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Prairie or Jefferson SW Cedar Rapids 08/24/2022 (Wed) 18:52:16 No. 11476
Anything from around ‘09-‘14 is preferred if you got it. I’ve seen some floating around but here’s 3mily $tod0la to get us started.
J0rd@n B0uze k '12
>>11552 Nice!
Mspam@n J?
(802.84 KB 720x952 Screenshot_20200707-091352~2.png)
Ella H3d3r?
Bump. Any cr wash? Preferably 2012-2014
>>11476 Got any more $tod0la?
>>11731 just these, she has an OF.
>>11733 If anyone has her sister $ydney that’s a huge W
>>11733 what’s the OF?
>>11736 https://onlyf4ns.com/emmybabyxo with an a other than the 4 obviously
(832.19 KB 1816x2560 20220904_143058.jpg)
Anything on M@dd1e F3rrie? CR Wash
Keep it goin’!
@shley S
Lots of Jeff in here. Anyone got Prairie???
Dont get that addy shit going..just keep this list rolling
M4rissa Smith, Hail3e Sch1ller, Cor4 K4hle or others from Prairie???
>>11741 Did anyone get this???
>>11936 man I would kill to see hail33
>>11955 she’s been on here before. Someone has them
>>11970 Who is that??
>>11970 Let’s g--!
>>11974 M4rissa Sm1th. There’s more floating around somewhere
(264.79 KB 358x510 breee.png)
(789.71 KB 881x658 bree.png)
Prairie 12^^ ive got alot more people too. Keep it up!
Anyone have d@rr!@n fl3!$Not allowed3r
>>12044 Drop ‘em! …please? :)
Anyone have K3lli He4th??? Jefferson ‘11?
>>12060 Or her sister Sh3lly
S4mmie Gr1mes???
Bump for sammie
Anymore Jeff '10-'12?
>>12158 Okay now let’s get some Prairie goin’ please
Prairie ‘12
>>12215 Moar!
>>12215 not her
>>12254 Looks like one of her state pics from college, she had a few leak around that time. Post what you have of her
>>12306 I guess it’s possible someone stole her pic and used it multiple times as spam Twitter accounts. I doubt it though.
>>12317 It was posted on Iastatenudes and bubblebuttnation with her name
>>12321 Was this from the Not allowed story or twitter? Also, post her nudes!
>>12322 No nudes just thong pics I heard there was a lot of her dropped in the spam when it was still up
Any wins of N@t@li3 Bl@nk?
Does anyone know if it’s still up or have an PRIVATE TRADE NOT ALLOWED?
Keep ‘em comin’
>>12043 anymore br33?
Pls don’t let this thread die!
Any Ang3lica H4hn??
Anyone have the @ddy $ullivan DP video? I have a video of her being spit roasted I would tr@de
>>12544 I have the new video of her giving head in the parking lot of a bar
Lol no ya don’t
>>12547 This video was posted on 4chan, everyone has it lol
>>12601 so post it
>>12601 P-ost it, p-st it, p-st it! POOOST IT!
Her ex was selling a bj video, but he wanted way too much for it. For a girl that supposedly has a few GB and DP videos I am not paying $150 to watch her suck your dick
I have the video of her sucking off 3 guys after a party. Resolution is garbage as it was respamed on a iPhone 4. I’ll drop it once you guys post something decent
I’ve posted all I have so need someone else to come through for us
>>12601 Spent hours searching 4chan archives, can’t find it.>>12601
>>12714 I remember seeing it 6 months ago if that helps you find it. It doesn’t show much, it’s her making out and rubbing some guys dick through his pants outside Bushwoods. They go back to his car and you can see her head bobbing.
>>12601 >>12720 Still can’t find it :(
>>12720 >>12720 What thread was it in?
>>12720 Found it but the link to vid is dead
>>12720 https://spam-/d/dYGZjj Anyone else have nudes of her? I have a few, but I’m not going to be the only one sharing.
>>12735 Who is this?
>>12736 @ddy $ullivan
>>12737 I thought it was her, just wanted to be sure.
Thanks for sharing bro Damn that bitch was cock thirsty
>>12735 How do I open this?
>>12741 Are you trying to view it on desktop or iPhone? Desktop should have a way to extract data, on iPhone you will have to download an app, I use unzip
>>12735 Waste of time, no nudity She is just rubbing his dick through his pants, then you can’t see his dick, you just see her head going up on down.
>>12742 iPhone
Links dead
Fuck! Every time someone posts Addy I miss it Please repost
Addys freshly fucked asshole
I’m glad to see you fags stopped hoarding Pics Here is some from my collection.
>>12829 Only one I have of her unfortunately This was from one of the ISU Not allowed groups
Anything other than Addy?
>>12829 🤢🤮
>>13009 All her videos and pics are in the [Private trading not allowed] group. Lots of other Prairie and Jeff girls too
>>13019 Is the gangbang video in there?
>>13018 Where is this group?
Any K0nnor Gr1ffith? Or C0ra K4hle? More Prairie???
>>13037 How do I join? I have some very recent cuckold vids of her and her bf fucking guys she brings home from the bar.
>>11476 >>13081 I wanna see
Who dis!!??
Anyone have @utumn $tensland prairie 10’
Any Maddie and0rf?
Looking for more sex vids https://mega.nz/folder/CmZzVAAR#FHGhiufUlVcGmH4ztFWp_w Here is a sample of the what I have of her from my personal collection.
>>13303 Nice facial
>>13303 dead link
can you please repost - the mega doesn't load
>>13303 Bump for a repost of the link!
Why is no one sharing pics on here?
Anyone got L@uren N0@h from Jeff '10? I know she got around a lot
Sierra ott? From jeff
Bump for L@uren N
Bump jefferson
>>13647 I have a few.. Which graduation class should I post?
>>13664 2012!!! (please)
>>13647 Anyone have (H)either (K)Eller?
>>13664 Yeah '12 would be good
anyone have m@ddy l3w1s from prairie?
(124.74 KB 1019x1920 IMG_20221120_120116.jpg)
(126.05 KB 1019x1920 IMG_20221120_120121.jpg)
(151.91 KB 1440x1920 IMG_20221120_120127.jpg)
(19.73 KB 480x360 2012-12-319501-52-1995484.jpg)
@bby K0ch Jefferson '12
>>14271 NICE!
Bump Jeff 2012
>>14755 Anyone have more of @ddy $ullivan?
>>14870 Can someone share these? I have a couple of her friends, Jennifer J and Danielle R I will share in return
Can everyone stop asking for Addy on multiple threads? It kills the thread. Make a seperate thread for her if you need to wonder about her.
(356.33 KB 1080x1342 12ram.jpg)
(536.12 KB 799x1351 ram.jpg)
>>14875 What’s out there of Jennifer J? I want to she those titties
Any Heather K?
>>14986 More Jeff ‘12 please Anyone still have the pics of Addy S that floated around Jeff? I lost the, a few phones ago
any wins?
>15005 I had a full frontal of Jenny L@frenz from '13 on my old phone long ago. Sadly its gone
Looking for Ashley Jh0nson. Fun fuck, hard to get pics from
Of spam
Of mydirtysecret69
Cierra m@@s tits anyone?
G-örg-@ or b@-len?
(750.79 KB 1050x1937 817.jpg)
^^ whos this?
Sara furman ?
Does anyone have any J0$!3 B.URR) I've seen her name posted but idk if there have been wins?
Bump Josie!!!
Bump J0sie
Anyone know how to remove stickers from $n@p? I have a few girls from Jeff ‘10-‘12
>>15772 No but you should post them anyway
You gotta have access to the original
Courtney 1cen0gle?
Bump Courtney
>>15772 gotta be the stupidest thing i've heard on this board. and that is saying a lot.
>>11900 Maybe someone should send the L@uren Goodl0ve pic to her brother L33 Goodl0ve and screenshot his response. I'd love to see it.
Dead thread...
Anyone got anything on her? Titties are massive
Lol tits are massive but too bad she’s too trashy for her own good. Bitch could have been it. Instead she went dirt cheap.
>>17584 Who’s this?
>>17598 Syd Stod0l@
>>17736 Sweet! Have any more!??
Its @ll!3 p@yn3, not whoever your trying to take credit for.
>>17991 I have a few of D3sara3 R3in3rt from back in HS. Do you have any of their friends?
>>18025 Do you have K()K? I don’t want to post her stuff here
Last of big tits J0rd@n B0uzek jeff '12
any Hail3e Schiller floating around?
@mand@ p1polo
Any Class of 2013-2017?
>>18198 I’ve seen them here before. Old ones though. Would love to see something newer.
>>18198 Bump for h@il33
Bump for some Prairie grads
>>19536 Double bump
Anyone have Tor! Lor!mer?
(70.76 KB 480x640 IMG_0981.jpeg)
>>20536 I have a few topless pics. Who do you have?
>>20537 would love to see her topless have her face in them?
(72.41 KB 480x640 IMG_0982.jpeg)
>>20539 Yes. Have any f the Addy Sullivan pics/vids?
>>20542 Sadly I do not
>>20542 Anyone else you'd be looking for?
(634.34 KB 1119x1375 IMG_0984.jpeg)
>>20557 I don’t check here often
Bump it up
>>20536 Bump tori
(373.80 KB 719x947 Ag.jpg)
Who is this? Are there any more?
A loot from her @thatiacowgirl
Bump more of her
Bump this hottie
I don't think she has an OF
(365.41 KB 977x1111 Ksbr.jpg)
Any wins on either of these two?
Let's see some wins
(471.12 KB 1079x1346 Im.jpg)
(586.41 KB 1079x1346 07.jpg)
Let's see some wins
Any d. C. O.r.d. links?
Let’s hear some m@ri$$a sm1th stories and I’ll drop some never before seen wins
>>22827 Check the name
>>22906 she got around a lot. I busted her open a few times. She’s a good girl who can deepthroat like a champ. I knew a guy she gave head to on a trampoline lol.
>>22955 Tons of Iowa leaks shared
>>22955 On d. C. O.r.d.
>>23216 New ones in the name. Tons of sc leaks from every Iowa area code
>>23297 Shit group ngl not enough posters. Any other groups with actual content?
>>23300 you're just pissed nobody would fall for your pathetic scam.
Buddy used to bang m@ri$$a sm1th all the time when she was dating Al. Says her pussy started to smell the last time or 2 they were together.
anyone have R0x@nn€ B or Br€€c€ H? 2014
Any @lli$on W@rd?
Any s@v@nn@ f0wl3r wins?
Whats new dcor link?
prairie 2013-2017?
Any of $kyl@ @tk1n$
(174.21 KB 960x960 IMG_4602.JPG)
(65.06 KB 540x960 IMG_4606.JPG)
(67.39 KB 540x960 IMG_4608.JPG)
(117.13 KB 960x960 IMG_4609.JPG)
(49.96 KB 640x799 IMG_4612.JPG)
(44.38 KB 640x640 IMG_4614.JPG)
any wins on Mck@ylA V 26-27y hottie?
Mck V can be fun when she forgets she has a fiancé
What the fuckkk. Sauce on mck v?
>>25990 Sauce on Mck V is married or not those holes still won’t be his when he is out of town and she needs dicked down.
I have some history with her but never seen her naked. Is there a video?
(381.81 KB 1290x1596 IMG_0014.jpeg)
Bump Mck
Bump Prairie
Bump plz
I know she is definitely a good piece to have on the side. I enjoy it when her guy is out of town. Always a fun night with her. Got any more wins?
>>25990 This image shows a bit of her nice tits. Would love to see more her fully naked
Wish I had more. Long story short that’s all I could salvage. The video was a good couple minutes long tho.
>>26180 Do you still keep contact with her? Any chance of getting some pics from her or taking some? Do you still have the vid to be able to share?
>>26180 also would love the video
Bump for vid on Mck V! We need that win
Bump for mck plzzzzz. I know that's a video screenshot. Cmon
bump for the mock v sauce
Anyone ever fuck little slut L@uren Ch@se?
Once again hoping someone has some h@ilee schi11er laying around. I heard her the other day complaining there were pictures of her floating around
>>26703 I have a few of Hailee I could drop, but what have you contributed?
>>26737 Hi I’ve contributed most of this thread and I would like to see Hailee.
(20.52 KB 804x665 IMG_2074.png)
>>26746 0515ba26a18e53af9382561439eff13cc5b6a08b56ac8bd900efd1d06b90141b1d
>>26746 Not comfortable posting her here. Too many creeps
>>26756 This dude is solid
>>26756 Mostly just has Cedar Rapids girls, but he does send
>>26772 Thread literally says Cedar Rapids
>>26756 Let me guess, you’ll only send them if I send you some @ddy su11iv@n…
>>26793 I forgot about her. What happened to the golden shower girl from Prairie?
>>26797 She went to ISU and got ran thru, dropped out and went back home.
>>26757 Man up...
Anyone have any Jeff from '10-'13 ish?
>>26834 I have a lot of Jeff and Prairie. 09-13
Then post some shit. Theres no reason to hoard 10 year old pics to yourself. Less reason to be on here & not throw them up.
>>26841 I can’t find you 0559afc4ec95767728dada396c9d9a20733854c475da330f3836497700d4a0ee4b
H@nn@h D? 3mi1y B? J3nn1çå Ç? 2011/2012 I think
>>26178 Well she's married now but would still be great to get a win of those big tits
>>26982 Iconic
Okay let's quick the fucking around. Let's see that McKayla video.
(88.48 KB 640x360 IMG_2211.jpeg)
To the guys that have or have seen the famed videos of Addy Sullivan, are there any videos with any of her friends in them?
Yall beg too much. Just post what you have.
>>27560 I saw a video of her being throat fucked and her friend (C]assidy (F)lemimg was watching and playing with herself
>>27560 I have a couple vids of her and her friends walking around nude or dancing, but no fuck vids or anything
>>27560 I have pics she sent me in college, but none of her friends. Kenzie Mongar would be nice to see
(117.37 KB 750x1015 IMG_2221.jpeg)
>>27562 Trading Cassidy if anyone has more 0559afc4ec95767728dada396c9d9a20733854c475da330f3836497700d4a0ee4b
how can i get my hands on this h@il33 Sch1ll3r
Damn. That's a nice titty
>>27996 What is that L!ink for?
Any H011y Sch0ff Jeff '10? Stories?
>>28227 bump
bump mck v’s amazing titties!!
she put on some pounds but would still like to see her nude and fuck her