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Post Omegle wins Anonymous 12/28/2022 (Wed) 13:35:27 No. 1203
Met this horny teen with her fat friend. This is the only person to actually show their ass when asked
was too late on this one, but she was hot
>>1208 More like this!!
girl said she was under the blanket just in case her parents checks on her lmao
>>1210 complete whore lol got her Not allowed and we would call and help me bust daily
Have to ask here bc you guys would understand Is it just me or is it getting harder and harder to get wins on omegle these days? Like the women on here are such prudes now and/or with ultra high standards or something. Not even ten years ago it would take me like 20 minutes tops, now I’ll spend hours on a bad day
>>1231 Social media has ruined it for guys. Once guys stop using spam will stop using it. But considering the top 3% of men get everything on social media its never going to end. Things are so bad these days its carrying over to real life. Ever see a girls car decked out "its my 21st B-day buy me a drink cashapp!!" think about it. It used to be buy a girl a drink and at least you could try to use a little personality, now they want the money without even a hello. When every girls conversation starts with "my cashapp is" and they have no concept of money to begin with how do you think it ends? lets put it in perspective, they ALL want a guy who earns $100,000 a year, but they actually believe that $100,000 a year can buy a lambo, a yatch, unlimited trips to miami, and they think some DJ at some vegas club whos 6ft 220 steroids can afford those things when in reality they pretty much go into debt for the steroids and will rent a boat for a week end for 2k. Tl;DR girls are dumb as rocks.
>>1232 >girls are dumb as rocks Amen brother, amen
>>1232 Ok boomer. The sheer clueless idiocy of this incel rant...and you actually think you posses any even marginal intellectual ability and have any right judging someone else's cognitive powers?? Woah. Yikes.
>>1237 When was the last time you checked out a dating site and didn't see an OF promotion or a SC premium promotion? I bet youre the kind of guy who says "its only $5.00 buy the content" its called self-worth, not incel.
>>1237 Woman spotted
can we stop the arguing about some bullshit and continue with more omegle stuff here? lmao
Don’t have much to post bc I don’t screen save anything (maybe I’ll start). But I have a lot more luck on Chathub than Omegle. Early mornings, I have luck in the Philippines (you can select the location). And then at night I get lucky in the USA/Canada.
>>1243 What’s chathub? Never heard of it I remember stickam and Chatroulette but those are either dead or suck now
>>1247 Chat hub is same as Omegle except you can select your preferred countries you wanna see. You can also see the gender of the person prior to matching (briefly, though).
>>1248 Sounds cool, is there lots of cougars on it? I swear Omegle used to have more cougars back in the day but now I’m lucky to find a woman over 30
>>1250 Unfortunately not to my experience, although I wish there were more cougars.
>>1247 I stopped using Omegle (and I really hated to give it up) because at a certain point it started to seem that even with vpn, some chatters (and therefore definitely Omegle itself) were able to see my real IP. Any idea if Chathub is safer for any reason?
Thanks guys. Do someone has the full vids of Cock shock Legend?