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Columbus ga Columbus ga thread 11/29/2021 (Mon) 21:50:32 No. 2821
Let get one going for columbus
Anyone have minna straus?
Here is a few
Across the river in phenix city
Who is that?
Whitley anderson?
Makayla faught?
(247.61 KB 1152x2048 IMG_0393.jpg)
(769.29 KB 2048x1536 IMG_1180.jpg)
(784.39 KB 2048x1536 IMG_1178.jpg)
can we get everyone to drop only fans links ill drop 10 columbus ga girls ill drop one now to show proof
What is her OF name
Leah Reiney?
Phenix city girl above ;) :D
Bump for more columbus Onlyfans
Ms phenix city
Bumping for more OF links
What is ms phenix city’s name?
(67.44 KB 864x1152 9812.jpeg)
Harris county
More Harris county please
What is Ms. Phenix City’s name and Harris County. Reese?
Used to work at hooters Idk if she still does. Her OF is inactive now. Does anyone have Jana U. Or Jamie O?
I have more harris county if someone posts more
>>3528 More phenix city
Why does everyone always ask for Jana U nudes? She ain't even that fine
Used to sell nudes of whisper
nudes of andie L exist? Post em
>>3600 Hmu sc
(154.13 KB 895x894 JDeanna.jpg)
Can you anon that was posting JoelleDeanna post some more?
Any ma11ory 1otz winz
Harris County/Columbus area. Kayla Bradley
Sheridan Harri$$ had many good shots when she was in Atlanta. Her ex spread them around.
Any one have Shelby Kelly? Her ig handle is cherrychyld
bump for those county girls.
Jayda b(radford)
More jayda and county girls please
Any one got any winz of Kaylon?
What about Callie F r e e m a n? Went to Northside and then Auburn. Had some HUGE tits.
Any wins of Callie F r e e m a n ? Went to NHS and then Auburn. Had some HUGE tits.
Anyone got Jamie O? I can post some Jana U
Any Janie Rey nol ds wins out there? I’ve seen a couple through the years. Been a while though…
Bump for jamie O
Have more Shelby K for Jana U. No Jamie O though
Bump for Shelby K
>>4280 Bump
>>4229 Bumpski Bump
Hate to be this guy I Will share more Shelby K when more is posted.
>>4285 wins beget wins, young buck. open the floodgates.
Let's get it back going then
Forgot at actually add the pic lol open the gates
Let's see some jana u or Jamie O Also that video doesn't work without some bullshit survey Can you upload on a n o n f I l e s . C o m
Here's miss J. U.
A n o n f I l e s . C o m Pd56a26ax6/XRespamer_Edited_10012022_194214_mp4 Let's keep it going kings. Any more jana U?
I’ve been waiting for someone to have shelby! Thank you!
Any photos of Kaylen Lee went to harris county. If so I have plenty to share
Best way to say thanks is post some wins
Don’t request something without posting a win, these are the rules
>>4354 Stfu with your hall monitor wannabe nigger ass
>>4330 yesssssssssss! puhhlease! they’re out there. i’ve seen em before. didn’t save them though. 😕
>>4407 k4ylon c4rt3r. the anons have spoken.
D0rmin3y was her maiden name.
>>4409 gotta admit always been curious what her tits looked like, size, and what not………
Anyone got wins of her?
anyone got her? JVHS c/o 2014
Know their floating out there
Someone has to have some >>4344
>>4294 Anymore Shelby?
>>4450 These are from her twitter!
I see someone has saved the wins I’ve shared 😂😂 I posted this pic in this thread already, but thanks for refreshing the view 👌🏼😂
>>4366 ^^^ forgot to tag this comment 🤦🏼‍♂️
Ashleigh mc(million)
Kadie b-ailey
More on sc
Is it dead already? I'm trying to see better pics of Jana U
>>3024 Would be awesome. Anyone subscribe to the OF?
>>4590 her Insta is better than her OF lol
Don’t quit on me now C-Town thread! You have so much promise!
>>4650 Everyone is scared
What is Jana's OF
Drop Kayla Bradley wins. I know they out there. I got someone 20$ cashapp if you got em
If anyone has Kayla Bradley wins I have you 20$ cashapp. Where they at!
Tiffany rain w(ilson) and Jayda b)radford
Anyone got her?
Bumpidy bump bump
Anyone have Allison or Quincy Holt? Willing to $
Bump for Shelby
What is Jana U onlyfans
Not sure how to tag but I don't think Jana U has an onlyfans lol
>>4965 That’s an awful site do you not know any other image boards sites like this dude lol
>>4966 I don’t. Care to point me in the right direction?? Lmao
Drop local only fans please
>>5100 Good luck. Probably not many out there. She has some on Instagram from a photo shoot in lingerie
Don't let this die
Anyone have her
Big ole titties
Joelledeanna? A dude was selling pics of her pussy and sets of her on his onlyfans a while back
I know someone has her fine ass
Any better jana U pics?
Any wins?
Throwing this one up there for a dub. Any shelby h? Works at Publix
Alexis hay https://onlyfans.com/bayywatch1 Jessica weed https://onlyfans.com/u214111478
Bump for khels stone
Tiffany W.
Anyone have tiffany
I head Maggie R is posting to her only fans again. Anyone got anything?
Kelsey Fri x wins
Lib Stone?
Any wins on mikayla B@rt13y herd she had fire ass nudes
Yes please for Mikayla
Thanks for Mikel
Any more wins for mikelbartley she has some vids out of her fucking and masturbating
Sheri9an Harri$. Escorted in Atlanta went by the name Lorain
>>6432 Would love to see that!
Caruana wins went to nhs
nice mikayla wins who got kass n
Post them wins my dudes
Ma11ory Lotz wins?
>>6564 Kryssa Hampton?
joelledeanna? had an of a while back
>>4409 She's lost a bunch of weight and is still hot af but I'm afraid she's lost some tna ☹️
I've seen her posted before I know they're out there>>2821
Any Tia wins?
Local OF girls or insta girls who sell. Drop names and I'll share the spoils
>>6965 Shelby Kelly. Her OF is cherrychyld
(1006.62 KB 741x1281 IMG_2924.PNG)
Tabatha Ovdenk OF @tomch4u13
OF @rayebeam is from Columbus
Abi @queenabi
Rose is from Columbus. She lives somewhere else now @silkierose
Jessa @u59529831
Stephanie @sweet_stephhh
Shelby @prettylittleslut
>>7004 Bump!!!
Any Kristen wins? https://instagram.com/chef.duboise?utm_medium=copy_link
Anyone got her?
Any better Jana (U)nderwood pics?
Please post Khelsi stone, Kaylen Lee, Amanda sharpe, graceannking, English Guthrie, tab quit neon , Kendal Carter/milner
>>2821 Anymore eve floating around
>>7493 Man I’m surprised it’s taken this long for sky to show up on this board lol
Had an OF and a dude that did shoots of her sold her nudes as well. Anyone have anything?
Anybody got Samantha Murphy??
Some more of Joelle
Any one have t@ylor J0nes? She had an of and sold content on snap. I’ll hit someone’s cashapp for em
Any of Annemarie russe/ now married last name debrabent
Who has Annemarie d onlyfans
Viccaybaby private snap? Or any nudes?
Any Jade wins?
Ive got more Jayda B if someone drops some Vanessa
Post Jayda
do you have anything that hasnt already been posted a hundred times?
(879.96 KB 1145x2048 IMG_8332.JPG)
Yes more Chelsea please
>>7783 what do you have?
>>7786 I got some from her old reddit
Ive got Jayda if anyone has a Vanessa pic that hasnt been posted here a hundred times.
Wins somewhere
Can someone please post more of Steph Howard? Sweet_stephhh is her OF
I got a lot of $teph H0w@rd if someone would post more M1ke1 b@rt1ey
Here is a few to show that I have some,
I don’t have any of anyones at the moment I just wanted to see Stephanie’s
Anyone have wins of makayla cook?
Anyone have Mallory (s)avage or Rachel (p)arsons
Any one have English Guthrie
Yo drop more of Steph Howard (sweet_stephhh) lol she was a NA for a while she looked sexy af in scrubs
>>8198 Who do you have
Any Chelbie Carter wins?
>>7768 Yeah I want to see her bouncing on that black dick. What was her Twitter handle
Bump for Allison Holt abs Quincy Holt
Anyone have leaks of sophia gomez?
(107.46 KB 720x1504 Snapchat-1454739791.jpg)
she gives the best head
Anyone looking for n*cole e*vans?
>>2821 Don't let this die
I will post new Maggie R content for better Jana pics pls
>>7479 what’s the snap bro I’ll buy everything you got on her
Anybody got ‘em?
any Brittn3y H@ll?
Anyone have makayla faught?
>>2821 >>7494 Eve used to go by hungrybats and quietbats97 on OF no wins tho
The person who wanted Steph Howard onlyfan her Instagram is @stephanienicholeee she’s single and looking for guys in Phenix city/Columbus
Anyone have Kayla Bradley from Harris county?
Any new M1ke1 b@rt1ey wins?
>>8795 Steph is a piece of shit…with a tight little puss. Oh, and she doesn’t even have teeth. That shit is all dentures.
Caitlyn r has nipple tats
Yeah I know steph is a piece of shit and her tits are fake too I’m just trying to set her up and get all her information exposed that stupid little bitch deserves it for what she did to me
Stephanie is a liar and a cheater! She only used me so I would buy her shit and give her money. She just up and blocked me on everything one day recently. So yes she is single BUT DO NOT GO FOR THAT CUNT
Bump Caitlyn r
Any Taylor Long(Ferrebee) wins?
Who still needs Annemarie debrabbbnt onlyfans
What’s Anne debrabant of link? Is worth it?
Someone's gotta have nudes of Joelle Deanna
anyone have the girl
Bump for LorenalleXANder
Nice Mad Harri$. Anymore? She have a fans? Her sister Sher had some pics in Atlanta from an old thread I can't find anymore
>>9250 Yeah I got plenty of her. Got Brandi f(rench) that hasn’t been posted yet?
I have multiple columbus/phenix city girls nudes if anyone has multiple well known colga girls. Tryna see some i know
Would love to see all the Madi.
Any photos or link to Reagan smith nuse
>>9373 What’s your snap???
Drop steph Howard
>>9498 Steph will fuck for money.
Who has more of this bitch
>>9481 Whats yours ill add you
>>9581 Johnedgar454
>>9612 Added
Anyone got Tonia M?
Steph will do anything for money lol she let me have a threesome with her and her old best friend for $463
Post more of Steph Howard. She falsely accused me of - in 2019 because I broke up with her for cheating on me and because of her accusations, I lost my job as a construction worker. I worked so hard to get where I was. I want to get back at her. Eye for an eye bitch.
Don’t care she is still hot post more steph Howard pls
Stephanie stole all my w33d a couple years ago
Shut up about steph nobody gives a shit just post more of her
I got lexe ab zoe mas raven gof jessie em andie lo and a few others. Looking for more that i know
Post them
Post gof
Yea post what you got. I had some good ones but lost my phone.
Any Zoe Bo or Halle Smith wins?
Who do yall have?
What does it matter what we have? They just pictures cuz.
>>9703 What you got? I posted one
Post gof and I’ll share sum
>>9716 I’m not the one with gof
>>9716 Who do you have? I only care to see people i know
>>9724 tons if you know them you’ll def know em
Drop steph howard and brit greg
>>9725 Seems like y’all don’t have shit. I don’t understand you fucks. I posted everything I had on here without asking for anything in return. What’s the big deal? Post your shit you pussies.
>>9730 Yeah, that’s how you get people to post! Stupid fuck
^what he said smfh !!
Drop em!
I have plenty of tonia if someone will post steph howard
>>9690 post that rav3n my guy
>>9774 How much of Toni do you have, I have a folder full of Stephanie
>>9792 105 vids
Steph has warts all over her pussy and asshole what the fuck
lol wonder if steph took her teeth out before she started sucking
I thought steph was hot as fuck she’s disgusting you all can keep her nasty ass
Ok post Tonia folder
Mad Harri$
Any girls that work at any publix?
https://mega.nz/folder/5WwGCBZR#Blq5gl5_bQze7Ng1UakSmA Since y’all want my pics so bad 😘 by the way yea those are warts!!! So what if I have a few std’s?????!!! Myb!!!
It I had to take an std to be able to bust a nut inside Steph, I'd take it. Sometimes good shit is worth a little suffering. That bitch is fine enough that it's worth it
yea u say that until the stupid bitch hacks ur bank account and steals thousands of dollars from you
an by the way I almost got carpet burn trying to fuck her dry ass pussy
Will y’all shut the fuck up? Nobody gives a shit about steph her titties are fake as fuck, so are her teeth and that pussy trash AF! She hot but she’s a scammer and her puss is NOT worth it !!
Her head game trash 2 her dentures keep on scraping my dick and hurt like a bitch .
I just want tonia's videos
I just want literally anything but Steph
Any Tonia Moschella wins?
Fucking post tonia not steph that bitch is disgusting post tonia
Nice pics of Tonia. Is she on onlyfans? If not, is she open to pics/vids for pay?
>>9924 No clue. Got to bend her over once when she needed some cash. Don’t know what the other guy promised but these are all I have of T.
Steph has been fuckin for cash for a while so honestly if you have a little spare pocket change I’d give it to her it’s definitely worth it if anyone wants her Snapchat I’ll post it
Steph sucking her dad’s dick
Got any
Any Melissa Moss wins?
>>9929 What’s the snap
>>9690 snap?
Any Kim (W)atson, trying to see titties
Whoever has them 105 Tonia videos will you please post them
Her Snapchat is stephannieee_h
Steph will do almost anything if you give her money
>>9954 Whats your snap?
>>9944 You got any of her?
>>9701 Who you got?
I have bailey Danielle if someone has jdeanna
>>9975 I dont have her but want someone else for bailey?
>>9976 Who do you have?
>>9979 Zoe mast raven gof jessie emm Lexe abr andie lo and a few others
>>9980 What's ur snap?
Whitley anderson
>>9999 Fuck have nudes?
Unfortunately no nudes, just pics like that
>>10013 Pics or it didn’t happen 😂😂
What the fuck was the extra $4 for?
I’m broke and desperate that’s why
My question is why the fuck would u PAY to have sex with Steph ? Out of all women you could fuck u chose Stephanie Howard the nastiest whore in the Tri state area
I don’t give a damn what any of you all say steph is hot as fuck and even if she is a nasty slut I don’t care she’s hot.
Yeah your definitely desperate AF if ur willing to actually fuck Stephanie
$204 had to be a good deal for Stephs fine ass. Id give anything to raw dog her and shoot my load in her pussy. She's my dream fuck.
You didn’t hear it from me but Stephanie is in a lot of debt right now from running up her credit cards , she told me she will do just about anything for money she doesn’t care about the amount as long as she’s getting some so it’s a win win lol
Steph will fuck for any amount of money she is literally the dirtiest whore in Columbus/Phenix city
>>9725 Snap?
Stephanie fucks her own father for money half of the video of her giving head on her onlyfans are her own dad
lol I never thought Stephanie would be so popular everyone used to bully her in Highschool now look at her
Anyone have Tonia Dunn ?
Anyone have multiple columbus/phenix city girls and have snap?
>>10051 Whats your snap?
Steph didn’t let me fuck but she sent me nudes when I cashapped her but your lucky af
>>10053 Post gof and I’ll post one of mine
>>10083 Who is it?
Post goff and ill post amber nobles
>>10083 >>10087 Want to over snap?
>>10090 Thats amber? Got ones with face?
>>10091 No that’s summer n. Don’t have any with a face
>>10092 Got more colga girls?
>>10093 Yea when you going to post something
>>10094 Rather go to snap
>>10087 Heres goff got more too
>>10096 Man I’ve been wanting to see those! I might have one more. Wins hard to come by when you married 😂
Why are you even on here if you’re married lmao go please your wife for once short dick motherfucker
Heres amber
Here is amber for zoe masters https://mega.nz/folder/RbghgZjI#7NqKjHCrISYIckDjfOME3A
Anyone have any Chatsworth girls ??
Add me on snap to - columbus girls Sellmen0ods
Steph is a little whore she’s so disgusting hope she gets hit by a car again to be honest 🤣
Stephanie is a wonderful person so what if she is a “wh*re”? She’s a good person so shut the fuck up
Sure whatever helps ya sleep at night, pal. Steph is a user an cheater an abuser lol grow up stop simping for a ran thru woman
Steph is nasty and not in the good way 😂 🤢
No sh*t Steph is nasty she loves to do stuff with her own dad
Yep heard several guys spread rumors about Steph having a thing for incest. Not sure how true it is but shes pretty nasty so I believe it. 1 thing is 4 sure she loves to f*ck for money !
Her ass is so flat there’s nothing to shake 🤣
Lmao! Steph ditch the fake tits and get a BBL ass instead !!
HA! Those filters make her look ridiculous as well look at these pictures lol. Shes so fat an ugly just look at those disgusting stretch marks how does anyone want this ugly slut hahah.
Her entire body is repulsive especially her puss and tits - makes me want to vomit just looking at her
Steph is so dirty her pussy stinks
>>10129 Added you
Any Tonia Moschella vids?
>>10182 No vids, but this is the last I have.
Ya hating on Steph but have a whole folder of her lolllll weird
What's Tonia's OF
Stephanie Howard has got to be THE most disgusting woman I have ever met!
Enough with Stephanie let's move on to Tonia
Does Tonia Moschella have OF?
If you look at the pictures of her on here they have the same arrows as OF pictures so I'm guessing she does
Tonia did have OF but its inactive now
I’d rather fuck Steph over tonia
What was Tonia OF name
I’ll drop JDeanna if somebody drops more Goff or B Danielle
Anyone have the Northington sisters?
Anyone got katlyn little?
Anyone got more from shaw?
>>9981 Whats your snap
I got allikkins , looking for more phenix city girls
Really wanna see makayla cook, Makayla faught , Zoe master
Got some phenix city /Columbus girls , Looking to see more from phenix city
>>10327 I got zoe who you got?
Any more of JDeanna?
Just post zoe
Yea just post up masters ? Please lol
>>10355 I have tons of pics and vids of masters but i gotta get something in return
Ill post sophie donegan for Zoe masters
Thank you for the Mad H finally.
Will you post some zoe now
Heres sophie
Who else yall got?
Post more gof
Got anymore Zoe?
>>10451 Ya alot. Vids too
Whats your snap, ill - for them
Yall gotta post more if yall wanna see more of goff and masters
More Mad Harri$$ would be appreciated.
Colga girls help us out lol
^Who is that ??
>>10514 The same skank Steph that’s been posted 5000 times
I didn’t know lmao a friend sent them to me and they did not look like her
Please shut the fuck up about Steph she is so used up and nasty she’s old news nobody cares about her anymore
Someone please post Tonia's videos
Anyone have anything thats not steph?
I just want the onlyfans links for the phenix city colga girls
For real! Please stop posting steph that’s all anyone has been posting her pussy is not that great
(514.22 KB 2316x3088 college-oc-bfV7mh.jpg)
(464.68 KB 2316x3088 fetish-oc-k9K104.jpg)
(180.57 KB 1440x1800 gonewild-red-oc-uRMnwL.jpg)
Eve daniels if there's any more out there or more goff or Zoe
Add me I have a few colga girls I can send for g0ff
Just add me on snap I’ll send whatever I have
I also have some of their of too
Add me I a lot you want
>>10634 >>10474 Add me on snap I have multiple colga girls and their of I’ll send whatever I got
>>10635 Whats your snap?
>>10631 Whats your snap?
>>10637 tmontana6922
>>10096 Add me tmontana6922
Yall just post on here
>>10642 I will with more rav g0f
Can we get more Steph? The only bitch here worth jerking to.
Yeah sure I have lots of Steph I have 794 pics and videos I’ll post plenty
I’m sorry I have to post them one at a time because it won’t let me upload multiples it say connection failed
>>10672 can we stop with steph, she has warts and sucks off her own dad on video. Nasty ass hoe. She has been posted multiple times. Her meg@ was even posted with all the files. That shit is old as fuck
Lmao! See I’m not the only one who knows about her sucking her dad off she’s fucking disgusting
Everyone knows about her fucking her own dad dip shit .. she’s a stupid fucking whore
Stephanie does drugs lol she always high that why she likes to do stuff with her dad her brain is drenched with painkillers an molly
I used to be friends with Steph and ye she on drugs but it not something to joke about at all drug addiction isnt funny
>>2821 Bro y'all mad annoying with that steph shit nobody gives a fuck move on
Steph is hotter than half the bitches posted on this shitty image board lil bro lmao
I hope Steph fucking overdoses she deserves it
lol the bitch would be better off dead
She’s a military wife who works at a military clinic up there. We were talking a couple months back and almost fucked
What is it with these bitches having gross pussies
she has no ass and no titties you can keep that the fuck
Post more new stuff of Steph she’s the only whore on here who is worth a shit
Is >>10297 Ariana? Regardless she's beautiful who is the blonde bombshell in post 10298 as well?
STOP with FUCKING Steph shit we are done with her post anyone else but her
Anyone have? She used to work at Hooters in Columbus
That is my brothers girlfriend leave her alone
That's JDeanna. She had an onlyfans for a while and she has a bunch of boudoir photos out
>>10746 Oh cool, try not to cum your pants too much if someone has wins
>>10782 Whats your snap?
(65.67 KB 720x1280 FB_IMG_1634270822997.jpg)
Any wins?
13 year old Stephenie what ?
Stephanie has a teen FORBIDDEN like 13 or something says he live with his uncle or fam member 🤷‍♂️
Steph does more than painkiller and molly brody- she do meth 2
What I trying say is Steph has t33n FORBIDDEN say he live with his uncle
Hold on so u telling me Steph has a hole ass ch!ld???? She told me she never had k!d before ..
Enough about steph where the new nudes at ?
Yuuuup she has a k!d found out couple weeks ago BC im her plug
Hell nahhhhh! I ain fukkin with a bitch who got a FORBIDDEN 🙅🏽
no she say the k!d live with a fam member bc he real bad and disrespect her all the time and she cant handle it
Fuck that k!d lol
Stephanie is drug addict whore who loves to cheat she ain’t worth ya time fellas
How do you know she sucks off her Dad and not just an old guy?
Enough about nasty ass steph can we get some phenix city/colga girls nudes or onlyfans pages ?
BC she got fucked up one night and admitted to me that she need money so her dad makes her do it and after he’ll give her money , she could be lying I don’t know 🤷‍♂️
Ah, that’s nasty as hell man
Steph got real fucked up one night and told me some personal shit as well so to be honest I can believe it
she told me she has an incest kink but that doesnt mean she does stuff with her dad I don’t know 🤷‍♂️
If she actually on drugs and all the thing you guys saying is true the k!d probably got taken away from her . . . . Dont believe a parent would give up a ch!ld BC they was disrespectful. So prob got taken from her
Now that u mention it that rly does make more sense to be honest
Steph told ME that her s0n ran away to be with his girlfreind ???????
So she telling us all different stories then 😂
She post that in August dont know how true it is she lie a lot but yea she telling everyone dif story
She was doing hella drugs last summer.. on some delusional shit so don’t go by some old Facebook post she used to imagine shit and make stuff up in her head
Anybody got anything of Deanna cruzan ? Got some stuff to -