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Barstool girls Anonymous 10/21/2021 (Thu) 14:22:04 No. 702
The babes
Alex from call her daddy. There’s a few others
>>705 He’s a known scammer. Just changes his name. Ignore him
I want Ellie so bad
>>708 Ellie is a full blown nutjob these days but I can 100% see something of hers leaking in the future
With Ria single now, there’s gotta be tons of wins of her going around
Give me Kate
anyone got the evieebabyy OF?
As requested and now deleted
(82.68 KB 768x1024 CNg8CTqWgAArt3n.jpg)
(145.11 KB 1062x1396 DanaU.jpg)
Intern Dana - the OG intern
there has to be something before some of these girls worked there
>>1186 Do you have the premium on spam? If so is it worth it and have you had any issues with it?
Any barstool sports (ke)lly in vegas
Kate guaranteed has some from her rowdy days. Fran would be great
Would do anything for Kate
Anyone get the leaked nudes of ally ?
there is alex b3nnett in the /b/ tab
>>1990 That definitely a different Alex b£nnet
>>2057 Thank you! Where’d you find these??Could you post on a site that doesn’t require you to complete an offer first? It won’t let me complete any so I can’t download.
Any more of Kayces sister?
Bump kayce sister
>>1187 There are Intern Dana nudes out there just fyi
>>2392 Where can I find these?
>>2395 ditto on this question lol
>>2392 please share? :)
>>2395 >>2423 >>2426 They are not frequently shared. It happened when she was still at barstool so their lawyers were swift with DMCA takedowns
>>2395 >>2439 ah i see. That sucks. i think she's hot.
>>2457 It's the biggest negative to come out of Barstool going mainstream and getting bought out. They've been able to hire good lawyers for stuff like the Alex leaks and the Dana leak.
>>2464 I saw the alex leaks. they're still up on some websites. no idea dana had some.
Need Dana
>>2466 I think they gave up helping Alex because she clearly doesn't need it with her Spotify $$$. Maybe they just felt bad for Dana, idk.
>>2488 agreed :)
How about Scarlett D(avis)
Ria / Maria ciuffo?
I’ve seen the Dana ones. Her face isn’t in any of them, so there’s no way to tell
>>2515 the birthmarks and moles don't lie. they are legit
>>2516 can anyone share the pics in question?
>>2515 Well considering I have them and her face is most definitely in at least 1 of the bathroom shots, you're a fucking liar or talking out of your ass...
(13.27 KB 460x637 du2.jpg)
(102.04 KB 665x1000 du1.jpg)
someone please share dana :)
Dana bumppp
who's the hottest barstool girl in your guys' opinion?
>>2591 Kayce
>>2591 kind of have a thing for alex bennett
>>2591 No longer at barstool but Sofia Franklin :)
>>2631 Yea but only if she doesn't talk, like ever... She's the most uniteresting person to have ever walked this planet
>>2644 haha true. i'll agree with that.
Sofia Franklin would be clutch
married. lost your chance. titties locked down for ever.
>>2668 Intern Dana sounds better than married Dana lol
(558.74 KB 902x1202 intern dana.png)
>>2677 intern has a good ring to it
>>2684 nude dana would have a better ring if someone can share those lol
>>2668 Married or not, I still get to look at her naked pics forever. She'll be divorced and I'll still be jerking it to her titties
>>2710 Please share? :)
>>2727 yes bump for dana nudes!
Anything on Alex Bennett?
(301.48 KB 720x1110 20220614_130848.jpg)
>>704 Same girl?! Shes hot af
>>2710 Can we see pls?
>>2771 wrong alex. that's alex c00per. alex bennett wins would be awesome :)
>>2395 bump for someone to share dana nudes!
(241.06 KB 1000x1503 6326891428_59b70288b8_h.jpg)
would be a millionaire if she held on a few more years
>>2922 what do you mean?