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Dallas/Acworth/Kennesaw wins Anonymous 04/12/2022 (Tue) 03:47:31 No. 7804
Let's see some wins. I'll go first.
(63.58 KB 720x1280 received_10155775507283195.jpeg)
here's a slut from Acworth I know there's alot more Acworth wins. LETS SEE THEM!
(274.93 KB 1104x1472 Hannah Price Kennesaw.jpg)
Hannah P.
>>7843 Kennesaw
Bump. Kennesaw/Acworth has lots of hoes
>>7843 Hannah last name?
Any one with J $arli? She was on the old boards?
(70.11 KB 1176x2208 received_839216523340047.jpeg)
(140.42 KB 1284x2778 received_272429231255105.jpeg)
Let's keep this thread going
>>7856 Price
(195.22 KB 563x551 britneynicole-1 Acworth~03.jpg)
Oldie but a goodie. Britney N. Acworth
Anyone have any more Hannah p?
Divorced milf
>>7922 Any chance her name starts with an H..?
anyone hand lindsey ch@s
Can we get more Bailey J4sn0ch? Massive titties
Lindsay A? Heard she goes to KSU
>>7932 No it doesn’t.
Streeter sisters? Michelle w? Morgan n? Lacy l? Calli dyer? Liz j? Ashley w? Witney w8s?
(33.69 KB 1080x1080 FB_IMG_1520212685992.jpg)
Bump for that^ list
(231.77 KB 1512x2016 received_10207746677179804.jpeg)
(150.73 KB 1176x2208 received_309412640584309.jpeg)
(87.65 KB 1176x1749 received_172008384828554.jpeg)
Who's got em? J3nny we11s Mel!ssa hadz!c Ka!tlyn r0usey Le@h j0yner K@tira c0mstock Valer!e m!ller Nad!ne f@r@j T0nni T S@v@nn@ w!lhoite M@ecee M Steph@n!e @rmbruster Tiff@ny l0wney Ariel fotch (b0wm@n) Br00k me!ncke Amb3r sm!th Bl@ize @my th@i
Is that Bella’s pussy?
>>7981 Post wins and I'll answer the question.
(40.76 KB 640x640 FB_IMG_1650294713756.jpg)
(25.75 KB 652x671 FB_IMG_1650294753187.jpg)
We're loosing momentum here. I've shared almost every win... do yall even get bitches?
Name people y’all want wins from and if anyone has them post, i’ll contribute if I have any.
>>8032 Your just the hero this town needed. Who do you have? There's a name list in the feed
M@ecee Mo0n if anyone has..
>>8032 @sh1ey w00d@11
(41.88 KB 720x1280 received_361532291463862.jpeg)
(145.15 KB 2560x1440 received_2146763978957850.jpeg)
Share wiiiiiiins! I have over 2k wins from around this area.. I'll drop 3 wins for every 1 win shared if it's someone I know... Don't be greedy. Dump those wins!
(193.48 KB 902x1792 bella.JPG)
(171.05 KB 902x1792 IMG_0826.JPG)
B3ll@ P. Kennesaw
Any k@eley George wins?
(67.92 KB 720x1280 received_1180784312112219.jpeg)
(44.14 KB 720x1280 received_577885072948760.jpeg)
(52.29 KB 720x1280 received_565870520833045.jpeg)
>>8073 more heather!
>>8075 We could only hope
Will post if we can get some M@ecee M posted up on here.
Anyone got mad1son Green from Ksu?
Cmon there's gotta be more than this
(54.02 KB 542x960 FB_IMG_1563225577654.jpg)
(72.96 KB 542x960 FB_IMG_1563225615593.jpg)
(52.40 KB 540x960 FB_IMG_1563239190269.jpg)
Honestly can't even remember her name... but I have more
Tash@ V wins?
More Heather!
>>8174 Post em all
anyone have any 03-05 PCHS graduates?
(486.83 KB 1122x2208 statewinz.pk-Riley Proshek-(29).JPG)
R1ley P. KSU honey
Sarah Kr@aft? Robin Fl0yd?
>>7804 >>8258 Or Sean Ferro. I’d pay for hers lol
Anyone got Faintly/ Susan dang Savanna Krueger Mia Elisabeth
EPHS? Courtney R?
(38.05 KB 640x640 FB_IMG_1478515057645.jpg)
(51.29 KB 540x960 FB_IMG_1481587538614.jpg)
(48.24 KB 640x640 FB_IMG_1481715015543.jpg)
Sc@rl3tt Share who you got... come on, we need wins
Looking for A$hton Z@luski Alli$on H0lt Gabby 3gan @lexis Skelt0n
Any of m@d!son p@rk3r ? Usto live down here but moved have some of her but heard there’s videos out there
Any Ahs/Nchs co/18 wins ?
Will post mspaman N and @my th@i if someone drops the m@ecee M mega or wins. Chick has soooo many wins out there.
>>8454 I'd like to see some m@ecee wins too.. somebody be the hero. Bump for @my th@!.. Please share some of her. I've shared alot
Skarlett has porn out just search skarlett nikole
What happened to the @my t wins?
(32.72 KB 640x1230 re1.jpg)
(245.09 KB 934x1920 IG35l1N.jpg)
Eva P
(52.86 KB 666x1280 HNiQ8lG.jpg)
(46.26 KB 666x1280 nmi4nf.jpeg)
more ^
Damn, I like that white trash Skarlett. Something about that trailer park look just does it for me!
(548.90 KB 714x808 2022-05-14_03-06-03.768~2.png)
(641.26 KB 714x955 2022-05-14_03-04-48.942~2.png)
Got Nadine. Lmk who you have to -. Givemetits1993
(106.69 KB 2048x1155 received_256862085246183.jpeg)
(17.57 KB 540x960 received_404511750226221.jpeg)
(243.71 KB 3264x1840 received_173519620948470.jpeg)
>>8921 I have more amanda for Nadine. Looking for Nadine full nudes and pussy wins.
Long shot but Does anyone have @aron t0dd wins? She was the finest teacher at NCHS around 2007. Also looking for Miche11e wit1ow Gio K0ri v@ughn Br00k3 m3inck3 Mspam@n n0rw00d Fr@nces k00ntz J3nny w3lls L@cy l0ckridge Bl@ize
I’ll just post here. List who you have if anyone has anything
>>8981 Man been looking for gio for like...years..it's never happening lol.
Ok post what you got of N@dine and ill drop more @mand@ >>9016
List who you have and post Amanda. Looking nchs 2010-2014
I got madison green went to KSU
Dunno her anyone else
Any vids of @m@nd@?
>>9109 Post
(49.17 KB 720x1280 received_396496017703454.jpeg)
(36.10 KB 720x1280 received_530547874360951.jpeg)
(33.66 KB 720x1280 received_446447016221132.jpeg)
(106.69 KB 2048x1155 received_256862085246183.jpeg)
I got N@t@lie A Kirst3n w@rn3r K0ri v Kimmy r J0j0 L!z s J@smin m K3lly r Who do you have?>>9108
Any Juli@ T from KSU?
Kimmy r? Last name? Actually all last names if you can. Also hit my gram canonfodder2021 vids are too long for here and it’s faster to talk there
I dont have one >>9167
What’s her last name. Post her if it’s who I think. K1mmy
R33d Who do you have? >>9170
I have more n@dine3 I can post. That’s about all. But post her please. I’ve been wanting to see for awhile
>>9170 >>8174 thats panda! would love to see more of her
Post what you have of nadine and ill post kimmy and @m@nda video >>9172
Af / pdabkei7y5/ IMG_5488_MOV Remove spaces.
>>9164 Liz s last name?
>>9221 it's not showing up
Space before second slash its up
Eva's last? Another Hannah
Any Leah Y?
Cant get it to work >>9306
Anybody got 3rin m@nus?
What’s Samantha b last name?
>>9741 burk3
Any wins of Shannon teag? Went to north paulding and ksu?
>>9767 I have a couple who ya got for -
Who k owns some good KSU on ly fa ns
I don’t have any. Just post the Shannon please
Post... what you got. Everyone has requests but isn't sharing shit.. yall ugly no win having ass mf out here eating our crumbs.. POST WINS.
Here’s juju W. KSU class of 2020. Can I get the Shan now?
>>9843 Of/devynrose
of/queeeenbb - from kennesaw area
(134.01 KB 1024x1024 1654532436017m.jpg)
>>8064 Seems like there's new wins/vids, anyone got em? Did she start an OF?
I have a lot of l!z to -. Who all do you have? >>9936
Anymore Shannon T wins?
>>9943 What’s l!z s last name? I might have another shann0n
M Leachman from ksu
>>7804 >>9109 Drop the wins on green I know her from high school
>>9943 >>9985 Ahh ok looking for a diff girl lol but post her anyways
Keep this thread alive!!! Looking for Miche11e w1tlow $arah $treeter Wh!tney w@its @shley w00dall N@talie @shford Mspaman n0rwood Tiff@ny tinsl3y @my Thai Tiff@ny l0wney J3nny we11s L!z j0hns0n M@deline m@bry
Anyone have Hannah T@ylor??
Thank yall so much for the nadine and Amanda!! Was wondering if anyone had anything on these girls 3mily W33ks Bi@nca Di@z S0ny@ br0wn C@ssie F@vero T@ylor Pl@tani@ Su@ny F@j@rdo Sydn33 m@ta @shley m@rtinez J@zmine fisch3r If you have anything, please bless us with some wins
Any of the Barham sisters?
>>9985 >>9985 >>9985 >>9985 >>9985 >>9985 >>9985 >>10362 Who is the two middle pictures?
(172.16 KB 891x1623 _20201224_170155.JPG)
S@m@ntha H.
Bump for sony@ & Emily
(253.55 KB 1031x1391 _20210811_101422.JPG)
@lex@ v.
Anyone have any @shleigh r0llins? Went to north cobb
(188.19 KB 1080x1280 _20210809_023127.JPG)
(96.16 KB 1080x1620 FB_IMG_1655760708419.jpg)
Anyone have d3nise g wins
Any jordan?
(38.02 KB 480x800 received_1566625476716589.jpeg)
(250.04 KB 2048x1539 received_541526933779233.jpeg)
(21.55 KB 800x527 received_791283004784271.jpeg)
Here's j0j0. I have ALOT more of her and alot more of many other girls in the area... need more contributions.... Who's got Ha11ie 10ckridge, lacey 10ckridge, j3nny w3lls, t@sha V, Valerie mi11er, Morgan n0rwood, bl@ize @riel, mich3lle wh!tlow, Amy th@i, Liz j0hns0n etc....?
I'll never understand these dudes that say they have wins but won't post unless others do. This one here even said let's make this thread great... like, ok. Post your wins, then, dumbass. Just selfish.
Not sure what special education centre you sent that message from but there's literally 3 wins attached to the comment you're referring to... in fact, I've posted more wins in this thread than anyone so far... also, i couldn'thelp but notice that the post you made to bitch about a lack of wins, seems to be... lacking wins... You're the type that moans when you eat corndogs huh? >>11042
(1.04 MB 1920x1280 IMG_0103.JPG)
St3ph@nie or 3mily Bry@nt anyone?
>>11230 dont let this shit die.
>>7918 more?
>>11230 Bump!!
>>11333 Names on both girls?
>>11136 What’s her name?
Looking for (C)amer0n (L)ac3y (J)0n3s (S)amantha (P)ri3stly (V)anessa (V)ictoria (b)3ll
>>11581 Have anymore?
>>11626 I have lots more. but I want to see more posted.>>11626
Does anyone have her onlyfans photo?
>>8064 >>9918 What’s the last name?
Don't die
More sarli
Please tell me someone had something on Bri@nn@ L0ng from dallas
Any 5umm3r Danie1s?
>>12143 Sarli bump
>>12252 >>11625 Vanessa who, may have them?>>11625
>>12299 I think her last name is everch3ry something along those lines. I know a few though what's yours last name?
>>12401 Fuck yes
>>12420 Any one have any more?
>>12458 I wish there was OF for her
I have tons of videos of M3ghan W1lliam$ from Acworth. Anybody got $arah $treeter? Hit my insta to talk jump.man63
Who has Sophia J0hns0n KSU 2017?
Might be able to find>>8428
Grac3 w00ley Sh3lby St@nifer @v@ Buff@
Looking for wins on Brittany Mcd0w3ll or M@ndy D@ugh3rty. Both from Acworth.
>>10530 I have them let me find em
anyone have l34h y0um4n5? hhs
>>12908 bump for this
>>12878 Do you mean 5helby 5tand1fer?
>>12949 Sure do you have Shelby?
>>12908 Here
>>12975 is there more?
>>12976 she had a onlyfans and these where from it
Emily or Hannah bechke ? KSU grads
Have S@r@h streeter, looking for Taylor Mo+e or Aldr!dge
(132.52 KB 1080x1920 received_10155775492598195.jpeg)
Share s@ra $treeter >>13028
>>13055 >>13055 Share Taylor and I sure will
Share Taylor and I sure will
I dont have any of her but i have some others you might be interested in... mich3ll3 w!tl0w, k0ri v, k3rsten w@rner, and alot of others if you're interested. Or I can cash app you 20 bucks for the stack of Streeter wins lol i used to have a bounce of her. >>13061
>>13067 How about her sister in law Katie
No i dont know them.. but i got some of s@r@s friends.. and a lot of others around the area. Ill give you whoever. Im not stingy lol, but come on man, share a few and I'll send you 20 for whatever you got left of her if you got cA.. >>13069 >>13069
(138.21 KB 1536x2048 received_738299337581518.jpeg)
Bump. J0j0
>>13071 Well who ya got?
Well who u got?
>>13067 drop mich3ll3 w
Drop some $treeter and ill drop some m!chell3 w >>13111
>>13112 /8bW16344yc/_arahS_mp4 af
Theres nothing there. Maybe broken link? >>13114
>>13116 Works completely fine.
>>13116 not broken.
Thats how it looks on my end.. >>13118
>>13119 Oh my god, are you actually this stupid?
>>13119 bro.. (AF) completes the link.
>>13119 >>13121 Just so I'm not ONLY making fun of you and being unhelpful, that's part of a url. Which you were directed to by "af" and I'm not going to spell it out for you because that's how good things get ruined.
Can't figure it out.. >>13123
>>13128 Shocking. How are you on this site and you don't know what af is?
I dont know man lol found this site on Google... i Googled how to apply af to a url and it didn't say anything... triedto insert it 14653 different ways and still nothing.. >>13129
>>13130 so no mich3ll3 w?
Ill send you all the miche11e you want, but im trying to see s@rah.. you know of any good anonymous messaging apps? lol >>13131 >>13131
Just post them and delete them once i answer back with a miche11e win if you're worried about it... >>13131
>>13114 I know what af is and can’t get it to work
>>13138 It actually is down this time. Hoarders still reporting links it seems...
>>13154 Put it up again
>>13114 Put it back up
>>13173 Bump
Anybody have j3nny w3lls?
(424.81 KB 1503x1503 Snapchat-1105947874.jpg)
Best OF around heard she meets too
Share $treeter and I will share a link with like ten videos of M3ghan W1lliams. Hell, I’ll even pay money to see what you’ve got of $treeter. 50 bucks got whomever shares them!
>>13226 Not how this works u share and then others share🤷‍♂️
Anyone got wins on S@m@ntha
Bump for $arah $treeter
>>13028 I have Taylor lemme see streeter and I’ll post it
>>13349 Alright as soon as he posts the Michelle I’ll post it
I’ve got 10+ videos of M3ghan. I’ll share them all of someone posts $treeter.
>>13355 Sample pic to prove it >>13351
Here’s the proof
I posted her and you never posted $treeter... so i ftook it off.. post her and ill throw some mich3113.. >>13351
He doesn’t have $treeter. Seems like he’s just to get other people to share and not return the favor.
>>13411 He had a video a couple days ago but I didn’t get to see it
>>13389 never posted mich3113 ..
Anyone have Lauren sti11?
Yes.... i did. >>13442
(208.29 KB 1600x805 Image-1.jpg)
(197.28 KB 805x1600 Fsegvc.jpg)
I thinFORBIDDENnow who you are...>>9164 If you're who I think you are, I know you got all the hoes around here and you been sharing. Props for actually posting shit.. post the rest I KNOW you got more. bump for the real OGs who actually got shit.
He did post M W but its gone now an i didn't save it everybody just need post what yall got man >>13442
Any KSU 07-09?
Anybody have amb3r b00th?
I agree. Let’s all just start posting what we’ve got. I’m dying to see $treeter. Will y’all please share them
>>13523 say let’s share and still doesn’t share
(55.64 KB 720x1280 received_526659181486631.jpeg)
(817.96 KB 736x1600 2022-05-23_07-18-38.301.png)
(727.42 KB 736x1600 2022-05-23_07-18-43.055.png)
(534.25 KB 736x1600 2022-05-23_07-33-25.596.png)
(1.27 MB 1440x2560 Screenshot_20171108-090059.png)
Bumping without posting a win is a fucking chump bump.. if you're going to bump, dump some wins in your bump post. That's a fucking bump dump.
Anyone have @sh1ey mcg10ne? I know she used to be a stripper at follies, heard she was a big slut
Anyone got @mb3r c@rt3r? Used to be a stripper at tattletales.
>>13641 Bump
>>7804 Anyone have Hannah Colston now Cobb? Insta: hannahlCobb
Looking for some KSU hoes, if you got em h m u at spam on kiq and I'll make it well worth your time Alli$on Holt A$hton Zalu$ki Alexi$ Skelt0n G@bby 3gan
Anybody got wh!tn3y w@its
Any latina?
Who’s got her? She’s got to have some stuff floating around
Anyone got anything from her? I’ve heard that here and her husband are swingers. She graduated from Hiram High Insta: kaystargel01
Any NPHS graduates?
>>9869 What does juju last name rhyme with? Anymore of her?
Anyone have kr155y p0p3 from Hiram high class of 12? Know her spam is misskisss but no luck so far with wins
Nphs 2016. I think she went to Ksu for a lil bit. Dying for her wins
>>9869 Post more Juju W please
Anyone know G@br!elle Luz@r/G@bb!e? Used to live in Acworth, now down in atl
Found kr1ssy p0p3 from Hiram high class of 12 on the app with the k1. K kisskisss93 if you wanna try your luck with me
Bump for $arah Streeter
Yea reup that streeter vid whoever had it.
I have lots JuJu W, looking for Rachel $herill
>>14472 how many Juju you got? Post what u have
10+ pictures some with face and a video
>>14477 What ur $n@p
(62.86 KB 1080x1080 FB_IMG_1663903975618.jpg)
Anyone have d3sir3 d. Wins? I saw them along time ago on tumblr
>>8075 Bump!!