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(98.87 KB 640x480 2011-05-14 22.52.09.jpg)
Anonymous 06/20/2022 (Mon) 11:13:32 No. 658
Her butthole probably tastes so good
Like?? Noooo.... I LOVE IT!!!! That is such a clean, tight, beautiful ass and pussy right there!! Its perfect!!! Post moarrr... pleaseeeee!!!! I would eat that ass and pussy until i couldnt handle the throbbing of my big hard cock, and I'd end up stretching that little pussy and stuffing every inch inside of her! The only thing better than that view, is watching my cum slowly run out of it! PLEASE MORE!!!!
I bet her ass tastes like roses
It probably smells and tastes so good. I would sniff it while we’re doing 69
(87.96 KB 640x480 2011-05-14 22.52.27.jpg)
(21.39 KB 306x408 1346397371519.jpg)
nice and tight
Mmmm, you're pussy and ass looks sooo delicious! I hope it turns you on knowing that some of us guys with big cocks stroke ourselves while staring at your perfect ass and pussy, imagining worshipping every inch of you while you're bent over in front of us, stroking harder and faster, until we cover ourselves in big hot loads of cum! I wish i could shoot a big shot of cum on your asshole and watch it stream down, covering your gorgeous, perfect pussy!!! You've made me cum a few dozen times since you posted! Give us more baby, pleaseeee! You're PERFECT!!!
>>699 prove it i love cum tributes
>>699 prove you got a big dick then small guy
Mmmmff id love to feel you put my Long thick 10 hard inches deep up in you πŸ€€πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜
>>699 kys
(2.61 MB 4032x3024 20160911_205854.jpg)
wwyd ;)
Id fill that tight pussy up til it couldn't take anymore πŸ€€πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜πŸ’¦
Bump mmmmmmff 🀀😍
Fuck you're so sexy! Wish I could fill that pussy up with daddys long thick hard throbbing cock πŸ€€πŸ˜ˆπŸ’¦
Who is the last pic?
Slut I used to fuck
Bump! We need more!
Omfg yess 🀀
Post more!
Did she cheat on you? Is she a real slut? I would catch her alone, grab her by the throat, and make her strip naked. If she gave me any shit, I'd back hand her, choke her out, tie her up, straddle her face, grab her neck & her hair and squeeze as i push my big cock down her mouth with steady full strokes, increasing the power of my thrusts as I start to fuck her throat, causing her to gag and drool all over my big cock & smooth round balls, pulling out, letting her catch her breath and time it so my cock fills her throat when she breathes out all her air, smothering her face and coveting her nose with one hand and using her neck as a handle to skull fuck her with the other! I bet her whore pussy would still be soaking wet! Id pound her pussy for a bit so she feels some pleasure but I'd save her ass for last. Wiping her drool off her face, and making more with my cock down her throat, and rubbing all her spit all over her ass. Roll her over, wrap her up with my arms, push my cock inside her ass until i bottom out inside her guts, I'd whisper in her ear telling her Im gonna use her ass like the slut she is, and she can't stop me. I would take out all my frustration out on her ass, squeezing her as tight as I could, If she fought back, rear naked choke and hate fuck her ass and ragdoll her limp body! I'd pull out wait for her to wake up, and bottom my cock out in her throat with my balls pressed against her face, grab her neck with both hands, and try to crush her head with my thrusts until i explode with cum in her mouth and on her face... then I'd caress her body, kiss her all over, cuddle her, & worship her, and make sure she was okay! Wanna join me? We can take turns with her holes, and really punish her like a spit roast slam pig! If you're into being a cuck, Id make sure you had a close up view of my cock sliding in and out of all her holes! Especially the cumshot!
Her pussy looks so fucking good. I wish I could feel my cock sliding inside of her
>>1240 Post disappeared
That Pussy though!! πŸ”₯ I would eat that for days!!
>>1031 Anyone want more?
hell yeah
Let’s get some in return an I’ll keep it going
>>1686 Yes.
What is she like 14... someones postin their sista or stepdaughter
>>2314 This dudes doubling down on pride month