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[email protected] [email protected] 07/06/2021 (Tue) 16:39:34 No. 5
Anyone got that video?
Finally it’s back up!! Been waiting to see if anyone would ever post it Still never got any video :/
Wasn't someone trying to arrange a gangbang with her and had a decode going as well? I'm still down to drown her in pleasure
Anyone got that Jantzen chicks pics/videos?
Bump that all day
I was lucky and found the video before the site got taken down let me look for it
The guy posted it on x vid and I got the download before it got taken down but it wk t let me upload it here so I'll do it on the other anon
Where is the other anon.
Just bumping in hopes of getting a hint at that videos location.
Put dot com instead of su when you put them name.
(40.93 KB 527x480 Snapchat-931951079~2.jpg)
(50.86 KB 640x800 Snapchat-1340697324~3.jpg)
(18.99 KB 640x475 Snapchat-1386836390.jpg)
Got these last year when she was selling pics
Still hoping for more hints on that video location :(
I have some photos from when she was younger
what was the video of?
I myself haven't seen the video but before it got shut down guy was NOT ALLOWEDing it and claiming it was like a minute long video of anal for like $50. Doesn't sound worth it to me.
Here are some I snagged from her snap a couple years back
I've got some more of this cheating slut for you too if someone posts that video
Since the video links went down. Search the name from behind and it will appear.
Not finding video
There was another video of her doing all the work while she was in doggy any find that one?
>>145 Google videos Jessica Jordan from behind. It was at the top of the list when I did it.
(220.75 KB 1055x1324 20210824_003623.jpg)
Any wins on her? Emily W. She's always back and forth between Fairbanks and the valley
Tell me what nasty things you'd do to this slut and ill post the rest of my pics. Just some butt pics but they're nice
Bump for the butt slut
That ass!!! Got any more pics?
I have tons more i just wanna know what you'd do if this was your little white trash slut
Pound her in every dirty hole she has. Wish we could all gang her, bet she would love to be gangbanged and have all of us cum on that little slut.
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If this was my girl I'd invite my friends over for a bukkake. I bet this chick loves being covered in can. She has that look in her eye.
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