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229 Thread Anonymous 07/15/2022 (Fri) 00:21:55 No. 11568
Where the fuck did it go?
(236.00 KB 1200x1600 img00088-rotated.jpg)
Full of trash talk. No real wins.
Did the Tifton girl giving the bj get reposted? Any one got it?
>>11579 Please tell me you’re talking about the Morgan video. Been dying to see it
>>11583 Nah. Dont think so. Dude posted about 5 GF links and then disappeared.
Someone have any of the tville female cops?
(880.25 KB Snapchat-8453611.mp4)
Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.
(60.26 KB 698x598 E3KTmdFWUAANflA.jpeg)
(65.59 KB 621x1104 Snapchat-792473218.jpg)
(54.31 KB 621x1104 Snapchat-1448841321.jpg)
(75.11 KB 902x1792 Snapchat-102027620.jpg)
>>11590 Dude posted female FF it was hot.
Name for the vids? I know the first one was mspaman w@rr
>>11604 They're literally all Morgan W
thanks for the vids king
anybody got any k@yl33 b. from moultri3 super hoe. someone I’m easily get some pics.
(443.81 KB 1600x1200 13910.jpeg)
(212.05 KB 1125x2436 13909.jpeg)
(154.77 KB 960x1280 13903.jpeg)
if so bump for her
bump any1 got caitl!n (o)wens? Ol waffle hoe from moultrie
>>11594>>11595 really wouldn't be surprised if she had a burner reddit account or twitter where she post nudes.
Krystian been single a while now, nobody got her yet?
From Tifton
>>11704 Nice tits! What's her name?
More girls from Tifton
any names for these tift wins?
someone post some wins. preferably ones we haven’t seen yet. Tift? Pelham? Thomasville? Albany?
>>11733 >>11720 Any of these the mexican FF in Tifton? Suppposed to be a few bj vids out there I missed before. I posted all I had in the previous deleted thread so I wont double dip but any TVille would be appreciated.
>>11736 I saved some of her that was posted. Tell me who you got though, maybe I haven’t seen. Post first name last initial
Does anyone have wins of Kynd@l Gord0n? Gotta be some out there of her.
>>11740 I got that one too. Just 2 pics, one of her ass in a thong. Other of her boobs with face in it. What u got to share for it
>>11742 Trading is not allowed. If you continue to support - you will receive a 1 month BAN. The thread will also be deleted again. Stop being faggots.
>>11745 Stfu, or I’ll ban YOUR ass from my thread.
>>11746 You can't ban anyone you bitch ass faggot.
>>11750 You bitches sure know how to ruin a thread. I’m sure you jackasses are the reason the other one is missing.
>>11753 That nigger started it. If you'd post tville, I'd just move on. Until then,I'll keep switching VPNs and posting about what a nigger you all are.
>>11745 I’ve never heard of anyone being banned on here. But I mean if you still want one of the FF you should post up some wins too. Don’t get so bitchy bro, it’s just pictures XD
So I won’t partake in the bickering, I’ve shared what I’ve had in old threads without asking for stuff in return. We are all here for free nudes and posting wins for the boys. Quit with the racist shit man, it makes me not want to share a damn thing to an ignorant fuck. Post wins, and just enjoy the thread man.
(100.95 KB 1024x1280 Sidekick 2008026.JPG)
(78.28 KB 1024x1280 Sidekick 2008029.JPG)
(78.28 KB 1024x1280 Sidekick 2008029.JPG)
Where did you get the pics of Nichol3 P? Got anything else or other Hispanic girls
>>11773 her old OF. Some snapchats, I got like 80 pics if you share
Anybody got wins of 1 of the Tovar sisters Y K or L
>>11782 I dont but that would be nice. Someone needs to get this shit going again
Y’all really trash, you got lucky the thread had some activity and decided to hog what you could get and nerf the thread days after? Y’all welcome for the links bc otherwise you’d still be begging for other females like little fucking dogs
>>11784 Did you post the mexican FF links? I wanted to see those. Seems a lot of people missed out on a few good vids.
Anyone got kati3 spe1r?
>>11788 Yeah one sec
nvm looks kind of like her though
Aubry Izzo or Aubrey Eaton?
Would love for some kati3 pics. As much as she gets around I’m sure someone has them.
>>11790 That's kel$&y $. Hot as fuck. Wish there were more from her OF around.
>>11825 I have all of it. But like I said to the last guy I’m not going to be the only one to post. Once a few more people start posting something I will. Either that or let the thread die. Idgaf.
Anyone have Kimb3rly bl@lock-h@ne from Tifton?
>>11833 Wow. We can all go buy OF content. Ya'll post the link. Done. Now, post the content that isn't freely available. There is only like 4 people actually posting content.
(165.82 KB 1125x1547 13907.jpeg)
(224.15 KB 960x1280 13872.jpeg)
Any m0Гgan h@y€$
any p3lham wins? or cam!lla? somebody has to have some. I have new wins I’m willing to show if posted
(44.17 KB 360x480 20200713_202352950_iOS.jpg)
(35.77 KB 300x400 20200713_202356793_iOS.jpg)
(68.29 KB 960x613 20160607_200019000_iOS.jpg)
(318.63 KB 1536x2048 20151009_194236000_iOS.jpg)
All I got. 1&2 Stephanie (TVille or Moultrie) 3 Leane S (EMT Tville) 4 Summer G. Tville. In good faith that someone will post more tville.
>>11833 Post Kati3 and I gotchu bro.
>>11847 I been posting mf. Post instead of begging
(24.77 KB 515x1024 20200322_195357000_iOS.jpg)
Shay B. Valdosta.
Has to be some winsome this Valdosta slut
Paris mayhew nudes ?
(42.60 KB 482x960 IMG_1642274679 3.jpeg)
(66.93 KB 508x960 IMG_1642274679.jpeg)
(37.40 KB 405x855 IMG_1642274679 4.jpeg)
(133.32 KB 804x1418 IMG_1589405155.jpeg)
(85.30 KB 508x960 IMG_1642274679 2.jpeg)
(68.73 KB 624x1280 IMG_1589405155 3.jpeg)
A few from Moultrie
Anyone have Dev@e Rich@rdson from Tifton?
@njel B from Tifton
>>11838 Except she doesn't have an OF anymore you assclown and she's way hotter than any of the fat washed up junkies everyone else has posted on the last 3 boards.
>>11845 LMAO congrats on being on the circuit from 10 years ago. I have the entire set of "Summer" included riding, creampies, my nice thick cock in her ass, and face pics. I shared it back then, too bad you missed it.
I’m about to post some p3lham/thomasvill3 names. If anybody got something lmk.
sav@nn@h m. ja$mine m@scar0 @bby ryk@rd re@gan ru$$ j0rdan l@mb hann@h curl3s h0lli curl3s t@ylor ayc0ck lei$ure l@yt0n l@uren m0te @ng3lica mccl@in ch3ls3a sar@h @shl3y ch@son k3lly w@de k@rl3y s@nd3rs kitty ro$e j0di p@lm3r k@ylyn @y3rs sl0an sh!v3r k@itlin m0t3 ashl3y h@yes c3lina yb@rra mck3nna fl3tch3r Or any of the black girls around.
Anybody got any other hispanic girls
bump for any p3lham/moultri3 girls with names
Please post more of Paris please!!!!
Give us what you have or Paris bro
>>11959 not a picture from the archive that everyone already has
Any L@ken M@y?
bump for p3lham
(222.86 KB 1100x2048 FUrZBd2WYAAKsgw.jpg)
(148.29 KB 1242x1637 FHEToe2XEAESoOX.jpg)
(269.37 KB 1284x1538 FKEvDsvXMAQxcyM.jpg)
Anybody from the area fucked her? Got a decent looking pussy
Why, you wanna get a beer and compare notes? Fag
Anyone got Toni S? From Albany
>>12071 Go suck your dad’s cock and shut the fuck up you fucking troll
>>12071 Damn! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
>>12070 yeah busted in her and all a few days ago. I’d give her a 8/10 head game. 9/10 pussy. Just a tinder hookup though.
Last name? W? >>11605
In order @bby f@mbro @lex d@bd0ub @lli $pears aid@n wh!te @mand@ pard0 @mber f!sh3r @mber m@this @shlyn p0p3 @ubr33 bod!ford bri@nna spr@ggins ca$$ie b3ntley ca$$idy hin$on d0ni h0lt ev3lyn m@rtinez hal3y cann0n h@nnah c@to h@nnah m3in j0rdan p@yne j0sie sp!res k@lee sc0tt karl33 boz3man k@tee d@vis n3wman k@yl33 b@rwick k@yleigh lac3y k@ylyn @yers ker@ sh!an33 l@rran c@rter laur3n m0te m@ndi l3igh w@rd m@ry b3ard mck3nna fl3tcher re@gan w@rburg skyl@r t@tum $oli g@rcia t@nna kn!ght tyr3 Vict0ria h@wkins
>>12144 Are you offering these wins or asking for them?
Bump for makenna wins
>>12158 asking if anyone has any. I already have a couple just looking to add to my collection.
>>12167 So you hoard your shit, and beg others for their shit. That's what faggots do. Post wins like the rest of us or Go fuck your mother.
>>12170 Could set the same for you to
>>12170 My exact thoughts
Anyone have Autumn Dinkins from Tifton?
Can the person who has Sarah Smith post up? Appreciate it.
anyone got Nina j0hns0n from moultri3 ?
Any Abbig@il M00re? Would love to see that ginger pussy!
Any Mspam@n W@y¢@ster?
Any Asia H. From Tifton
about to drop some off what I got. some old some new. initials in title
I mean hey your trying but all of these but C. Vaughn are on one archive or another.
okay I’m done for now. If you have more on any on the ones above post them. any ppl that are not posted would be appreciated to.
>>12360 dude are you fucking complaining after all of the shit I just posted. those are a few out of the 58 I have of her. I said above the wins that some are old. Stfu and be happy somebody posted you fucking bum. This thread has been dead a while. If you don’t have any wins to go along with your bullshit comment don’t say shit. Losers like you make me not want to post. Kys
>>12366 Thanks for the posts, bro. Nice work!
>>12358 Who’s she? She’s fucking fine!
>>12376 k@itlyn m0te from pelham. crack hoe, could easily get her nudes. used to be a thread of her back in the day but nobody sharing it. That’s the only one I got from the old thread
I’d be down for more M0t3. Crackhead or not worth seeing wins of. Thanks for the win dump!
>>12378 your welcome as long as other people post I’ll keep it up that was almost half of the ppl I got
>>12379 You got Sarah Smith or nah?
>>12380 From
>>12383 Moultrie
Thanks for the many new posts. Sorry the corps of faggots jumped in and ruined it. Came here hoping someone posted the mexican ff in tifton sucking the black dick?
Look dude thanks for the dump sorry if I offended you. I was just saying other than Courtney Vaughn everything else can be found elsewhere. For all I know you ripped them and dumped them here expecting us to dump for you. I seriously wasn’t trying to piss anyone off
>>12395 I've never seen any of those pics. Was glad to see them. Dont know any of them. I'm hoping someone posts Thomasville, even the old stuff. I'm new here. Everything is new to me. Lots of hoarding going on for a pic sharing site. I have posted too. Posted everything i had. didn't ask for -s.
Will you please post what you have of the Paris mayhew stuff . Please !!!
>>12406 No I clearly said I’m not posting any more wins until someone else post. Idc if it’s the same girls tbh. Just post and quit asking.
Anyone have Caitlin (G)arren from Tifton? Or Libby (N)orton from Adel? (I think she lives in Athens now)
Y’all are sad complaining about posting, but we’re quick to kill a thread after you got lucky from the files I posted of dej@ and NP which y’all are now hoarding and acting like the king of the hill for getting. Fuck all y’all greedy bitches. If anyone has anything of Jennifer fl0res from Motown, I’ll drop all vids of dej@ and NP as well as few other Moultrie chicks
Valdosta works at quill tattoo shop
works at hibett sports motown
Whoever Your Welcome dude is, what’s the spam
>>12357 What do the initial stand for?
You (dis)sing on my (spam) like that. Go ahead join
>>12488 Tyre townes
Anyone have Katie spe1r?
any a n o n files old or new that still work?
yo cam why you just dip out on me after I shared my wins I was waiting for that dr0p box bro 😂
what's it take to get Tville girls? I posted a lot of gf links for ya'll vids too big for this site. got banned a whole damn month. waited for pics or vids in return. All we got was a lot of moultrie (thank you) and faggotry. No Tville.
Anyone have Morgan Waycaster?>>11568
would love to see @lex d@bd0ub
Any M@ndi W@rd from Tifton?
Will you please finish up with Paris Mathew please I’ve posted . Please that’s the only girl I’ve tryna get bro.
i vote on seeing @lex d@bd0ub too
i’m down to see ca$$ie b3ntley
I Got a video of dej@ i’ll post for $oli g@rcia or @lex d@bd0ub
who else you got?
re@gan w@rburg or ev3lyn m@rtinez?
video is uploading
@ngel strickl@nd?
yo i wanna see mck3nna fl3tcher
Bump for Mandi. Her tits ♥️
what y’all wanna see? i don’t have mandi
>>12600 Katie spe1r
yeah someone come in with that win^
There was a pic of Wh1tney S0uther1and posted in the old Valdosta thread that got deleted and was wondering if anyone in here has it or others of her.
Did anyone grab any of the Tifton bj vids, or the blonde chic from Tville dildo bating?
Anyone got Hannah W? She's a singer with big tits? And a nurse. S--o insanely hot.
Only saw one above. Anyone have more?>>12372
>>12652 I have a few. What you got?
anyone got her spam? Post up the pics and vids? I’ll share one of my folders above. Whichever one you guys want >>12351 >>12351
I have some of P@ris is anyone has Caitl!n G@rr3n
Bump for Caitlin (G)arren
>>12672 Yeah I’m the one that shared it with you 😂 nobody wants those old ass nudes bro. You can go to the archive and find those.
Anyone find joseys sex tapes yet? I know her ex shared them.
>>12674 Where the fuck is the archive. I've looked everywhere, except the correct spot apparently. There used to be some good pictures in these threads, not just a bunch of fat trailer parks queens.
Lol. The rest of GA just postin wins and being bros. Not the 229, we just bitching and calling names here. Sad to see.😂😂😂
>>12699 All said by the bitch that keeps deleting the threads and making new ones because he doesn't like how it's going. Most of the shit in this thread is from 3 nuked threads ago just being reposted. It isn't anything new at all. Stop trying to act hard like you're doing something. You don't know what I've posted and haven't.
>>12714 It's a scam. He takes your nudes but won't admit you into the server, it's just a scam to harvest nudes.
nah i’m in it too and we all posting them up so join in
Lacy Williams? Married now lives in V-Town, from T-ville. Pics hard to find but exist. please t-ville pics.
Anyone have any Kenzie Ohara of Tifton?
Who do you have in TVille not posted. IF its someone i want to see, maybe we can work that out.
C0rd. Anyone that has any nudes that haven’t been seen yet join. Verify what you got and I’ll put you in the group
SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM : / / I AM A FAGGOT / I AM A FAGGOT e / Scam videos. replace the Z for the letter i and -
Anyone got any of v@lerie sh@rlow in valdosta.
>>12840 Kill it with FIRE!
There’s some good ones down in the Lowndes High post
>>12840 I didn't know Jabba the Hutt was from the 229
Any one got Kristy Jones? Moved back to ATL, but used to suck a lot of dick down here in moultrie/tville areas.
Any Crisp, Turner or Tift County girls????
>>12964 Bit far north for this thread. maybe start a new one or you'll be lost in all the nigger faggotry and begging here. Good luck.
>>11790 >>11790 >>11833 Is it possible to find the rest of those
Anyone have Jessic@ Piscott@ from Tifton?
>>13054 BUMP! She’s got to have some wins floating around
Where the swingers and hookups in 229?
Any more mspam@n w@rr?
any Thomasville? Damn, I posted all manner of vids and pics, no give back? I can't help mods del the posts but some of you got good shit.
>>13086 it’s all in the spam man
Who got kacey pierce old ass and then fake tittys
Who’s got more L@cey?
Re up spam
How to join spam?
>>13136 anyone know have King sisters? In Tville. IDK first names. but both are hot.
I'll post some more Lacey for some Jessica Piscotta
>>12372 Anyone have this old set?
K. I. K. jjkknudes to swap pics I got tons 18-24
First post Retards.
Did anyone figure out what Ashley Zinks OF was? There is a screenshot so I know it exists
>>13328 Wat screenshot?
>>13224 What type of link?
I guess no one is posting thomasville.
>>13350 We have plenty in the spam link above
>>13378 you had shit when I was in that server. same ole shite. Post it here or go fuck your mother.
they got some good stuff on there but what you got to - on here?
Shay W?
send a list of who you got
Anyone got Sarah Smith yet? Really like to see that fat ass bent over.
If you haven’t joined up yet you are missing out. we have a selection of different girls from tift to tville. Come join and add to the collection
yeah y’all join ^^ it’s was easier in there
Faggot hoarders.
>>12809 How join?
well hell if he’s hoarding the ln you post something i ain’t seen nothing on here in a while they steady posting in the group
That group is a spam link
>>13504 😂😂
wasn't someone posting the mud shark fire fighter from tifton? or the tcchs cheerleader that only sucks nigger buck dick? Kinda wanted to see who they were so I could steer my white genes away from such demonic filth. Really would prefer you faggot nigger lovers only post pure white women with true aryan genes from the true Caucus regions.
I post the mega every time someone new joins and post. I have about 20 guys here that can vouch on that. And we’re almost at 1600 wins now from All over Ga. If you have wins that you don’t think have been shared come join
>>13528 that's a lie. you never posted it to me on 2 different tries. you stole my mega links, merged into yours, and never shared the main mega to me. you are a faggot hoarder.
>>13531 Did the exact same thing to me
Same. Complete scam
all you ppl bitching about us not having wins and scamming😂👍🏻 we have wins from all over coming everyday. If you have legit wins you think nobody’s has shared come share with us. Verify with me and you will get the grail. No scams no bs.
>>13610 fuck this guy, and is group chat spot. if you got tville, let's post it up. i'll dump my whole folder ove 100 pics. same girl, fuck, cum eating, bbc bull fucking, all of it.
I shared my wins and never got anything. Fucker blocked me
>>13626 then post what you sent him here. might as well share. plenty of us gave our pics here. repay.
M.(M)cKay wins?
Anyone have Autumn Dinkens from Tifton
Well, ya'll gonna post? Probably feel stupid getting scammed like niggers. Post up.
Don’t post it if you don’t want too but at least give me an answer. Does anything exist of Luna B from moultrie?
Anything on Sierra B?
Bump for Caitlin (G)arren
Anyone have wins of Laken (M)ay?
Bump need more wins
if someone can get me anything from ‘14-‘20 tcchs/cchs/phs I’ll post up the 8gb (me)ga
>>13953 I gave you a nurse, class of 2015. You never posted the mega. C.O. were initials. You are still a faggot nigger who didnt share the wins.
We all want the same thing so why y’all keep arguing!!! Let’s just keep posting and everyone will be happy!! Let’s be normal like all other threads
>>13957 name?
(304.31 KB 1242x1451 20220906_233223.jpg)
(358.71 KB 2048x1738 20220906_233045.jpg)
(205.79 KB 1538x2048 20220906_232946.jpg)
Ivy B. Anyone have more? She used to sell.
Any wins from airmen at moody?
Where's that 8gb meg-a you fucking faggot? Of course no one is posting Thomasville - too many cuck nigger lovers. I'll have to go over to Blacks On Blondes forum to find any real men sharing actual wins.
Anyone have ind1a tay1or from adel
>>14260 Hugga has it. He has everything. And nothing. All at once. Scamming cum bucket. And Fuck you for begging.
>>14292 why you so hostile dude? you are like the baddest mf on here talking like that😂 tone it down macho man, that’s probably the reason you have no wins and can’t get into the (d I s). Quit talking like a tough guy and be suave and maybe you would get some pussy for once. Now with all that said who do u want to see macho? Because I’m feeling generous
>>14298 Go suck your mom's dick.
Any Jessica Willis from moultrie?
Somebody gotta have Hannah Pyles, she sells hella nudes
i wanna see hannah too
anyone got amber gilbert?
Anybody got Kerra Shiannee???
This thread is basically dead lol
Any brannah?? From tift
What about S@r@h Lee? God she’s the sexiest blonde I’ve ever seen.
Not to be greedy, is there anymore mspam@an w@arr?
(31.05 KB 288x445 1000000061.jpg)
(16.29 KB 253x425 1000000124.jpg)
(28.16 KB 327x405 1000000060.jpg)
(32.30 KB 360x509 1000000062.jpg)
(20.21 KB 360x360 1000000155.jpg)
Bump as many hoes as in moultrie there got to be more out there
Bump as many hoes in moultrie there gotta be more out there