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WWYD Anonymous 07/06/2022 (Wed) 18:06:41 No. 704
Tell me what you’d do to my wife and ill post more!
Nothing. She ugly as fuck you cuck bitch. Probably why she wants other men inside her anyway XD
Don’t let the trolls get to you. You’re wife is beautiful, at least from what you have shown. You put her in front of any of these keyboard warriors, and they would fall over themselves trying to get their clothes off!
I’d pin her down and fuck her and cum inside her. Then I’d make her polish off my cock
She’d love that.
>>724 Mmm I’d love to facefuck her too and just blow my load when I’m deep down in her throat and have her choke on my cum as I start fucking her with one hand on her throat and the other hand slap her clit. got any vids ?
First i would make you sit in the corner with a good view. I'd strip all of her clothes off and make her slowly spin around, while i explore her body with my hands. Once i was hard, i was stand up walk up next to you, and make her undo my shorts string with no hands, pulling them down with her mouth, exposing my huge 9¾" thick cock. I'd make her kiss it all over and suck on my balls with my big heavy shaft hung over her and resting on her face. Slightly grinding against her face. Id tilt her head back and make her open up her mouth wide with her tongue out, and I'd grab the back of her head and try to fit it in her throat, taking breaks every few and making her drool all her saliva all over my cock and making her face all messy and slippery! Id tell her to give you a kiss on the lips, before I stand her up so she's facing you. I'd wrap her up from behind with my big cock pressed between her bare ass, I'd kiss her neck and shoulder, wrap one hand around her neck and choke her while lifting her up on her tippy toes, my other hand between her thighs, finger her pussy rubbing her clit, and spreading her juices all around her crotch. Id sit back and pull her on my lap, put my arms under her legs and pull her thighs up so i could wrap my fingers up behind her head in a full Nelson position with her ass off my lap a little bit, so you can see how wet she is before you watch her wide open pussy get stuffed and pounded! Placing the head of my cock at the opening, and slowly working it in until i bottom out, and force the rest inside her! I would start to really pound her good so You would see her lower stomach bulging out every thrust from my enormous cock as I'm stretching her out! She would be begging for more in between moaning. Id stuff it all the way inside of her, stand up and lay her on her stomach, and mount her, pushing her face in the bed, and using all my power to destroy that perfect pussy! Making her admit its the best shes ever been fucked! Just as Im about to cum, I'd pull out and make her get on her knees, and stroke my cock and suck my balls until i was about to blow, id grab her hair and pull her head back and make her stick out her tounge while she stroked me to an amazing facial. Id force her to keep sucking my cock until i got hard again, and if she didn't, I'd push her back and grab her face, and throat fuck her hard until i was ready for round 2. Lay her on the bed with her head off the side, and throat fuck her deep so my balls rub in all my cum covering her face, pulling her hips up so i could eat that perfect pussy before i fuck her again and fill it full of my cum! Then I'd let you eat her out and clean up the mess i just made! If you are Bi, I'd let you clean up my big cock before you licked and sucked her toes, while we cuddle and make out! If you're not a cuck, we could always destroy that pussy together until she couldnt walk right, filling her up with cum from both ends, and use her like a good little slut!