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912 Brantley, Glynn, and Ware 04/20/2022 (Wed) 18:49:02 No. 8170
Who's actually got some shit and isn't afraid to post? Let's show what the 912 is about!
I have plenty of girls from around the class of 2010
Who u got
Who you got? And who you looking for?
Anyone have (Han) nah [Hank] inson? Been looking for a while and can’t find anything. She def has a slut(fans) at*hanky*panky*9, no stars
>>8203 What you waiting on?
I've also got plenty of girls from bacon. And I graduated around that time who do you have?!
Everyone has pictures yet not a single photo has been posted. Just fucking post them.
Now someone else
I also have Cheyenne (L)ee, Cry$tal Thoma$, (M)allory $weat, Chell$ie Moon, Cha$$ity Roger$, Katie Jack$on, Bri Carver, $handa Mulli$, and Juli white
Bump for shanda!
(3.04 MB 1440x2560 Screenshot_20160418-125136.png)
(514.71 KB 720x1280 Screenshot_2015-05-14-07-59-06.png)
Let's see some of that bacon County 2010
>>8895 First name?
Now we're fucking talking! My man, saving the day. Lemme see who I got to share.
Who has the wins on this one?
Who’s got H@nn@ J@cobs
Keep it going!! Bump!
Anyone got Claxton High School classes of 2014-2016?
More kymerlee
(87.04 KB 255x192 1480741599923-1.png)
>>9878 Wait, how do I view this video?
(71.91 KB 255x192 1480741599923-0.png)
(81.84 KB 255x192 1480741599923-2.png)
More kymer
>>9885 Fuck yes!! Finally someone comes through with some goods!
Any more of dev walk?
How do I get that kymer video?
Any Ciera m?
What video are y'all talking about? I'm not seeing any videos.
The comment was deleted. But apparently there is a bj video
Repost the video!!
Anybody got Kylie (J)ordan?
We're going to end up losing this thread again.
I know y’all got more!! I been posting!! Let’s go guys!!
Ciera m?
Who's got M1chelle McD0well??
Bump some kassie king>>8170
>>11057 Wouldn’t mind seeing her tits myself
Ciera m or kymerlee?
Jade irvin
Does anyone know how this works? If you're making a request then you need to make a submission. You give and you get. Yall quit being greedy, we all wanna see the same shit.
any one got ol!via d. Used to have onlyfriends. Bisexual tight as fuck
I have a few of kymer. I haven't seen anything I'm looking for
I'm trying to find Kymer1ee after she got her boob job
(34.40 KB 884x1624 Snapchat-1999685920.jpg)
(80.76 KB 884x1624 Snapchat-1435784946.jpg)
If you got them them post them, why are you holding out? Wtf? Unless you're bullshitting. WE ARE ALL HERE FOR THE SAME SHIT!!!!
Hailey Foote sylvania who has her I will pay
Her onlyfans
Sorry I posted all I had of kymer
Any Athena W
Bump for M1chelle Mcd0well
Alyssa B
>>11623 She has a whole profile for people with burping fetish
(37.32 KB 643x960 FB_IMG_1641314007045.jpg)
Bump for Kristin
(30.49 KB 600x884 1412875625894.jpg)
Kristin had a bunch of ones like these on an old fb. I don't remember it tho
Bump for Kristin, Michelle, Kymerlee
Anybody got @pril D@vis or @pril M0rris
I'm looking for kymer. I posted Alyssa, Kristen, Deanna, and some kymer. Someone post something
Literally everyone you posted wasn't even nude. So what have you really done?
(206.07 KB 1364x2048 FHx5ClSXMAQF1iC.jpeg)
There. Deanna and Alyssa. And the kymer ones were nude
Someone has to have Br00ke H0ust0n or H@ley B@gley
Yall gotta stop posting these mid ass hoes yall got from onlyfans
Who y'all got? I have lots. Let's get this thread going! If you got em post em.
>>12164 If you got lots then post em bru ill match pierce
Who you got from Pierce?>>12169
>>12221 19-21 class
Bump for Michelle and Kristin
(156.05 KB 1440x1430 FB_IMG_1659612481364.jpg)
Please tell me someone has seen these big ass titties!
Who's got this one?
Anyone got anything on this local hussy? Glyn @cademy c/o '03
Y'all really letting Pierce County make our thread look pathetic af! 🤣 just fucking post nudes!! Quit begging.
M@llory $mith??
Bump for Br00ke H0ust0n, H@yley B@gley, Kri$tin Hughe$, @pril M0rris, @pril D@vis, M1chelle Mcd0well, Bri@n@ Spenče
Damn bro. Who is that?
I know somebody gotta have this one. And the videos was K@yl@ H3rrin
Any of Mspaman C@rter from brantly?
>>12849 Morgan Carter
>>8886 Ive got Sar@h Hoiton and brl C@rver for m00n and white
Anybody got Candace Osteen/Sowell
Anybody have any from Bradwell class of 11-15?
(1.45 MB 4000x3000 07NSh9nW_4x.jpg)
(111.61 KB 1000x750 1656773601542.jpg)
Class of 2010
She fine af
Bump for Hughes
Any of Jenkins/Groves/EC class of 2011-13?
Post for more
>>13241 Please share more
Anybody got any @mber Dinkin$
Post if y’all want anymore I got hundreds of pics
>>13324 She has a great ass. Anymore?
Who else do you have ? I’ll start dropping some pics if I see any names I like
>>13115 Bump
Any king?
Any wins of K@yleigh Eichfeld/Wright?
2000+ pics and vid’s Private trading not allowed to see who I got
(2.37 MB 1440x2643 zara-sapp.png)
Anyone have Zara?
Any wins of Brittney?
>>13337 You don't show up bro
Hailey Foote wins? Sylvania statesboro 912
Some were in the old threads
I know. After it got deleted, I can't find them anywhere
R@chel K1nc@d OF Any wins of Kr1st3n J0n3s
R@Chel kinc@Id has an oF? Ill buy now
Bump for Hailey Foote!!!!!!!!!
I have Mallory $weat
Looking for a few Richmond hill girls .. looking for Madison lafrenier, Gillian French and Amanda dick . Here is Taylor b for your efforts
Taylor b
I know y’all have something . Let’s go
Somebody share Emily Hender$on/S@pp
Anyone have wins of this slut? She graduated South east bulloch a few years ago lives in statesboro
If you wanna exchange in private . You know the app to use . It’s gonna be a long boring day . Looking for girls from waycross , jesup , pierce , Brantley , Brunswick , Savannah , Richmond hill , Darien . Any of those areas
I don't know the app
Ignore girls of waycross whoever it is just gets pics and never sends any
>>8170 I send all the time with people who actually have material to - . I’m not sending people shit for free . That’s what this site is for .. I have plenty of people who can vouch for me as well as previous posts on here .. obviously you have never dropped shit on here.
I drop shit all the time, well used to don’t see th point in posting things 2-3 times I still have the Not allowed chat where you sent about 40 pics of people that’s left one read🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Not allowed* idk why the fuck it auto corrected to tbat
>>13882 Certain words are autobanned
Does rach@l kinc@id have a OF ???
Any king from waycross at all?>>13901
125 posts and only 55 pics that is bad
Kincaid onlyfan is bigbossbowser
What I gotta post to get someone to post Hailey Foote
Who you got?
A lot most from sylvania
>>13938 That ain’t her I don’t think
Anything else on K@yla Herr1n?
Anyone got any of M@rqu1t@ j0hns0n or @nsley mcgr@w from reidsville
>>13985 Yes I have a ton. But I'm getting nothing in return, I wanna see some bitches I know too.
I agree. I barely know anybody been posted so far
Ye i only have peirce and don't know any of these people
You got any king?>>13999
Goddamn bro is this a joke ? How many fucking times you gonna ask for the same bitch? She’s already been posted . Share some shit or move the fuck on
>>14017 Please stfu. youre a grown ass mf begging on this site for some random mid ass bitch who graduated 87 years ago for months if not years and you don't even post anything. Go get that shit yourself
Anyone have sylvania folks
Anyone have Ann@ W@tkins?
I’ve got Rebecca macall anyone have Hailey Foote
anyone have ava w?
Bump for more Am@nda P3tty!!
I’ve got some if anyone is interested from sylvania
>>14185 I’m interested in Sylvania and I have some to - as well
Who do you have?
Anyone have Haley R0wland? Heard she's a huge slut
I have a ton of Sylvania. post and I’ll drop em.
Who are you looking for?
>>14215 Happy anniversary bro. I remember the good old days of vorto b crack. Here's to another 2 years of scamming the morons that browse this board lol.
>>14215 >>14215 YUP, ferlick is a scammer, dont trust
>>14217 Show a little respect he's an oldfag and part of the anon family now. It's his anniversary too so don't be mean.
Does anyone have any evidence and proof that it’s a scam as im tempting to take a risk. If someone clearly shows me they have been scammed I won’t do it. Or is it just anons fags just saying it’s a scam for the sake of it. Also if your reading this happy birthday
>>14220 Well what do you consider a scam??? He wants payment up front. 90 dollars straight up. He wont show proof of anything before hand. But whats ya dm?? or shit? ill talk ya on side
>>14221 Post yours will add you. Did you get scammed is there proof that they have scammed ? I really want to see proof. Something like this happened before and ended up being legit but that was on the insta thing. If what you saying is try but you haven’t tried it then it hasn’t been a scam to you. I’m pleading to people that have allegedly been scammed to show proof then we can confirm it rather than speculating.
>>14221 Who do you think was behind the Colonial pipeline Scam?
I got some macey troxler a lil jaimie davis somebody bring it back to life and I'll post em
>>14231 Jamie Davis sound very familiar where she from?
What scam are yall talking about it got deleted?
>>14214 And I’m looking for anyone from sylvania tbh
I’d rather do everything here if possible to start this is rebecca
Any more sylvania?
Anybody got Tiffany jew
Drop macey
Bump any sylvania
Any M@cy M@llard?
(131.12 KB 750x1334 IMG_20220127_132408_705.jpg)
(67.62 KB 750x1150 IMG_20210427_202334_957.jpg)
Looking for any of Abby at all if possible.
(7.34 MB 1284x2778 IMG_0097.PNG)
(10.57 MB 1284x2778 IMG_0099.PNG)
(8.04 MB 1284x2778 IMG_0089.PNG)
(4.97 MB 1284x2778 IMG_0111.PNG)
(10.66 MB 1284x2778 IMG_0113.PNG)
(1.61 MB 1284x2255 IMG_1007.jpg)
since old buddy wouldnt ever post em heres some, have tons more
Stills waiting on sylvania
Just found an old SD card and I have loads. I've already posted a lot with nothing in return though. Once I start seeing some girls I know I will share a well.
>>14735 You got names of girls on it?
(83.81 KB 1792x902 Snapchat-1317224019.jpg)
(78.47 KB 902x1792 Snapchat-1468733270.jpg)
(104.55 KB 1792x902 Snapchat-607608821.jpg)
(117.50 KB 902x1792 Snapchat-1536235852.jpg)
(143.67 KB 902x1792 Snapchat-1205441209.jpg)
(107.88 KB 902x1792 Snapchat-1464576479.jpg)
Here mfers! Now post what ya got and quit begging. If everyone would just fucking post!
Enyvody got some
Anyone got any girls from Armstrong university around 2016 2015
Someone leak k1ncaid OF its bigbossbowser
BUMP for Br00ke H0ust0n, H@yley B@gley, Kri$tin Hughe$, @pril M0rris, @pril D@vis, M1chelle Mcd0well, Bri@n@ Spenče, Emi1y Henders0n, K@itlyn R1ner, @mber D1nkins, k@yla j0hn$/h@rris
Anybody got K1mberly K@d@r
Still waiting on someone to come through with sylvania…
Still waiting on someone to come through at all. Swear I've posted the majority of shit here. And I have so much more to share. Yall quit begging and contribute!
>>15118 Well majority of the stuff thats been posted is garbage so thats prolly why
>>15123 Coming from a beggar who's posted nothing🤣🤣 GTFOH FAGGOT.
>>15145 I haven't asked for anything and of course im not gonna post when the stuff posted is terrible
(2.71 MB 1080x2160 received_2680086135595809.png)
(454.96 KB 2448x3264 IMG_20200804_111309698.jpg)
(2.68 MB 1080x2160 received_880660382343081.png)
Post some win
(2.59 MB 1080x2160 received_339576557201568.png)
(2.09 MB 1080x2160 received_3382886478443530.png)
(2.16 MB 1080x2160 received_716767799167766.png)