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Anonymous 06/05/2022 (Sun) 08:31:03 No. 617
I wanna stretch that asshole open while you watch
I would push her on the bed on her stomach and grab her ankles, slowly sliding then to her upper thighs, and push my face between that perfect ass with my wet warm tounge out, sliding my hands under her thighs and grabbing her hips, pulling her ass off the bed and into my face so i could eat that delicious pussy as well as rubbing my tounge across her tight little asshole; licking every inch of her being sloppy on purpose to lube her up as i move up and pin her to the bed, grabbing and holding both her wrists; putting my knees on the outside of her lower thighs, with my shins behind her knees, pinning her legs down as well, lowering my body on top of her so she could feel the smooth warm girth of my big thick 8½ inch cock pressed against her ass checks as i slowly grind into her while i kiss and lick her neck and behind her ear, teasing and tormenting her, before i slide my huge throbbing cock deep into her pussy until my balls are squeezed against her ass and inner thigh, holding it inside of her tightly while i talk dirty to her, and tell her how hard she makes me and how hard im going to fuck her! I start slow, working her from behind, tightening my grip as i squeeze her harder and increase my speed, taking all of my aggressive out on that tight wet little pussy, fully thrusting my cock as hard as i can, grunting and moaning, making her sweet pussy tighten more as it becomes slightly swollen from the pounding i give her, forcing her to beg me for my big hot load of cum. I refuse to give her my cum until she says "Please Daddy, Please Give Me All Your Cum Daddy" - her pussy is so wet and throbbing so hard she can't think about anything besides me filling her up with every drop of my cum! She asks if she could swallow it.. i pull it out just before i finish, and i push it into her asshole and slide it all the way in, and push as deep as i can as she lets out a loud cry of pleasure, she pushes her ass into me and i shoot squirt after squirt deep inside her, she feels the huge load of warm cum shoot deep inside her, filling her all the way up, i pull out my cum soaked cock, still hard, and push it back into her swollen pussy and my girth forces the cum out of her ass as it runs down her inner thigh all over the base of my cock and my balls and i hold her there and make her feel every inch until I'm ready to start fucking again, forcing her to take whatever i want to give her! Such a good girl for daddy! I hope someone cums to this!
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