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big black cock worship Anonymous 09/03/2022 (Sat) 04:53:31 No. 679
looking to have discussion on black cock worship. i know seeing big black dicks in porn has turned me gay. bbc has a power. i only can get off with porn that has big black cocks. anyone else dealing with this? i bought a Lexington steele dildo to suck on while i jerk off too bbc porn. bbc porn with girls, trans women, sissy twinks; all sucking and fucking beautiful and powerful big black dicks. black dicks need to be worshiped. i use Grindr to find black dicks to suck on. i drink cum from hung black men out of respect of their superior dominance. all genders should worship hung black alpha males like gods and serve them sexually. as i type this I'm getting so turned on thinking about bbc. i have to go jerk off now. i love big black cocks. big black cocks have turned me into a faggot.
I gotta agree after watching nothing but bbc porn fucking lil white chick's has made ask a friend to let her bi fuck buddy, fuck my throat while she holds my head in place n just let him use my mouth till I feel his warm cum slide into my throat
>>685 Okay 1. Gay as fuck. 2. Samefagging with fag shit is even more gay. And 3. This is so fucking cringe. How does it feel to be a beta male? You sound like a black dude with a complex wanting others to worship his cocktail. Just shut the fuck up so we can enjoy black girls ass and tits
>>722 hi I'm the op. i didn't samefag. that was someone else. it was really cool and hot. i loved it. you can see at the bottom of the page the number of unique posters. anyways, you asked questions cuz you're curious lol, that's nice. also, lol at you telling me this is gay/fag stuff and calling us fags/gay when i literally telling you i am and telling you what i love doing. it feels so good being a beta male to hung black alphas. i love it! i am not black btw. and I'm not trying to stop you from enjoying anything, not my intention. I'm bi anywho, i love ass, tits, and pussy of all races. lets just love what we love and not tread on others. maybe you should check some bbc out too? it's amazing. watch some Lexington Steele. and Mandingo is literally a bbc god to behold and worship. you might get converted too. <3 <3 <3
There is something about how some black clocks look that makes me wanna suck them dry
bbc can convert anyone. you keep watching porn with bbc and you will start to desire the amazing big black cocks you see. that's the true power they have. the best orgasms I've had is when a big juicy black dick is in my mouth while I'm stroking my small dick. that's the other part of the mental power, i envy bbc. i worship because they are superior. i am in awe of their prowess. i tribute and pay honor by drinking down their essence when they cum in my mouth.
That was me 😂 n I definitely don't care what ya think. I personally want a BBC to use my throat n make me take his cum while my milf fwb holds my head in place. Fuck I sometimes think about a black dude making me suck his big cock while I jerk off. Also very white 😂
You’ve always been a cockfag and finally just have reason to come out. Keep sucking ninja dick and enjoy your short life with AIDS
Fuck I wish a BBC would cum in my throat n let his homies use me after n put all their nut in me
(40.63 KB 596x384 Screenshot_20221108-114640.png)
everyone should watch his scenes. I'm sure he can convert most people seeing his amazing bbc in action. Mandingo is a bbc good i worship. this photo is from a scene with Pepper Hart. really good reaction to reveal of his bbc. sometimes i cum right then. i wish i was her. i want to be on my knees ready to worship his godly big black cock.
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