Jenna Mccginus?
(487.27 KB 1280x768 ef.png)
(398.50 KB 540x403 FV5_nfCXwAAA_dl.png)
em f. got a couple vids too
>>11713 Vids of what?
So I got Carrie Christensen, Allysha Hrovat/Stuervant, Morgan Gallentine, Cassie Kness/Miller, and Abi Sedivy. I am going to post Morgan and Abi when I get home. But what do I get for the others? ( just remembered I had them)
>>11716 I really would like Madison Haynes, Liz Conroy, Olivia Burton, or Bailey Kingery
Maybe just watch the porn at the bottom of the page fucking sickos.
Not posting till someone else does I posted some last night
(1.04 MB 1689x2924 Morgan Gallentine - Copy.jpg)
(124.76 KB 750x1334 Snapchat-1559761244 - Copy.jpg)
Morgan Gallentine and Abi Sedivy as promised. Now someone post Madison Haynes, Bailey Kingery, or Olivia Burton
Emily Watkins, Chloe Grater, Aspen Esenga, Laura Holm?
(389.62 KB 750x1624 IMG_6694-1.png)
(305.33 KB 719x1280 IMG_2370.png)
Hobbs and ashby. more bry?
>>11732 >Anonymous Who is it
Who are the two recent ones?
>>11763 Tons more bry who you got?
>>11738 Alyssa hobbs and one of the ashby twins
Alyssa Jackson?
S- no more huh
So nobody got any good shit
Any April Baragan?
Anyone want Raven
What’s new?
>>11732 Name please
>>11565 If you got any of these post some
Who has someone good tonight?
>>11768 Name???
>>11768 Post names to your wins please
Damn why’s this chat lame 😒
>>11771 It’s not lame, we just want a name to a picture
>>11771 N@t@li€ Br0Wn my bad
Who else we got tonight?
>>11773 Where is she from?
>>11777 Mnt.Carroll why?
>>11778 Just didn’t recognize her and couldn’t find any social media accounts that’s all. Can’t see her face to good with a duck face lol
>>11778 And I just found her FB so never mind I never meet her. Have Kaylee Plattenberger?
Anyone know Riley lashelle
Someone drop some Tiffany Preston
I think the Rice girls be best Kelsey and Kennedy. I posted Chrissy lol
Hailey Ballard, kaylee plantebuger, and Jenna McGinnis anyone?
>>11784 I have asked and looked for Kaylee’s wins for a long time. She said she never took nudes so I now doubt they exist
What about Hailey Ballard and Jenna McGinnis
>>11786 I assume Hailey might, Jenna if she does it goes to Kaleb only.
Guess everyone is done for the night
More than likely
(630.10 KB 750x1407 IMG_1638537229.png)
(384.94 KB 671x1159 IMG_1638402163.png)
Kate ⭐
Now someone else post a couple
>>11790 Bailey who? And these really don’t count as wins non nude
I got a good one, anyone have Sage Stjorhann?
Lacey Jo Hovis, Faith Gibbs, Brieann Hatt?
>>11795 Who you got I have a good one
>>11798 I already posted quite a bit, who do you have?
>>11799 I’ve posted quit a bit too
>>11800 Still doesn’t answer the question
>>11801 Emily Harrige
>>11802 I would consider that an ok win, nothing I post more of my stuff for tbh after giving so much
>>11802 Just post everyone wants something for theirs and never really posts
Guess we’ll be nude less for a while then 🤷🏽‍♂️
>>11806 Get back when you have Kylie Hill, or Olivia Burton
>>11807 I do have em lol just not gonna throw em out there to get something not equal to em
>>11808 I have Carrie Christensen, Allysha hrovat/struvent and a few of the ones posted on the old board
>>11809 Also a couple Abi Sedivy not posted
Goodnight ig then
>>11811 Post yours I’ll post when I get home like I did with Gallentine and the other sedivy
I am gonna support the call for Aspen Eizenga if they exist
Anyone got anything good?
>>11884 Yea but I’m tried of me and one or two other people posting
>>11846 Give a list
I got niki johnson and Riley lashelle
Any of Hannah Knight?
How about Daniella Tafoya I know she has some
Sophia Ginzller?
>>11853 Who is this?
>>11885 Bailey Baker
Still waiting on the dude to post Madison Haynes. I got stuff I will drop in exchange
>>11857 Like?
>>11858 Carrie Christensen, Allysha Struvent, Cassie Miller, plus all the ones not posted from the old thread
>>11859 Tbh dude I don’t think anyone has Madison Haynes ngl
>>11859 at least just post cassie. of the ones listed shes prob lower on the want list so might as well just share
>>11859 Besides Maddison Haynes who else you want?
>>11862 True probably no one does, I also am looking for Bailey Kingery, Olivia Burton, Kelsey and Kennedy Rice, Corey Johnston, or Lily, Natalie o Connor
I will - Carrie Christensen for Hailee Haring
Who’s got something new a good today?
I’ll post in the afternoon tomorrow work 4am-12 will do so after I get home. Hopefully people will post in the meantime
Doubt it hasn’t been any activity recently
>>11888 Either way I’ll post something tomorrow
Anymore? Like anyone? Lol
Darien or Tawnie Sanchez, Daisy Rogers, or Anna or Rachel Badtke?
Gonna go out on a limb here, probably get laughed at Madison Magill?
Ngl I agree with that I’d like to see Madison Magill
>>11899 NGL we probably never will lol
(79.92 KB 192x255 Sam Ritchie - Copy.png)
(58.58 KB 750x1334 Jess handle - Copy.jpeg)
(64.39 KB 144x255 Hannah Shellhouse - Copy.png)
(86.08 KB 255x192 Megan Wilkinson 2 - Copy.png)
(72.42 KB 182x255 Megan Wilkinson - Copy.png)
Samantha Ritche, Jess Handel, Hannah Shellhouse, and Megan Wilkinson. Now other people post some wins Lets get Sydnye Castro up in here and others
>>11908 First one isn't samantha ritchie and Megan w is u.a.
>>11913 Then who is it? And UA?
Niki j0hns0n
I got more for Hailee Haring
Anyone out there with Haylee McGinnis?
>>11938 Isn’t she not legal yet? Also she has been with that spic for awhile now
Dead night lol
>>11897 Isn't Madison Magill a lesbian? Or bi or something
Any have Natalie Limestead?
Shared wins yesterday, nobody shared anything but one person. Got more but ante up before I post.
>>11970 Who do you have if you have tons?
>>11972 Never said I have tons, I listed everyone multiple times
Angel looney?
Brittany Rehbock/Lynch ?
Emily Muller? I know she has been with the same guy but acts real slutty. At least anyone know anything about her?
Hey Phil share the ones you have
Hey Phil share the ones you have.
Gonna laugh when Phil gets his ass beat by an angry father, brother, or boyfriend. Especially since he probably has nothing to do with this board lol
I’m gonna laugh when we find out who you are and you get your shit stomped into the ground
>>12008 I know he's called Ryan, trying to find more details for the boys.
>>12008 What boys? lol I need names your gonna get all tough on here
Someone bless us tonight please
Heard WCMS in MT Carroll Had wins anon board lets just post
Heard Peighton Stretton had a few
>>12034 >>12035 Someone just made a comment about Hailey McGinnis being under age now you guys want WCMS wtf
who cares lets see some tits, pussy and ass whoever they may be Haylee Mccginnis, Peighton Stretton, Khloe Plattenberger, Abbey Skiles. All are rumored to have wins
Are you guys fucking FORBIDDENding me??? Asking for 12 year old nudes!? You’re all fucking pigs. FORBIDDEN pornography! I will find out who you sick fucks are.
Honestly wtf middle schoolers you guys are fucked in the head
You retards are on the wrong website
Anyone have something anything tonight?
>>12052 Wow wtf is wrong with you
So is someone gonna post or………
>>12074 Why don't you post something I have already posted alot
>>12076 I have posted quite a bit on here too
Peighton Stretton and her friend Ella Law fucking hit up 20 yeard old + dudes. Gonna act grown might as well show then acting adult
Ya and I’ll turn your ass in for posting teenagers pictures dumb fuck.
Bump for the young teen sluts.
When the fuck did this turn to posting teens what sick fucks
>>12088 The puritan times have ended faggot, get with the 21st century.
You guys are all sick fucks you’re probably all 20-28. Asking for 12 year old girls which I’m sure you have nieces that age.
Obviously pussy is just pussy to you. Lol asking for pictures of girls who don’t even have anything to show.
>>10290 If there's grass on the field, play ball. Now post some yng tight sluts for me.
Seriously if these girls dont want their pics out dont take them. Peighton and Ellie go after older guys
I wonder if those young girls have heard about people asking about their nudes. Or is that something people are just gonna keep secret
They might not but their brothers or dads might find out.
The real pussies are the one on an anonymous site posting or asking for nudes they obviously could never get in high school. Since al of those pictures are old af. And pictures you got off of Facebook lol.
If you want peighton and Ella law so bad why don’t you talk to them your self and get their nudes that way instead of being anonymous and asking other people for them
>>12096 Facts like wtf they are old pics
I would got to Ella and Peighton but at that point you just might as well go all the way. Thing is they will still wanna be inncocent, so almost guranteed anal action. Just hoping someone would throw me a bone
>>12100 Wtf are you talking about that’s soo sick what’s wrong with you no one is throwing your creepy ass a bone
someone post some yng and I'll throw in some oc.
>>12103 oc? What are you talking about?
>>12104 original content, of similar girls from other states.
>>12105 Nobody wants that we want girls in Carroll country
If they're the right age who gives a fuck what state they're from? I say post away.
>>12107 Nonn bc I’m trying to see Carroll county girls that’s it that’s why this is an Illinois chat room
>>12108 Ignore this faggot, I'll take some "teens" from any state if you have them.
So nobody gonna post now?
So any f the WCMS wins? Just imagine cum on Peightton and Ella's braces
(592.33 KB 2048x2048 profile.cleaned.jpg)
Can't tell me they don't get around ;)
>>12128 Wait that’s both of them?
What’s going on tonight
<<12128 Yes thats them short shorts and all lol. Can't tell me thier butts dont get you hard
>>12128 Girls that young don't know how to clean real well lol might have a couple bad smells coming out if them if you get there pants off lol
>>12128 So found out Ella Law really goes after older guys, and found out (supposedly) Peighton and Khloe Plattenberger have wins, Anon forum come on guys post!
>>12185 Be nice if she had some, same as Jaycie Vankampen, or Olivia Burton , or Aylssa Jacks. But they been with the same guys for awhile now so doubtful
Which ones Ella Law?
Just talked with el law tonight and she knows about you nasty fucks.
Those girls are 12 years old. I will legit go straight to the cops if anybody post them or asks about them again.
(174.87 KB 1119x1380 P.cleaned.jpg)
>>12198 >>12199 First I doubt you did, what would that acomplish? This site is located in Russia, good luck with everything going on in the world. Also here is a pic for fun
>>12191 >>12128 Ella Law is on the right with the black spandex
You guys must be desperate lololol
know of anyone with and only fans account around Savanna area let's see those username
>>12199 This faggot has the wins but he's hoarding them. Post them you hoarding faggot or we go to the cops and report you.
O.F. i know is Carrissa Bates If anyone has Peighton or Ela just post this site is secure
>>12223 Do you have her username?
Anyone have Demi Hess, Sapphire Harris?
Just fucking post
Hannah Brigham?
Someone post
I got Hannah Brigham
>>12259 Post Hannah and I will post another Sedivy
😂 yeaaaa ookaaayyyy
>>12261 It’s the dude who fakes he has wins to get people to post, sadly people like him are on this board
Is Abi Sedivy a prostitute?
Post Ella and Peighton you hoarding faggots.
Oh yea definitely faking Hannah’s
Idk it looks like I definitely have her doesn’t it
>>12269 Is that the win, or edited?
>>12269 It’s a Not allowed edit
Yea but “I don’t have Hannah Brigham” ok 😂😂😂😂
>>12279 This thread will have to be restarted the red X at the top means it’s mandatory to die. So wait til then. Also quit playing games man just post shit
Wait what does it mean it’s mandatory to die and when will it restart
>>12281 Threads have limited lifespan, ours has been around to long. Someone has to restart it
>>12269 Also if you have Madison Haynes, post an edited photo of her win
Well shit someone post some good ones before this one restarts
A new thread was started
Sorry I don’t have Madison Haynes
Why's there no large pps in here
I like that there^^^
3 big guys and they cum in my eyes
Hey guys let's - nudes because I can get pussy
That's what we need up there ^^^
I wanna see some monster cocks
Megan Cox, let’s see that slut