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Anonymous 09/17/2022 (Sat) 21:12:10 No. 12235
Carlisle thread.I have a ton if anyone else wants to share.
Any E-lie Hampton
>>12235 You have a ton because you come on here begging for others to post and you collect others’ wins? Or you are the original Rico Suave and the ladies can’t resist you? Put up or shut up dude.
>>12240 Exactly then people wonder why a thread dies before it even has a chance to breathe. Post to post. Others will follow.
Listen retards why would I go and share 10 plus files worth of pics if no one else is gonna say they have wins from this town. All what’s gonna happen is im going to share and no one else is because everyone else on these threads are a bitch. Telling me to put up or shut up. Mother fucker these files were from - over the years not from collecting like a baby bitch. No wonder no one else has posted from Carlisle.
>>12270 Proof or didn't happen
Chelsey Marie
Lily McPhee
Damn. Id sell shit i still need for Lilly Mcphee
I’ve got more of all 3
Lucky man. They're all dope. I got nothing so I'm just gonna say thanks and hope someone else posts.
More of Lil M.
>>12328 I can post more, but I really need others to participate
Any Elie Hampton
>>12328 >>12400 Literally never heard of her, also, try not to use full names or we could get fucked
Have anything on her?
Any m@ckenzi3 Lo53
Yes there is I have one of Mackenzie
Would we want to make d—spam for Carlisle?
You can make whatever honestly. See if anyone would join.
>>12563 Please share
I’m not sharing anymore shit unless some one else does
/bMbWd8bg post upon joining please. Im not great at building servers so just be chill
Bump for M@ckenzie
No one’s sharing fucking shit on the disspam. Just a heads up for all you pussies not wanting to share Looks like you’ll never get Mackenzie cus I’m not sharing it
I have some of M Harlan, post a new disspam link
How do you join the disspam
Anyone have any @nna 0lson
How do you know who she is?