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Jenn Des Monies 09/22/2022 (Thu) 14:36:57 No. 12397
Anyone happen to have Jenn H or Jenn L. She is recently divorced and always out on the town. Even stories are good
Definitely seen her at the bars and she is absolutely wild. Only her a couple of stories of her taking dudes home
Definitely slobbed on my knob. She fucks around with tall dudes.
She is a milf but kinda old. Pretty sure she is dr now
Bump bump bump
Show me a doctor titties please
She used to fuck around with the drake basketball team
Anyone got any stories of her? I heard she is out in des monies all the time
Yes she lives in Johnston, recently divorced. Always out partying in des monies and usually with a lot of dudes. I've heard she has cheated on her ex-husband.
>>12529 Shut..up…y’all belong on a government watch list.
I highly doubt it. Jenn is a good girl.
Bump bump bump
Let's see them
Hello beautiful
How about some stories and nudes
Bump the doc
Yes please
She doesn't really do anything, besides make out with guys.
She did fuck a guy on Halloween
She is pretty cute
It was alright. Nothing to write home about, she was single at the time.
Fucked her shortly after her divorce but apparently had a boyfriend already.
I wanna be apart of this train, you think she would take a dark knight
She dumped her husband and boyfriend for me. She likes to fuck
You fucking wish.
Hooked up with her after her divorce. Didn't realize I knew her ex-bf or even had one, so I told him.
Glad to hear my girl is out living her best life.
Can we keep getting more stories, she is unleashed after these breakups. Can I get my dick wet