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(802.84 KB 720x952 Screenshot_20200707-091352~2.png)
Ella H3d3r Anonymous 08/29/2022 (Mon) 14:55:09 No. 11626
Let's try again. She had multiple private twitters and disspams. Someone HAS something.
(413.03 KB 843x1024 vsco5b186f1cda8da.jpg)
(77.54 KB 910x1102 FTTfmeQWIAILThZ.jfif)
Surprised I've found anyone else that knows her, she's hot af. A month or so ago I uploaded all her pics I have to er0m3 . Just search up "elmina", should be 4 galleries. All NN tho
>>11964 You are a hero. You actually have stuff I don't and I've been following here for a while. Now we just need the wins. I KNOW they're out there.
(138.87 KB 769x1378 3VmhPuw3.jpeg)
She is not hot asf, she’s fat! That axe handle ass is not cute it’s disgusting
(1.11 MB 750x1500 FmNBjVRc.png)
>>12030 I've literally met her irl she's genuinely not fat. She got gifted with huge tits even when she was spam3r and worked out for her huge ass/thighs
(1.69 MB 1440x2833 Screenshot_20220913-110310.png)
(3.24 MB 1440x2824 Screenshot_20220913-233914.png)
One from her regular story and one from her priv story
>>12132 Not much, but I'll take whatever I can get.
>>12186 How do you know?
>>12186 Then where is the OF?
>>12205 Looks like it's just a burner
(394.78 KB 1124x1500 Go5railp.jpeg)
(70.93 KB 960x574 zt2TYZEJ.jpeg)
>>12132 Anymore?
(2.59 MB 1440x2827 Screenshot_20220921-224856.png)
Here's another from her priv story
>>12413 You're a saint. I wish whoever has her old Disspam stuff would pop in here.
>>12423 She had old Disspam stuff? Do you know if it's anything like I've shared on FORBIDDEN or on here at all?
>>12424 I just remember like almost 2 years ago there was talk of a disspam on her old Twitter with an expired inv.
(1.29 MB 750x1500 y9sPQF4M.png)
(1.18 MB 1440x2846 Screenshot_20220925-032651.png)
From priv story
(667.02 KB 750x1500 zFZMYDop.png)
(885.31 KB 774x1500 OJmKaUdO.png)
Literal bump.
(206.90 KB 1500x1116 uUZNjPlO.jpeg)
twit/moneybagmina Someone score a follow and share.
(172.67 KB 1201x1325 20230122_012831.jpg)
bump, new pics
>>16578 Could you post it on a less sketchy site? like g0 f1l3
Anything new
>>11626 whats are her socials?
moneybagmina Is her private instagram
Anything new ??
ELMINASWRLD MlNAAFTERDARK CASHM0NEYMINA filthybosnian lilsadmeme bosnianfreak All current and previous socials.
(110.72 KB 828x899 FvQNFX2WwAEMbnb.jfif)
(114.07 KB 828x1290 FtD6L-mXoAABS7N.jfif)
(76.17 KB 828x1037 Ftc6RrCX0A0_Yy_.jfif)
(90.31 KB 828x1209 FtZKA9JWcAYrpX3.jfif)
(546.04 KB 1283x1595 FvVqZN-X0AAaruc.jfif)
(102.00 KB 828x978 2GsgaWX7.jpeg)
(439.38 KB 1080x1135 2LuKcm1Y.jpeg)
>>19688 You're a hero. Have some more. Keep it going.
Anything new?
More pics?
Anything new from her private insta
(133.80 KB 828x819 F2kzmz6WYAExFyQ.jpg)
(127.14 KB 828x819 F2kzmz6WYAExFyQ1.jpg)
original and xray
is there any new pics or vid
Heres some more older stuff. If I already posted these, my apologies.
Is there anything new from her private instagram?
>>23840 From the private
Is there anything new
Anything new
Any new stuff?
Any new pics ?